42 Fantastic House Exterior Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

The exterior of you home is the face it presents to the world. We know you want to get it right. When you come and go each day, you want to look at a space you love.

Whether you are designing a new home or creating a different design around an existing one, you want to get the exterior right. There are so many architecture types and ways to make the outside stand out that it can seem overwhelming.

We want to help you figure out what you need. We have gathered 42 design ideas for you to browse through. They range from traditional and classic to contemporary and artistic.

No matter what size area you are dealing with or what your budget is, we are sure you can find something that works for you. Take a look below and jot down some ideas.

Fantastic House Exterior Design Ideas

1. French Townhouse

This stylish town house takes a French style and makes it work well. With a great large brick design and fantastic roof, this house is a great city structure.

2. It All Work Together

The exterior of this house demands to be looked at. Like a European summer hill house, the landscaping fits perfectly with the design.

3. Front Gable

This split-level house features a great gable facing forward. Taking advantage of a stacked brick design to accent the front, this porch is calling for you.

4. Post-Modern Style

Sometimes the exterior needs to become a work of art. This contemporary design blends both art and functionality.

5. Mediterranean Glow

Like a home off the Mediterranean, this exterior shines with style. The terracotta roof is iconic and blends well with the overall style.

6. Stone Completion

When you want a serious old-style design, build the house with a stone design. The light stone used for this house really brings the exterior to life.

7. Beach Southern

You will find this architecture common around Southern beach areas. It brims with life and activity and gives you a great welcome.

8. Upscale Cottage

The entrance, the landscaping, and the stone walls all work together to make this exterior the kind of place that others want to come to.

9. Brick Around

Sometimes it is the little designs that make a difference. The brick used around the bottom of the house and for the chimney really give this house character.

10. Stilted Perfection

Like a Southern beach house, this exterior rises up and makes great use of light blues and whites to bring it to life.

11. Gray Works

This exterior takes advantage of the life that stacked stone designs can bring to a house. With a great driveway and fantastic arched doorways, this house has character.

12. Country Symmetry

This house is symmetrical adn peaceful. With a small balcony upstairs and great windows downstairs, this place is somewhere to call home.

13. Perfect Siding

A fantastic Northeast country design, this exterior has great dark blue siding that blends well with the brown roof.

14. Charmed All Around

From the great brick driveway to the windows on the second level, this house is built with comfort in mind. Take a seat on the bench out front and relax.

15. Stone Designs

You are welcomed here by the cracked stone style sidewalk and the stacked stone design around the house. This porch is the perfect place to enjoy it all.

16. Outside Entertainment

The exterior of this house opens it right up to the interior. With it all combined, you can enjoy the balcony or the pool for a great time.

17. Spanish Remembrance

With great arched doors and windows, not to mention the stylish terracotta roof, this house take a Spanish Southwest style and makes it home.

18. Stone Walls

Nothing brings character and life like stone walls for a house. This exterior is welcoming and has a great porch area for you and friends to relax.

19. Brick and Landscape

Sometimes it is the little things that make a house a home. The red brick used for the bottom and for the steps contrast perfectly with the white home.

20. Creative Designs

From the large stone used around the doorway to the stylish windows, this brown exterior is ready for you to come home.

21. Calm Exterior

This split-level home has an exterior that has a great color scheme and comfortably blends with the surroundings.

22. Flat Style

With the mid-century flat roof design, this exterior opens up to extend the entertainment. With a great brown and beige color blend, this house is ready for you.

23. Squared Away

Like a mini-colonial style, this house has great welcoming columns to being you in. The exterior uses a great darker base with light highlights for color.

24. Quiet Cottage Style

The charms of a house like this are endless. From the landscaping that uses the house as a prop to the roof with character, this exterior is charming and warm.

25. Contemporary Farm

With a simple exterior that hearkens to a farm style, this exterior uses lighter earth tones to complete it.

26. Metal Roof

This metal roof highlights an already great design. With columns all around, this exterior features a great porch for you to relax on.

27. Plenty of Space

With great landscaping, this house sports a fantastic brick chimney to anchor it. The white exterior shows off these great windows.

28. Modern Neighbor

Modern architecture is at work here and the gray coloring contrasts perfectly with the hardwood design.

29. Styled Ranch

This ranch home makes full use of its length with great landscaping to show off. Top it off with the great driveway, and you will always find a welcome here.

30. New Ranch

With great exterior lighting to show off the home at night, you can see how well the gray color works with the stone design around the bottom.

31. Stoned Manor

Like a renaissance home from the old days, this exterior makes use of great stone designs and archways to create a grand atmosphere.

32. Double Toned

With the lower exterior a darker color and the upper part lighter, this home is balanced and creative.

33. Quaint and Quiet

With  a calm and quaint front porch to relax on, this charming home uses a great earth green to bring it character.

34. Southwest Delight

With a great light stone design to make the entrance, this exterior takes advantage of great landscaping and Southwest design.

35. Mid-Century Style

No matter when the design become popular, it has never lost its charm. Th exterior is simple yet welcoming, with its wooden fence and open spaces.

36. Charmed Glow

Like a master craftsman worked on it personally, this house takes a darker color scheme, adds great stonework, and creates a home.

37. Rustic Relaxation

The hardwood design for the home and the stone used throughout the exterior and for the patio make this a rustic adventure that will warm everyone.

38. Contemporary Nature

This contemporary design fits in perfectly with the surrounding natural environment. With great window usage, this house is certainly unique.

39. Contemporary Shine

Crafted to make a warm and welcome home, this exterior glows with charm and features a porch for you to spend your time on.

40. Country Special

Taking a page from a country style home, this exterior was designed with care. From the landscaping to the white colors, this could be your welcome each day.

41. Florida Style

With a palm out front and great landscaping around it, this modern design shines with style. Great windows let you know that this house needs to be seen.

42. Stone and Siding Blend

The gray siding blends perfectly with the stone design going around the bottom. This driveway and garage area is only the beginning of the charm.