How High Should a Rain Showerhead Be Installed?

Updated on March 16, 2022

A rainfall showerhead can give you a super relaxing full-drench shower experience that you just don’t get from other styles of shower. It mimics the feeling of standing outside in a warm summer downpour which is a feeling that most people would love to recreate in their own homes.

But how do you know how long of a pipe you need to have it installed at the optimum height? There are a lot of things that factor into how high a rainfall showerhead should be installed, from ceiling height to the height of those using it. It can be particularly confusing if you have vaulted ceilings in your bathroom.

This article will cover the various aspects to think about when deciding on the height of your rain shower head and different ways to figure out the best height for those that live in your house.

It’s much easier than you may think! Before you know it, you will be taking the most relaxing shower you’ve ever experienced in your life.

Choosing a Shower Head

The first thing to figuring out how high you should have your rain shower head is picking your shower head. Some are mounted on the wall, others are mounted from the ceiling. Once you figure out what type of shower head you’re going to purchase, you’ll be able to figure out where it will be placed.

Picking The Best Height For Your Shower Head

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The height of your shower head affects the quality of your showering experience. The higher from the ground, the longer your water has to cool off before it hits you, so keep this in mind when choosing how you’ll install your shower head because that can affect how long you’re able to shower before running out of hot water and it can also affect how much you end up spending on money.

There are several factors involved when deciding on the placement of your shower head.

How high are your ceilings?

If you have ceilings that are higher than normal, you’ll end up with a longer pipe to get your shower head at the optimal height for the perfect showering experience if you choose to go with a ceiling-mounted model.

What type of showerhead are you installing?

Is your rainfall showerhead going to be mounted on the wall or ceiling? Typically, wall-mounted showerheads in hotels, commercial buildings, and apartments are placed at 80 inches to accommodate for people of varying heights.

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How tall is the tallest person that will be using the shower?

It’s important when planning your bathroom design to think about how tall each user is so you can make sure everyone will be able to shower comfortably. As long as the showerhead is three to six inches taller than your tallest housemate, everyone should be able to enjoy a relaxing rainfall shower.

How much construction and plumbing work are you able to do or willing to pay for?

Another thing to think about is if you’re willing to pay a plumber or take on the extra time and expense to demo and remodel to change the placement of your shower head. If you’re unable to do this, then a wall-mounted showerhead at the common height of eighty inches should be enough to accommodate anyone that’s about six feet tall or less.

After you figure out the answer to the questions above, you’ll be one step closer to determining the ideal height for your shower head.

Average Height of Rainfall Shower Heads

So you’re still wondering what the best height for your shower is, and we’re going to figure that out together. If you’re doing a complete remodel of your shower or bathroom or you’re building a new home, you have the freedom of choosing the height of your shower head without having to worry about existing plumbing.

Typically, most rainfall showerheads are installed at a minimum of eighty to eighty-four inches above the floor of the shower for that drenching downpour feeling you’re looking for when you choose to purchase a rainfall showerhead. Although seven feet is the average height for a rainfall showerhead, you can definitely have it installed higher than the typical installation height.

So if you’re looking for that feeling of taking a shower out in the pouring rain, it’s best to take into consideration the height of everyone that will be using the shower, the placement of your current showerhead, and how high the ceiling in your bathroom is.

I hope this guide has been helpful in assisting you in deciding where you want the placement of your rainfall showerhead!

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