48 Eye-Catching Dining Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Don’t be intimidated by design. Whether or not you think that you have an “eye” for decorating, you deserve to make your dining room everything you ever dreamed of. Are you looking for ideas and inspiration? If so, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Below you’ll see and enjoy 48 gorgeous colorful images with a plethora of design and decorating ideas for the dining room. Perhaps you’re rather daring with design, and would be interested in dramatically unique fixtures and accents and realistic seaside motifs?

Or maybe the classical is more your style, and you’d prefer refined molded wall panels, cherry-wood furniture and floors, exposed mahogany beams, walls of eggshell white, and enameled vases? These are just a few of the wonderful inspirations you’ll find below.

Eye-Catching Design Ideas for Your Dining Room

1. Decorative shelving space

This intriguing dining room features a large amount of shelving that is both decorative and practical.

2. Exposed mahogany beams

This dining room’s enviably gorgeous exposed mahogany beams are something anyone would want to show off.

3. Cherry-wood table legs

This dining room’s chairs are a sight to behold.  Their sophisticated dark cherry-wood legs are a beautiful complement to the rose-beige upholstery.

4. Unique bird-shaped fixture

A unique hanging light fixture, like this one with a distinct bird shape, will make your dining room stand out.

5. Exposed stone wall

This exposed stone wall has lights affixed to it, for a truly original look.

6. Textured wallpaper and colorful chairs

This dining room’s warm beige textured wallpaper is nicely set off by colorful teal chairs.

7. Upholstered bench

Placing a comfortable upholstered bench instead of chairs on one side of the table makes for a refreshing change and will encourage guests to relax and feel at home.

8. Eggshell white and sheer curtains

Shades of eggshell white adorn the walls and other design elements of this room, while sheer curtains complete its elegant look.

9. Blue-gray and birch hardwood floors

Blue-gray upholstered chairs and a harmonizing wall decoration are not the only wonderful style elements here.  Birch hardwood floors are another outstanding feature.

10. An impressive entrance

This dining room has an impressive entrance that every guest will remember.

11. Fireplace

A gas or electric fireplace will add warmth and greater charisma to your dining room’s atmosphere.

12. Classically molded wall panels

Classically molded panels add extra style and elegance to an already attractive pale jade wall.

13. Sculpture

Sculpture, especially in the style of another part of the world, will be a wonderful object of interest in your dining room.

14. Rustic wooden bench and chairs

This space’s rustic wooden table has chairs on one side and a long bench on the other, giving greater seating options.

15. Pale and pretty

A pale color scheme like the one shown in this dining room is elegant and inviting.  This is further complemented by the abundant daylight pouring through generous windows.

16. Paneled walls of deep teal

This room’s paneled wall of deep teal is beautifully accented by a pale mint sculpted vase and cherry-wood floors.

17. Upscale cushioned chairs

These upscale cushioned chairs with decorative dimples are the perfect match for this dining room’s classically pretty wallpaper and an impressive type of crown molding.

18. Seaside motifs

This dining room features seaside images on the walls that work splendidly with the vintage chairs and white curtains, as well as the abundance of daylight coming through the windows.

19. Enameled vases

Matching enameled vases could be a lovely design accent in your dining room.

20. Classic hunting lodge with contemporary touches

There are unmistakable elements of the traditional hunting lodge in this dining room, making the addition of contemporary and even quirky elements quite intriguing.

21. Functional minimalism in a tiny space

No one could ever deny that this room makes efficient use of very little space.  The pyramid of books in the corner is a quirky touch of creativity.

22. Mahogany sideboard with classic lamps

This mahogany sideboard is adorned by a pair of classic lamps.  The table with a matching mahogany top ensures design harmony.

23. Arched windows

Tall arched windows with impressive taupe curtains are a classic counterpoint to the fascinating and colorful abstract art displayed on the wall in this dining room.

24. Creative textured hanging decorations

These textured hanging decorations have the quirky look of beehives that will add a creative touch to any dining room.

25. Fresh white ball-turned table legs

These white ball-turned table legs paired with a pleasing wooden finish table top helps create a country cottage atmosphere, as do the window seat and decorative accents.

26. Enjoy a meal or a game of cards

This versatile room equally suits a friendly informal meal or game of cards with friends.

27. Delicious chocolate

This dining room’s paneled feature wall is evocative of a delicious bar of chocolate.

28. Pine floors and futuristic chairs

This space successfully mixes traditional and contemporary design, with glossy pine hardwood floors and futuristic chairs with an unusual color combination.

29. Pine green walls and splayed chair legs

Perhaps you’d enjoy pine green walls in your dining room.  Splayed chair legs give a touch of modern whimsy.

30. At the beach house

This dining room’s design elements and colors perfectly complement its wonderful view of the ocean.

31. In the clouds

This gray wallpaper with a distinct cloud-like pattern is something you might like to consider.  The blue velour chairs with brass legs are another great design feature.

32. Low-back chairs and imposing chandelier

This dining room’s low-back chairs are quite unusual, and they seem to help make way for the imposing chandelier dangling above the table.

33. Wall of windows

A wall of windows is an impressive feature in any space, but is especially lovely in a dining room.

34. Shiny oak hardwood floors

A shiny oak hardwood floor like that pictured here would be a worthwhile addition for many dining rooms.

35. Sideboard with pillars

This unique cream-colored sideboard is connected to the ceiling by towering pillars, giving the entire space an impressive look.

36. Framed etching prints and ivory wainscoting

These beautifully framed etching prints above the ivory wainscoting add a distinctly refined touch to this dining room.

37. Add excitement with red

The addition of two red chairs to a set of black ones is a daring design step that works well with the generally modern look of this dining room.

38. Time with family

This simple little eating space features lovely pale pine floors and a rustic table.

39. Ivory brick

This ivory brick seems to have a slight tint of rose that really livens up the room.

40. Elaborate molded ceiling and ornate chandelier

This gorgeous dining room boasts an elaborate molded ceiling and ornate chandelier.

41. Large upholstered captain’s chair

This comfortable captain’s share is certainly distinct in appearance from the others.

42. Unique chair legs

These unique contemporary chairs give this table a rather trendy look.

43. The power of flowers

Remember what a wonderfully revitalizing effect flowers can have on your dining room table.  These daisies work especially well with the white table and chairs.

44. Open archway

This dining room’s archway to the next room creates a sense of openness that wouldn’t be possible with a door.

45. Pretty in pink

Soft pink textured walls are paired with ethereal rose curtains in this dining room, and both of these elements beautifully set off the glossy hardwood floor.

46. Dream in green

No one could deny that this is a strikingly stylish dining room.  The large green chairs have a truly unique design, and they work surprisingly well with the shiny black and white floors and ornate crystal chandelier.

47. Swirling decorative ornament

This swirling decorative ornament hanging above the dining room table adds a new point of interest.

48. Weathered blue sideboards

These weathered blue sideboards add an appealingly lived-in feel to this otherwise pristine contemporary dining room.  The saturated red of the roses in a vase on one help bring out the striking blue shade.

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