How to Unclog a Toilet

How to Unclog a Toilet

Though it is a relatively common problem, having a clogged toilet is nevertheless frustrating. The good news is even the most amateur of DIYers can unclog a toilet with ease!

The tools you need to complete the job? Simple – a plunger. If your bowl is dry, you need to add water so that the seal on the flange is air tight. Once you have your plunger, place it over the opening at the drain, and give about 9 or 10 pumps. Remove the plunger and if the water drains quickly, your clog is resolved. If it doesn’t drain or goes slow, then repeat the process.

For stubborn clogs, you need to go with the auger, or snake. Crank it clockwise but don’t force it down the bowl. If you clear the obstruction or snag it, then just reverse course to pull it out. Don’t use chemical solutions because they will linger at the bottom of the bowl and also don’t use a coat hanger – they never work and only serve to scratch the bowl.  With a plunger and a toilet snake, clearing clogs is extremely easy.


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