7 Garden Hose Storage Ideas

Updated on January 3, 2022

If you own or rent a home, a garden hose (or two) is likely a necessity. If you’re like most people, you either keep your garden hose in a pile and deal with untangling it the next time you use it or you carefully lay it down in a large oval shape somewhere on the ground.

Whether you’re finally fed up with the idea of a hose pile and want to get more organized or you simply want a different way of storing it, there are a variety of storage options for your garden hose. Some are obvious, others not so much.

7 Types of Garden Hose Storage

Here are 7 of the most common garden hose storage ideas in more detail along with their pros and cons.

1. Reel Cart

garden hose reel cart

A reel cart is one of the most effective and readily available garden hose storage options on the market. This option is efficient, lightweight, and budget-friendly. You will not need additional features or items to install or use a reel cart.

How a reel cart works is that the hose loops around the center of the cart. This looped position keeps the hose from kinking. You get the hose to loop around by using the handle on the side of the cart. Whenever you want more hose, you can just pull on the hose, and it will easily unwind from the cart.

Reel carts are a great option if you want the most efficient garden hose storage without extra bells and whistles. The reel cart keeps everything organized and often comes with wheels for transportation, but it does not come with decorative coverings or excess items, which can be ideal for many people.

The main downside of reel carts is that some people find winding up the hose difficult. Though reel carts come with a handle, this handle can be stiff and require a little muscle. If you are worried about this being an issue for you, you can get a hose guide, which will make the process quicker and smoother.


  • Prevents the garden hose from kinking
  • Readily available
  • Easy to transport


  • May be difficult to reel
  • Requires patio space


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2. Wall-Mounted Holder

garden hose storage

A wall-mounted holder is another great garden hose storage option. Wall-mounted holders allow you to attach your hose to the side of your home, as opposed to patio or garden space. This option can also be very decorative.

Wall-mounted holders are great if you have little storage around the base of your house. Since wall-mounted holders attach to the side of the home, they take up notably less room. This fact makes wall-mounted holders ideal for those you have little yard or patio space.

Wall-mounted holders can also be decorative. There are many styles and options to choose from, which will allow you to match your garden hose storage to your home and garden area. This will be ideal for exposed yards or garden parties.

The main downside of wall-mounted holders is that they are more difficult to use. They do not come with handles for reeling in the hose, so you will have to hang and loop the hose by hand. This fact will make organizing your hose a bit timelier.


  • Requires little patio space
  • Can be decorative


  • Must loop hose by hand
  • Hose may slip and be less organized


3. Hideaway Reel

hideaway hose reel

Another great garden hose storage option is a hideaway reel. Hideaway reels are very similar to cart reels in that the hose is looped around the reel’s center, but these options are more visually pleasing because the reel is contained by a covering.

Hideaway reels both organize and protect your garden hose. The hose is looped around the reel, which prevents it from kinking or being a messy lump in your yard. Around the hose and reel, though, comes with an exterior. This exterior makes the hose protected from both elements and being seen.

Since hideaway reels come with a protective covering, this storage option is visually appealing. The coverings are normally a neutral color, making them ideal for most homes and outdoor designs, but you can get a model in virtually any color you may want.

Like the reel cart, hideaway reels require a lot of patio space. In fact, this option requires more space than a reel cart due to its protective covering. As a result, you will need ample patio or garden space to use a hideaway reel.

Additionally, hideaway reels can make reeling in your hose difficult. You may need some muscle and patience to use this tool. To help prevent this issue from occurring, you can purchase a hose guide, which will help to make reeling smoother and less painful.


  • Prevents the garden hose from slipping
  • Protects the hose


  • Requires a lot of patio space


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4. Freestanding Holder

freestanding garden hose reel

If you want a more basic garden hose storage option, you may be interested in a freestanding holder. This storage option Is not as popular as some of the other ideas, but it will add a classy and rustic look to your garden. It would look especially nice next to a fence.

A freestanding holder is very simple. All you do is press the freestanding holder into the ground. Normally, the holder will have spikes at the bottom to help with installation. The storage portion of the holder extends up around waist height, so the hose can be hung on the extending racks.

Freestanding holders are great if you want to add a classy touch to your garden. Since the holder is implanted into the ground, the holder will actually be in your garden instead of on your patio. This makes this option more picturesque for rustic gardens.

The main downside of freestanding holders is they do not have a reeling mechanism. To organize your garden hose, you will have to manually loop the hose around the extended racks. This may take some time and cause your arms to tire.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Easy to install
  • Placed in the garden


  • Must loop hose by hand
  • More difficult to find in stores


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5. Hose Pot

garden hose storage

Another rustically simple garden hose option is a hose pot. Hose pots are exactly what they sound like. They are large pots that have the purpose of housing your garden hose. Like the freestanding holder, you can place this pot in your garden, adding to the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

A hose pot is a great option if you want your garden house to be inconspicuously hidden. If you choose to store your hose in a hose pot, your garden hose storage container will be an aesthetic piece of clay to the outside viewer.

