29 Gorgeous Master Bathroom Inspirations (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

If you’re like many of us, you’re probably bored with your master bathroom.  Perhaps it still has the same old and tired design elements that have been in there for many years.  We tend to focus most on the rooms of our home that guests will see, neglecting the bedrooms and master bathroom.  Don’t fall into this trap!  You deserve a gorgeous master bathroom.

Maybe a whimsical chandelier or amber-accented cabinetry would be ideas you’d like?  Or perhaps decorative wall designs, reminders and views of the great outdoors, swirling artistic accents, teak floors, and glamorous vanities are more your style?  Either way, you are likely to find an abundance of ideas that interest you in the 29 images below.

Master Bath Inspirational Ideas

1. Whimsical chandelier

A whimsical chandelier like this one will immediately elevate the look of your master bathroom.

2. Amber-accented

Amber accents make this beautiful cabinet and drawer unit truly unique.

3. Square bathtub

A square bathtub adds modern geometric dimension to this master bathroom.

4. Sphere-adorned chandelier and recessed lighting

This master bathroom’s sphere-adorned chandelier and recessed light fixtures contrast nicely with the rustic and faded hardwood floors.

5. Decorative wall design

The decorative wall design is subtle in its look but plays an important role in this beautiful master bathroom.

6. The great outdoors

You’ll enjoy the best of natural beauty with this large picture window within the master bathroom.

7. Smooth marble floors and a fluffy rug

This bathroom’s smooth marble floor is beautifully accented by a fluffy ivory rug.

8. Wooden lattice

A stylish wooden lattice can be seen beneath crystal clear floors.

9. Contemporary graphite gray

This master bathroom’s satin-finish graphite gray tiles are set off by the bright white bathtub.

10. Swirling artistic accent

This wall feature with a swirling design provides a touch with extra flair.

11. Teak wooden floor

This shower enclosure’s teak wooden floor is evocative of the spa.

12. A stylish and serene escape

The layout of this bathroom combined with its lovely design features, such as its glossy floors and pale wooden counters, will give you a sense of serenity.

13. Rose-tinted ivory

This master bathroom features rose-tinted ivory walls and floors, as well as a shower enclosure with frosted glass.

14. Victorian rose

This enchanting bathroom boasts hints of Victorian design.  Charmingly enameled ceramic ivory-toned brick has a delicate decorative border, and soft pink walls complete the look.

15. Multi-colored shower tiles

Multi-colored tiles give this shower enclosure a rather artistic look.

16. Oak shelving

Classic oak shelving has not only utilitarian value but style value, as well.

17. Mahogany sophistication

The classically beautiful mahogany cabinet and drawer units positioned on either side of a snowy white bathtub make for a lovely master bathroom.

18. Soft blue wardrobe

Go and step beyond the average and add a soft blue wardrobe unit to your master bathroom.

19. Contemporary spa

Many design elements of this impressive master bathroom are evocative of a contemporary spa, such as the teak wooden shower floors and counters.

20. Pale lime green

Pale lime green is a wonderful color choice for the bathroom, and looks gorgeous with cream cabinetry.

21. Creamy cabinets and taupe walls

Consider adding cream-colored cabinets and taupe walls with white trim to your master bathroom.

22. An abundance of light

The light from stylish light fixtures and a generous window gleams beautifully on shining white floors.

23. Varied tones of blue

Varied tones of blue adorning this bathroom’s walls create a fresh look that is reminiscent of the ocean and outdoors.

24. Bathroom in the bedroom

This master bathroom is located within the actual bedroom, only separated from the bed by the stylish cabinetry and mirrors.

25. Glamorous dressing room

This master bathroom’s vanity and cushioned seat, as well as its light and cheerful color scheme, creates the look an Old Hollywood dressing room.

26. Sea blue

This bathroom’s sea-blue walls are complemented by cabinet and drawer handles of the same shade.

27. Modern minimalism

This bathroom features an abundance of modern minimalistic design elements.

28. Curved cabinetry with bright metal handles

Curved cabinetry like the one featured in this master bathroom always provides an elegant touch.

29. Powder blue design accents

The powder blue elements in this master bathroom has hints of lilac that makes the look especially appealing.