51 Impressive Home Office Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

We get it, you often need a place to work from when you are at home. More and more, people are starting their own businesses or choosing to take their work home with them. You need a home office that will let you get everything done.

You’ve probably thought about having a home office but never knew where to start. Do you have a whole room you can use or will you need to create a space that blends with other parts of the house? What kind of business do you have? You may want to combine a library and home office into one space.

We have gathered 51 home office design ideas below for you to browse through. Take a look at these photos and see if you find some designs that you like.

Extraordinary Home Office Designs

1. Classic White

When you have natural light that just pours into a room, think about highlighting it with lighter colors.

2. Floral Pink

Let your design personality shine. This room uses great floral patters and pink highlights that aren’t overwhelming.

3. Working Loft

Make use of a loft area, don’t let it go to waste. This home office has great hardwood furniture and light from above to make it great.

4. Designed Brilliance

The white designed ceiling matches the darker blue walls so well. The windows let the light shine in while you work.

5. Personality Shines

The styles in this room are perfectly eclectic. You have plenty of shelf space to put all the decor that lets you be you.

6. Country Charm

With plenty of natural light and simple decor, this home office is practical and takes on a great country charm.

7. Bold Hardwood

The dark hardwood of the shelves and desk blend well with the hardwood floor. This space is decorated handsomely for a bold and confident style.

8. Laid Back

The contemporary industrial style of this desk makes for a great home office design blend throughout the room. This office is functional and laid back.

9. Handsome Styles

The classic dark hardwood used throughout this home office create a calming environment that will leave you comfortable every time you work.

10. Large and Warm

If you know you will be spending serious time if your home office, make sure it has everything you need. Work and relax here all with the warmth of a fireplace.

11. Slide On In

These hardwood doors slide open to reveal a beautiful space full of light shining in. The designed rug works perfectly with the room.

12. Blue Decor

There is a a blue theme at work here in this home office and it ties the entire place together. You will enjoy the personality of this space.

13. Let the Light In

This home office is full of brilliant art work. You home office should shine with your personality, so decorate it with what you like.

14. Working Space

This space uses whites and pastel colors to brighten it up. With a work table in the middle, all of your designs will get completed.

15. Light Colors

Use this space to explore your creativity. With bright colors used all around, the natural light creates a happy and fun space.

16. Office Cove

If you don’t think you have the space for a home office, think again. This functional space fits right in under the stairs.

17. Fold Down

This fantastic space saver fits right in. When you need to get some work done, just fold the table down.

18. Built Right In

A home office doesn’t have to take up a whole extra room. This one is built right into the open house.

19. Always Ready

With space for all of your creative design ideas to take place, this home office give your plenty of room to do your work.

20. Contemporary Shine

With great contemporary furniture and great simple decor at work, this home office is ready for you to get work done.

21. Use the View

Can’t decide between a home office or a library area. Combine them and be sure to take advantage of the views you have.

22. All Purpose

This home office makes use of subdued yellows and oranges to make a fun home office that has room for all of your creativity.

23. Relaxing Work

You can get your work done in this handsome home office then sit back on a soft sofa and relax for a bit.

24. Chalk Board

Functional and modern, this home office shows you how you can create a fun space and keep up with your busy schedule.

25. Rustic Area

This home office is built inside of a great hardwood room and doubles as a library. You can spend hours here and never be bored.

26. Creative Shelving

You can add stylish and simple shelving into existing spaces to create your home office. This room shows just how good it can look.

27. Exposed Brick

With these sliding doors and exposed brick look, you can create an industrial type of home office that will look great.

28. Space Saver

You don’t have to take a ton of room to create an office space. Here, you can just open up the door and get to work. Simple and space saving.

29. Space for a Few

This type of home office will work great, especially if there are a few people that need to get work done.

30. Gray Style

You can use great color schemes to create a home office that is stylish and functional. This one uses grays to blend with the hardwood.

31. Functional and Bright

Working from a great hardwood floor, this home office is simple and practical. You have great desk space and natural light shining in.

32. Added On

If you don’t have an extra room to spare for a home office, you can use space elsewhere. This office space blends right in with the kitchen space and is fully functional.

33. Beautiful Hardwood

This home office has a great hardwood design that blends well with the white shelving. With room for two to work comfortably, you will be happy with a design like this.

34. Open and Accessible

Simply slide these doors closed to get some quiet time in this home office. This space blends well with the rest of the house.

35. Space Anywhere

Tucked away neatly and ready for you to use, this home office has all you need to get your work done.

36. Industrial Bright

With the exposed brick painted white and great lighting, this home office has a modern industrial feel to it.

37. Long Counter

Put a longer counter desk in your office to give yourself plenty of space to work. This will be especially good if more than one person needs to get work done.

38. Ocean Themed

This home office has a great style. Use an ocean theme to brighten up the space. It is a simple idea that lets your personality shine through.

39. Country Home

With great colors, especially with the blue chairs that shine out, this home office has a great country charm that will be comfortable for you.

40. Pastel Blue

Slide open these hardwood doors to reveal a calm home office that uses great designs and colors.

41. Large Windows

You can use large windows to give you a view and plenty of natural light that will help you get through the day.

42. Comfortable Wait

If you are going to have guests over to discuss business, give them a comfortable area like this to stay in.

43. Great Art

You can spruce up your home office with great artwork that blends well with the decor. This space is functional and stylish with its modern furniture.

44. Design Blends

There are multiple designs at work here, from the furniture to the rug. It all works well together, especially with the artwork on the wall.

45. Simple and Available

You can create a home office almost anywhere in the house. It doesn’t have to be a separate room. This space is simple and functional.

46. Ready for Anything

Get your work done, take a nap, or read a book. This home office space has everything you need to get you through your day.

47. Sleek and Modern

With great black and white artwork to blend with the color scheme and designs in the room, this home office is a contemporary wonder.

48. Roll Out Addition

Put in a desk that will allow you to have some extra space when you need it. Just roll out the addition.

49. Elegant Design

This home office blends an elegant style with contemporary functionality. From the great coloring to the hardwood designs, this space is great.

50. Great Wallpaper

You can use wallpaper to bring life to your home office. The designs throughout this space let great personality shine out.

51. On the Wall

You can use a wall of the house to make a perfect home office. Everything you need, from a desk to book storage, is here.
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