58 Incredible Master Bathroom Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

We spend a good bit of time in our bathrooms. We rush through them in our morning routines and we hope we can relax in them after our long days. If we have to spend so much time there, why not design a space that looks great and matches your personality? You want to be able to look forward to getting into your bathroom, just like you look forward to seeing the rest of your house.

If you are building a new home or doing some remodeling, make your master bathroom your next project. Don’t get overwhelmed by all of the options. Take your time and figure out what really works for you. Below, we have gathered 58 wonderful master bathroom design ideas. They range from traditional to contemporary. Take your time and look them over.

Master Bath Design Ideas

1. Wonderful Floor Design

Get creative and add some life to your bathroom with a floor that has wonderful designs. When blended well with the surrounding style, it can really look good.

2. Modern Faucets

There is something to be said about the little things that make a space great. Thse contemporary faucets blend well with the mirrors to bring character to this bathroom.

3. Cozy His and Hers

Simple designs work. This his and her sink space doesn’t go overboard and looks stylish. Calm lighting and a great mirror work together.

4. Industrial Brilliance

With the brick designed tiles and the exposed pipes under the sink, this bathroom is turned into a hip industrial style space.

5. Hardwood Highlights

All around this bathroom you can see the great way hardwood is used to subtly give this space a great personality.

6. Relax in the Tub

Sit back in this tub for a relaxing bath and enjoy the calm space. Thanks to great wall paper, this bathroom is alive and ready for use.

7. Bright Early Century

With sinks and a tub that come out of the early 1900’s and a modern bright color scheme, this bathroom shine for you.

8. Cooling Colors

You don’t have to rely on white for every aspect of the bathroom. Using grays and other cooling colors give this bathroom a calming effect.

9. Standout Style

The rugs, the faucets, and the light fixtures stand out in this bathroom that otherwise makes great use of minimal decor.

10. Great Tile Design

The tile design used here walks you right down the middle and into the shower for a regal sense of style.

11. Marble Elegance

The marble style walls in this shower and bath space really bring some elegance to this bathroom. It creates a good blend with the hardwood floor.

12. Hardwood and Marble

This bathroom is centered by this great hardwood sink vanity. It balances with the marble style floor really well and hosts great decor.

13. Dark Gray Contemporary

This bathroom takes on a marvelous sleek appearance thanks to the darker walls that get highlighted by the white sink counter.

14. Great Stone Look

This bathroom is made great thanks to the stone look all around the space. With contemporary shelves and fixtures, this is a simple but great look.

15. Spa Day Everyday

With magnificent designs all around, this bathroom space will seem like you are having a spa day every day.

16. Natural Light Inside

This bathtub is inside the shower area and both are graced by wonderful natural light shining in. This bathroom has everything you need for relaxation.

17. Industrial Tile

This shows you a great way to bring character to a bathroom and make it look great. With this weathered style hardwood all around, you can really sense the style here.

18. Black and White Blend

This shower design gets creative with the tile design. Half white, half black, and they blend creatively.

19. Relaxing Archway

After a long day of work, you can be sure you will relax in a bath tub like this one. Right by a wonderful arched window, you can be in peace.

20. Brightened Old Style

The vanity and the mirrors are traditional and old-style, but the colors used bring this space to life.

21. Dark vs Light Tiles

Inside of this shower white tiles are used. They work really well with the darker tiles used throughout the rest of the bathroom.

22. Keep Everything Organized

Stop throwing everything in a drawer and making a mess. Keep everything organized and in the right place with simple compartments like these.

23. Cheerful Elegance

This bathroom takes advantage of the natural light that pours in and uses bright colors that shine.

24. The Decor Brilliance

With great decor that really gives the room character, you can enjoy this bath with a warm fire going.

25. Marble Style

With a marble style for the walls and counter, this bathroom has a fun elegance about it. With separated his and her sinks, there is plenty of room for everyone.

26. Complete and Modern

Like a scene from an Asian spa, this bathroom will see that you stay relaxed all the time. Wonderful artwork on the wall and contemporary designs give this room a great style.

27. Exposed Beams

The exposed beams are fantastic and are matched by a wonderful stone tile blend. With a great rug and wonderful shelving, this room is seriously fantastic.

