35 Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Your kitchen will be one of the most visited places in your home. Whether it is just you and your family, or friends you have over to a get together, the kitchen is likely to become the focal point. Since you will be spending so much time there, make sure the whole area is somewhere you love to be.

There are many design options when it comes to planning a kitchen, but one of the most popular is the farmhouse style. Below, we have gathered 36 farmhouse kitchen design ideas for you to browse through. If the calm, bucolic approach appeals to you, take a look and see if anything catches your eye.

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Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

1. Grand Elegance

From the crafted stove hood vent to the wonderful stone counter tops, this kitchen is grand and elegant. The high ceiling features wonderful exposed beams that bring style.

2. A Perfect Balance

This kitchen is perfectly balanced. With the stove centering everything and great windows on either side, the natural light shows off this wonderful style.

3. Unmatched Charm

You have plenty of light shining in through the windows to show off the country charm of this kitchen. From the wonderful farm style sink to the functional center island, this space is ready.

4. Functional Spaces

There is a place for everything in this kitchen. The center island give your an extension and plenty of storage space and the pots and pans hang conveniently.

5. Great Storage

No more being unorganized with roll out drawers like this. All of your storage items will be kept ready and easy to locate.

6. Stylish and Functional

This kitchen area works to keep all of your items organized while also looking stylish. You will love showing off your items here.

7. Bright and Comfortable

The hardwood floor of this kitchen is matched by the center island counter top. All of it works so well with the white drawers and cabinets.

8. Exposure that Works

This kitchen is wide open, or at least it seems that way thanks to the high ceiling with wooden beams. The large windows add to the effect and let the natural light pour in.

9. Hardwood Beams

The hardwood beams of the ceiling match the weathered style hardwood floor. With a large center island giving you the extra space you need, you will move easily here as you prepare your meals.

10. Hardwood Connections

This beautiful hardwood floor connects this kitchen to the other areas of the house and is matched well with the light design styles.

11. Great Tile Styles

The brick style tile used around this kitchen is complemented by the great design of the stove backdrop. The hardwood table makes a perfect space for cooking or eating.

12. All Purpose Pantry

This storage area is not only great for complete storage, but it looks fantastic as well. The blue matches the floor and the hardwood shelves blend perfectly.

13. Sliding to the Outside

The kitchen and the dining spaces are connected by this wonderful wooden floor and you have easy access to the outdoors through these great sliding doors.

14. Rough Beams

The character you see in this kitchen comes from the rough hardwood beams running along the ceiling. The whole space has a charming country style that blends with the beams.

15. Large and Complete

You will enjoy the large and open space of this kitchen. The center island is functional and can be used for cooking or dining. Take your dinner party to the large dining area by the windows for some natural light.

16. Pitched with Beams

From top to bottom, this whole space is connected by hardwood designs. The exposed beams match the floor and the center island perfectly.

17. On the Go

This country kitchen is sleek and charming, with simple shelves that are both functional and stylish. You have a chalk board so everyone is on the same page.

18. Center Island Character

The center island is made from weathered style hardwood boards that set the tone for design here. Surrounded by modern appliances and great decor, you will love this space and the ambiance.

19. Beautiful Walls

To match this beautiful stove hood vent, these walls feature a beautiful design that is sure to catch the eye. The while drawers and cabinets complement the space perfectly.

20. Fresh and Accessible

Stop worrying about where to properly store your fruits and vegetables. With roll out style drawers, you will always have your cooking items close by and visible.

21. Blue Center

What a perfect way to make an area stand out. By making the center island blue, a perfect contrast is created with the white walls and the light hardwood.

22. Country Industry

With a slight industrial look thanks to the brick tiling and the shelving, this kitchen has a wonderful style that is functional. The decor is perfect for this space, completing the country charm.

23. Elegant Country Barn

With a high pitched ceiling and an open floor plan connecting everything, this kitchen space reminds us of an upscale barn. The use of lighter hardwood and perfect decor complete the style.

24. Contemporary Designs

The kitchen is in the center of the action in this space. With an easy design that lets you move around comfortably and bar style seating, you can entertain many at once.

25. Bold Hardwood Floor

The dark and durable hardwood floor used in this kitchen sets the tone. The light blue center island works perfectly with the white cabinets.

26. Rustic Spaces

The decor and designs bring you to a farm house. Sitting atop this modern stove, you will love the ambiance and wonder of a bucolic design.

27. Completely Functional

The storage spaces provided by this kitchen will give you great functionality. You can keep everything organized and neatly put away until you need it.

28. Beautiful Center Island

The hardwood counter top for this center island is the wonderful part of the kitchen. It matches the floor perfectly and brings character to this space.

29. Easy Farm Style

With a large and classic door leading out of the kitchen, you can sense the bucolic style at work. The space is functional and has decor you would expect from a farm house.

30. Unique Pantry

A retro pantry is just what you need to get the style rolling. Open up these wing doors to reveal all the items you need, completely organized and easy to sort through.

31. Perfect Combinations

With designs and decor that take you back to an earlier time, you can feel the ambiance of this space. With a great brick style floor to match the durability of theh space, you will love this kitchen.

32. Modern Farm Design

This kitchen provides you with plenty of cooking space, with the stove taking its place at the center island. With a dark hardwood floor that is perfectly matched by the light and dark cabinet styles, this is a wonderful space.

33. Light and Open

The open floor plan of this kitchen works so well. The whole space is light and has a sense of style thanks to the decor. The hardwood floor connects it all.

34. Calm Elegance

The contrasting grays used for the cabinets work perfectly with the dark hardwood floor and the stainless appliances. The farm style sink is a wonderful finishing touch.

35. Great Hardwood Blends

The high ceiling gives this kitchen a great open feeling. The hardwood styles used all around this space blend together perfectly and the blue used for the cabinets fits right in.
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