This garden hose storage option is also very decorative. You can select hose pots of different styles, shapes, and patterns. This fact will allow you to create a beautiful and scenic look to your garden and yard.

The main downside of a hose pot is that your hose still has the potential to get kinked or bent. The reason for this is because the pot does not come with a reeling mechanism. Instead, the rope is simply placed inside the pot.

If you plan to use a hose pot, make sure that you purchase a pot that will be big enough for your hose length. There are many size options, so just ensure that you get one that is the perfect size for your needs.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Many styles and options
  • Placed in the garden
  • Can protect the hose from the elements


  • Must loop hose by hand


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6. Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

garden hose storage

If you have minimal space but want something more efficient than a standard wall-mounted holder, you will be interested in a wall-mounted hose reel. This garden hose storage option hangs on the wall, but it also includes a reel that will make storing your hose much easier.

A wall-mounted hose reel is amazing because it eliminates the need to have excess patio or yard space. The reason for this is that the storage option hangs on an exterior wall of your home. This fact makes a wall-mounted hose reel ideal for smaller yards.

This storage option is also helpful because it has a reel and handles. Unlike the standard wall-mounted holder, this option has a handle and reel center that will allow you to reel in the hose and prevent kinks. This feature will make storing your hose much easier and time-efficient.

Additionally, a wall-mounted hose reel can be extremely decorative. This storage option typically includes a metallic finish and detailed ornamentation. Though this feature is not needed for efficiency, it will help make your yard look put together and beautiful.

The main downside of a wall-mounted hose reel is that the handle can be difficult to reel. Its vertical positioning can make reeling in the garden hose even more difficult.


  • Requires little patio space
  • Handle for reeling in the garden hose
  • Decorative
  • Inexpensive


  • May be difficult to reel
  • Garden hose may look messy


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7. Mobile Cart Hose Reel

mobile garden hose cart

A mobile cart hose reel is another great garden hose storage option. This option is especially ideal for those who plan to transport their garden hose and storage items around the yard and patio. They are easy to move around because of a hip-height handle and back wheels for transportation.

The main reason you would choose this harden hose storage option is that they are designed for transportation. Because of the handle and wheels, all you need to do is tilt the cart back and pull it wherever you want to go.

Another key feature of most mobile care hose reels is that they have a large storage capability. Most models can store a 175-foot hose. This means that you can store a long hose, which allows you to transport your hose all throughout your yard.

The main downside of this model is that it does not have a covering option. This fact means that your hose may be damaged by the elements if you are not careful. So, you may want to store this model under an awning or shading of some sort.


  • Easy to transport
  • Large storage capability
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not protect hose from the elements


Storage Features

Here are some common features that you may want to consider if you are buying a new garden hose storage product:

1. Hose Included

Some garden storage options come with a hose. This option will ensure that your hose length matches the storage capacity of your hose storage container. It will also ensure that your hose is protected from the elements.

The downside is that included hoses are often very poor quality. You’ll usually be much better of by purchasing the hose and storage product separately.

2. Automatic Retraction

An automatic return feature will make reeling in your hose much easier. Instead of turning a handle or manually looping the hose, you can simply use the automatic return feature to have the storage container reel it in for you.

This feature is extremely helpful. It ensures that your hose is reeled in properly, which will ensure the longevity of your hose. It will also save you time since you will not have to reel in the hose yourself.

Retractable garage hose storage products are limited and are priced at a premium. Because of their bulk, they don’t work quite as well as a retractable air hose reel you may have in your garage.

3. Hose Guide Included

garden hose storage

A hose guide will make sure that your hose is reeled in evenly. An evenly reeled-in hose will ensure that your hose has no kinks or dents, which will elongate the lifespan of your hose. Additionally, it will make reeling in the hose much easier.

4. Leader Hose Included

A leader hose is a piece of equipment that attaches a hose reel to the water source. It can also be used to make a hose reach far away flowers and landscape designs. Getting a storage option with a leader hose will be convenient and help you to attach your hose to the spigot.

We recommend either a Flexzilla or all-rubber hose like the AG-Lite.

5. Covered

garden hose storage

Some garden hose storage options come with a covered exterior. This exterior will protect your hose from UV damage and any other element.

In addition, it allows for a cleaner look since the exterior case of the hose reel is in most cases a more neutral color which blends in better with its surroundings.


Your garden hose storage can make or break your backyard and garden experience. There a number of storage options that you can choose from that will allow you to tailor your storage to your needs.

We selected a reel cart, wall-mounted holder, hideaway reel, freestanding holder, hose pot, wall-mounted hose reel, and mobile cart hose reel as the 7 best garden hose storage options. These options include many features and design options that you are sure to like.

As for features, garden hose storage options come with many features that can make your model better. For example, you can get a storage option that includes a hose, hose guide, and leader hose. Other models have automatic retraction and covering. These features will enhance your garden hose storage.