26 Gorgeous Family Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Creating a bold statement in your home is always the end goal for some designers. With drastic design influences like French Revival, Art Deco, Minimalistic, Industrial, Scandinavian Chic and so on, the only common denominator is how to reflect the owner’s personality in their space.

Knowing your own personal design style is very important as this will serve as your guiding light in making the right design decision. Your style is your own and you have to develop it from the way you interact with things and how designs make you feel.

If you aren’t certain on what kind of style you have, we have for you below some incredible home design inspirations that will help you find and identify the style that suits your taste. There is no right and wrong here. Like what they say, each personal style is uniquely yours.

Just like fashion, you can either be the fashion star or the fashion roadkill, but as long as you feel comfortable, that is the only thing that is important. On any given day, you may see a furniture catalog by the street side, or you may stop by a modern showroom featuring the industry’s latest trends. Feel free to explore your options.

Check out some of these gorgeously beautiful family room designs and carefully take note of all the details and ideas that will inspire you to take the next step towards renovating your home.

Gorgeous Family Room Design Ideas

1. Hanging By The Window

Come home in this stylish living room that features a suspended hanging pod chair, wooden floorboards and a deep gray sectional sofa facing a toned-down fireplace.

2. TV On The Side

For a refacing of your existing fireplace, one idea that always comes to mind is to stick with a classic design. This is especially true if you already have furniture like a tufted sofa and set of armchairs that feature a classic silhouette.

3. Ample Lighting

For an effective use of mood lighting, use table lamps and place it behind the sofa, some recessed lighting overhead and the glowing flicker of the fireplace. For a more dramatic look, combine neutral colors like deep brown for the cabinets, a cream colored carpet and sofa, and gray fabrics for the armchair.

4. Minimalist Glass Divider

To match the factory made glass divider, you can have your built-in display cabinet like this one to match the paint sample of the glass frame. The simulated wooden floors complete the modern look.

5. The Man Behind The Curtain

One way to match curtains to your existing contemporary furniture can be done through its coloring. Here, we see a set of brown curtains with damask pattern leveling the classic vibe of the built-in TV cabinetry that is accentuated by a pair of armchairs covered in leather.

6. Textured Fireplace

You can rely on the fireplace to be the center of attention in any room by it covering with an eye-catching pattern like this one. To level up the style factor, you can opt to anchor it with a stylish Womb Chair with Ottoman from Knoll.

7. Sea Of Blue Wave

This dining area also doubles up as a family sports center, thanks to the creative way of using a pingpong table as a dining table for 10. Sleek Dining Chairs, set of round mirrors, and a trendy diamond patterned blue carpet completes the look.

8. Pop Of Pink

Get that instant feminine look in a masculine seating area by incorporating bright pink throw pillows, sleek floor lamp and a funky black and white side table.

9. Open Up To The Sun

Let the sunshine in any enclosed space through the use of clerestory windows, pictured here. Match it with a rugged stone wall with a built-in fireplace that stretches up to the gabled roof, exposed wooden beams, and furniture covered in leather for that undeniably country feel.

10. Mirror Shine Flooring

A lovely, relaxing family room, complete with gorgeous mismatched sectional sofa. The big glass window paired with a ceramic tile flooring all contribute to the feeling of lightness and the whole space is anchored by the green, short shag carpet.

11. Big Tall Plant

If you’re thinking of bringing in the outdoor, always opt in for one tall plant instead of multiple small ones. It would be much easier to maintain and add a nice complement to the wow factor of your already amazing tufted sofa.

12. Red Means Wall

That artwork is not the only red accent you will see here. An exposed brick wall can also be used as an accent especially in a stark white space like this one. Furniture can then be selected according to its function.

13. Pool In The Hall

Linear placement is a tricky one. For a savvy use of the space, a billiard table coordinates politely with the railing and wooden floorboards. Just be careful with your artwork placement, however.

14. Spanish Vibe

Spruce up your boring room by installing wooden beams spread out all over your flat ceiling. Then placed an antiquated sideboard below the TV, wrought iron legs glass coffee table and a repurposed milk can as a table lamp to tie the details nicely.

15. Rock My Chair

Who would have thought of placing a fireplace in a room full of papers? Not only a room like this will make you smarter, it will definitely keep you warmer. Sit back and relax on the cane-back rocking chair during storytelling time.

16. Visual Waterfall

Softening a room filled with hard surfaces can be done via optical illusion. Just take a cue from this fireplace cladded with 3D Wall panels that looks like a stream of water gushing from the ceiling. The glass coffee table elevates the appeal.

17. Bring Me To The Beach

If you have to live in the city, that doesn’t mean you can’t live it out like you’re in the Hamptons. By using a soft natural palette accentuated with blue textiles and with a clever use of a chunk of log as a makeshift coffee table, you can even convince anyone that you’re in Miami.

18. Color Coded

Accentuating a room can be done in more ways than one. For example, this room uses accent colors in the same quadrant like red and orange to brighten up the mostly varnished wood interior and screened windows.

19. Arc-ticulated Accent

Shapes once again took the sideline in this mostly gray setting area. If you will look closely, the big round clock and the concentric round chandelier echoes the modern French window architecture.

20. Geometrical Policy

Tight spaces don’t have to be a challenge. Stick with the basics like a minimal shelving, a cream sectional sofa and an expandable coffee table with ottoman to maximize your space when needed.

21. Cabinet Screening

Pump up the colors in any room of the house by using books as accents. Carefully chosen books can add colors or provide contrast to any surface you place it on. It also gives a subtle hint of your personality to your guests.

22. Family Portrait

This family house is an excellent example of an open-type floor plan that features a contemporary design perfect for a sunroom. A plain white wall lends it a clean look and the varying shades of blue of the sectional sofa, coffee table, and armchair gives a strong contrast to the yellow accent of the bar kitchen.

23. Museum Living

In home design, there are no rules. You can turn your living room into a relaxing, gallery-like staging area for guests to admire your collection. From the modern chandelier to the long black leather bench up to the marble top coffee table. Your house, your rules.

24. Black All Around

Who says black is bland? If your house can afford lots of natural lighting, make a go for it and try a black painted semi-gloss wall. For a more bolder statement, try a lacquered paint finish black wall. The Herringbone pattern of the wood flooring also adds interest.

25. See Me Through

If you’re a new owner of a fabulous house with an amazing architecture, opt for a subtle look by using mostly grays fabric on your sectional sofa, armchairs, and pillows as well as your carpeting. Sophistication has never been this effortless.

26. Tell Me My Fortune

Game night will never be boring if you have a great combination of a stone top minibar and a billiard table. The hanging round glass lamp brings in the tension.