33 Illuminating Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on September 30, 2022

Creating the right mood for your living room is about more than just selecting the right furniture and paint colors. Your lighting also has a lot to do with the feel of the space. There are endless options for illuminating your living room, so finding the right option just takes a bit of patience and dedication. The images shown here will help you find the perfect lighting idea for your living space.

The living rooms shown here will inspire you to new decorating heights and give you a better idea of what you want in your dream living room. After all, without a plan, you can’t build your dream. Whether you’re planning to build a new home or want to renovate your current living room, get ready to be motivated by some pretty amazing spaces!

Illuminating Living Room Designs

1. Recessed Lights

This elegant living room is well lit during the day by natural light, but in the evening, the recessed lights keep the space bright.

2. Half Dome Light

Create a cozy little reading space by the fireplace with a cute dome lamp to keep the area brightly lit, and some comfy pillows.


4. Starburst Ceiling Light

Brighten up your living room with this quirky spiked ceiling light with a bulb at the end of each spike.

5. Mirror Chandelier

In a room full of white furniture, this chandelier adds a touch of elegance that is reflected back by the mantel mirror.

6. Double High Windows

Two story windows keep this small living room bright and airy, making it a beautiful space for entertaining friends.

7. Glass Bedroom

Create an open feeling space by separating the bedroom from the living room with a glass wall that lets in the natural light.

8. Cloud Light

A fluffy white cloud light creates a feeling of the outdoors while providing soft light in this simple living space.

9. Snowball Lamp

Keep things low key with a cute snowball style lamp hanging from the ceiling with lights scattered throughout.

10. White and Blue

Gentle blues and white help keep this room bright, along with beautiful lamps in the corners of the room that enhance the space.

11. Black Ceiling Light

In a nearly all white room, the black circular light hanging above a dark coffee table creates a fun contrast.

12. Natural Light Galore

There’s nothing more beautiful than a little natural light pouring into your living room and it perfectly highlights the art you display.

13. White Surfaces

The white ceiling and walls in this elegant room help bounce the light around the room and contrast nicely with the gray sofa.

14. Not Afraid of Color

Starburst art creates a unique look in this room, while the dangling lights in the corner keep it well-lit.

15. Artpiece Lighting

This ceiling light draws your eyes as a beautiful piece of art that hangs above a pristine living room in shades of brown.

16. Fireplace Sconces

The elegant sconces on this stone chimney help make the metal art throughout the room look great and reflect the light back.

17. Artistic Beams

While this living room is impressive, it doesn’t hold a candle to the amazing beams above it, with their carefully placed lights.

18. Sunshine Windows

With a full wall of windows, this room is full of sunshine and natural light, making it the ideal place to grow a houseplant.

19. Glass and Chrome

Cylindrical glass lights with chrome accents make this space brighter and highlight the turquoise accents.

20. Loft Room

Make the most of a tiny space by creating under stair storage and adding a simple reading light for your area.

21. Art Shelves

Add recessed lights to art nooks and shine a whole new light on your collection of display items.

22. Multiple Lamps

The many lamps set around this homey room are simple, yet functional and they add plenty of illumination to host a gathering or just to read.

23. West Coast Art

Display your West Coast art like this carved wall art and highlight it with carefully placed bullseye light, hidden above the beams.

24. Crystal Chandelier

Even a simple living room can be spiced up with a very elegant chandelier like this crystal light shown.

25. Wall of Art

Beautifully illuminated by natural light that floods through the windows, this art wall adds color to the space.

26. Metal Frame Lights

Carefully designed metal frame lights pull this sleek living room together and brilliantly illuminate the space.

27. Window Mirror

Above the fireplace, this mirror in the shape of a paned window creates a reflective surface to bounce light back into the room.

28. Surrounded by Light

While small, this living room feels larger, thanks to the multiple windows running around it, letting lots of light in.

29. Light Posts

A single bare lightbulb atop each of these copper rods brings light to this tiny living room, with its brightly colored highlights.

30. Bold Colors

Everything in this room is designed to catch the eye, creating quite the clash of colors, right down to the bright orange lamp that lights it all.

31. Rough Beams

Dark beams against a white ceiling create a fun contrast that pulls the eyes upwards, with recessed lights providing illumination.

32. Multiple Light Sources

In a space with so many pillars and architectural elements, lighting comes from recessed lights, sconces and more.

33. Large, Open Windows

These huge windows allow plenty of natural light to flood into this bright living room with its white sofas.