20 Eye Catching Patios (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

It is time to spruce up the area outside your house. Whether you are designing a brand new patio or fixing up an older one, we know that there are so many ideas running through your mind. You’ve probably seen so many things that you would like to add to your patio space, but you don’t know exactly how you want to do it.

Don’t panic. We want to help you come up with what will work best to blend with your house and surrounding area. Below you will find 20 patio ideas we have gathered for you to look through. Some of them may work for you, some may not. Take the ideas that you like the best and run with them.

Patio Design Ideas

1. Wall of Plants

This outdoor patio area is brilliantly decorated from top to bottom with beautiful plant life.

2. Stone and Gravel

A patio area doesn’t have to be all concrete. You can use gravel for a great effect. This patio lets you do it all – cook, dine, and relax by the fire.

3. Quietly European

Like a picture from an French vista, this patio gives you a serenity that will be unmatched by other patios.

4. Country Dining

This patio manages to make a great color scheme between the light stone, red brick, and hardwood used for the furniture. It’s all about finding the right balance.

5. Around the Fireplace

With a great stone floor, this patio leads to the fireplace. You can relax in the warmth here for hours on end.

6. Around the Tree

Use what you have available. This patio space was completely designed around this great tree to create a great natural area.

7. Natural Style

Do something different. This table has a tree growing right out of the middle and is surrounded by grass, not concrete.

8. Right Outside

You can relax under the covered area here or come outside to sit by the fire. This whole space works together to give this house plenty of relaxation options.

9. Make it Unique

Let your personality shine around your patio. Coming up with unique design ideas is the best way to ensure you will always love your space.

10. Zen Fountain

This fountain splashes down onto the stones and create a relaxing atmosphere. With brilliant plant life to complete the scene, you will relax here all the time.

11. Gray Stone

This patio uses a gray color scheme to blend with the house. This area has a relaxing couch space and plenty of seating to have a meal.

12. Sheltered Outside

This patio features a sheltered space, so even if it rains a bit, you can still sit outside by the fire.

13. Hardwood Bench

The dark hardwood bench that surrounds the fire pit brings character to this space. With great contemporary furniture on this patio, you will find a place to pass the time after a long day.

14. Plant Life

The plant life used to blend with the hardwood designs around this patio really bring the space to life.

15. Hammock Style

With a great stone design all around, you will find yourself seeking out this hammock for a bit of rest.

16. Smooth Glow

This whole patio glow with warmth. From this fantastic house to the great outdoor furniture, the whole space shines with life.

17. Great Wooden Designs

From the actual deck to the overhang, this space uses great wood designs. You can come out here after a long day and enjoy peace by the fire.

18. Contemporary Flair

This modern space gives you a great grilling area along with places to eat then relax. Enjoy the view while you unwind.

19. Space for Fun

You will find some peace here, whether you sit under the overhang or decide to go sit by the fire.

20. All Together

This whole patio seems to blend around this house. Walk inside or out and you will find luxury. Invite all your guests over for a fun time.
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