28. Classic Elegance

With a blend of modern and medieval, this bathroom has character. From the grand mirror to the well designed wooden sink counter, you can count on style here.

29. Awash With Light

When you have great natural light like this, all you need to do is design around it. This bathroom has a great floor and you can take a bath by the window.

30. Skylight Wonder

If you have a space where the bathroom meets the ceiling, put in some skylights to bring style to the space.

31. Granite Style

This contemporary space doesn’t rely on white. Using darker colors and this granite design, this bathroom is elegant.

32. Upscale Country Charm

This stand-alone bath tub sits under a wonderful light fixture and by the window, so you will have relaxing light no matter when you want to take  a bath.

33. Cobble Stone Floor

If you want to change up the normal bathroom styles, put a unique floor in. This cobble stone style looks great and the rest of the room matches it.

34. Simple Decor

This bathroom has long windows that let light shine throughout. This bath tub is calling for you to relax in it after a long day.

35. Traditional White

With a traditional and timeless design in this bathroom, this space is elegant and ready for use. With plenty of space to get ready, all your needs will be met here.

36. Into the Sky

Right up near the ceiling, this bathtub sits right under a skylight that lets the light shine down.

37. Use the Plants

An easy way to bring style to your bathroom is adding simple and great plant life to the space. With a darker hardwood style floor, you can enjoy different decor in this room.

38. Hardwood Floor

This hardwood style floor is the perfect jumping off point for the design in this bathroom. With warm decor that balances off of the floor, everything here gets tied together well.

39. Texture Ideas

If you pay close attention, you can see the different tile patterns at work. Behind the sink, behind the tub, and in the shower, all these tile designs work well together.

40. Natural Style

This bathroom uses a minimal but wonderful design style that makes use of plants and hardwood for its full effect.

41. By the Windows

When you have a set of windows like this, you need to design around them. Putting the tub right near them and designing an area that looks great in light are good ideas.

42. Sliding Door

This bathroom already looks great, but this sliding wooden door that closed off the toilet area really makes the space wonderful.

43. Chevron Style Floor

The natural light pours into this space and highlights the wonderful chevron style floor. Everything in this bathroom, from the tub to the shower, is tied together wonderfully.

44. Country Traditional

Look at how much better a space can look with some simple and elegant decor choices. With some flowers and some traditional country designs, this bathroom is a great space.

45. Great Hardwood Cabinets

The first thing you will notice here is the great hardwood sink area. Topped with a wonderful counter, this bathroom is warm and comfortable.

46. The Stars Align

In this cozy bathroom, you will be captivated by the great designs for the floor tiles and the decor that raises the elegance.

47. Like Nature

Talk about complete planning. Open this window up and your part of the outside architecture. Taking a bath here means enjoying a great experience.

48. Wonderful Cabinet

This stand-alone claw bathtub hearkens back to an earlier era and is matched by the hardwood cabinets in the corner.

49. Industrial His and Her

With sink counters like this, you can enjoy the exposed pipe style that is so popular. It gives an industrial sense of ease.

50. Bold Styles

The only thing that could top this bold hardwood design is the counter top that sits on it. This bathroom has character and style.

51. All Wood

There are a few shade of hardwood at work in this bathroom and they all give it a warm rustic style. Enjoy a bath by the scenic windows here.

52. Tall and Natural

The high ceiling and windows in this bathroom gives it a chance to soak in the outdoors. With modern designs all around, you can use simple decor to finish the space.

53. On Each Side

The his and her’s are on opposite sides of this bathroom, giving two people plenty of space to get ready each day.

54. Floating Vanity

These floating sink cabinets blend with the hardwood style used throughout this bathroom. WIth a wonderful shower to bathe in, you will be relaxed here.

55. Contemporary and Clear

Simple and easy designs are built around this great hardwood floor. With a great glassed in shower and large mirrors, getting ready here will be a breeze.

56. Pastel Blue

To match this great floor, this bathroom makes use of pastel blue to bring the space to life.

57. Great Shelf

This shower shelf uses a great tile design to bring life to an area often overlooked. Simple storage, great look.

58. Minimal Decor

This bathroom is sleek and contemporary. There is minimal interference from the decor so this is a simple and great looking space.
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