How To Start Seeds

How To Start Seeds

In order to make any garden – whether it is a vegetable or flower garden – successful, one of the cheapest ways to do so is with seeds. Starting the seeds correctly is critical and easy to do for the DIYer.

There are many different options, but the peat pellets are great at storing water and among these options you can find the right ones for your lifestyle. When you fill the pods with potting soil and peat, take a pen and simply push into the dirt. Then take 1-2 seeds, and place them where the depth of the pen was. This is the appropriate depth for your seeds.

At this point, use a spray bottle to water the seeds. Don’t use a hose or water bucket because what can happen is everything can be displaced. Using grow lights and greenhouse covers allows you to achieve consistent germination, and once the seedlings sprout, remove the greenhouse cover and this will allow the seedlings to grow towards the light and get the nutrients they need from the surrounding environment. Once the greenhouse cover is removed, seedlings will start growing towards the light. Once they get to be an appropriate size, replant them in bigger pots so they can eventually make their way into the garden.


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