33 Impressive Living Rooms You Don’t Want to Miss (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 11, 2022

Not surprisingly, your living room is probably the central space in your home. It’s where everyone gathers and is likely to be one of the first and possibly only, places your guests see in your home. It makes sense then to turn that space into something special that will appeal to everyone you invite over, but most importantly, for you.

Use these 33 impressive living room images to inspire you as you go about redecorating or creating the living room of your dreams. There’s something here for everyone, from elegant space to rustic ones and everything in between.

Impressive Living Room Design Ideas

1. Rustic Wood Ceiling

Create an amazing living room with rustic wood featured top and bottom.

2. Old Wood Beams

These rustic beams jutting out across a perfect living room are not actually for support, but for looks.

3. Living Room Bar

Make yourself at home with a wine fridge and bar off to the side in your new living room.

4. Furry Rug

There’s nothing like a full, plush rug to turn an ordinary living room into a homey one.

5. Polished Wood Floors

Gleaming black floors made of wood have been stained, varnished and polished over the years to create the perfect floor.

6. Fireside Hassock

This overstuffed hassock, nestled up to the fireplace, is great for extra seating or just setting things down on.

7. White Shag Rug

Sit down and relax in this elegant living room and sink your feet into the luxurious shag rug.

8. Feature Wall

A feature wall like this one can have plenty of shelves and art to create a display you’ll want to look at.

9. Concrete and Glass

Concrete floors and fireplace contrast beautifully with the glass staircase behind it.

10. Tall Wall Art

This room is full of texture, but the tall wall canvases behind the sofa really make it all come together.

11. Library Cabinet

Add a library cabinet with multiple drawers for all your tiny possessions and it will look good, too.

12. Square Tile Chimney

This fireplace sets off the room beautifully with symmetrical little square tiles.

13. Deer Art

Funky deer art and unique accent pieces make this tiny living room come to life and feel like home.

14. Sculpture Light

Add a little zing to your living room with some bright lights in a fun sculpture like this one.

15. Strong Colors

There’s no single accent color in this living room, but it is fun and full of joy with the full mixture of rainbow colors.

16. Woven White Rug

This simple white rug is woven from wool and cotton and it offsets the wood floor beautifully.

17. Cute Beach Loft

In this beach house, a cute little loft is set up above the living room for those who need a little nap.

18. Flowered Carpet

This dark carpet with flowers on it really sets off the room and adds a touch of beauty.

19. Woven Wall Hanging

Soften up your space with a colorful carpet, pillows and a woven wall hanging that mutes the sound a little.

20. Circle Table

Giant rings support a simple table that sits behind the sofa in this fun living room.

21. Living Room Nook

Tiny, yet comfortable, this minute living room is neatly set up in a little window nook that fits perfectly.


23. Round Bay Window

The curved window at the far end of this living room is the perfect detail for anyone looking for a unique space.

24. Just Add Plants

In a blue and gray room, the green plant in the corner is a fun contrast that adds life to the space.

25. Brick Archway

An ode to the past, this brick arch leads into the living room with a touch of history.

26. Crowded Sofa

Piles of pillows on a sofa makes it all that much more inviting and you’ll find that you want to just sink in and read a good book.

27. Wood Block Table

A simple block of wood, made from a single piece, creates a unique coffee table in this soft, brown room.

28. Concrete Chimney

Solid gray concrete makes up this chimney and its seating ledge, lending an air of coolness to the warm room.

29. Striped Rug

The area rug in this room is elegant and incorporates the same colors used throughout the space in art and decor.

30. Black and White

This living room features soft, plush details while sparking contrast with black and white decor throughout.

31. Amazing Windows

The windows in this apartment living room may not have a great view, but they let in plenty of natural light.

32. Facing Couches

The matching sofas in this living room make the room feel symmetrical and balanced, especially with the pillow placement.

33. Middle Eastern Flair

Adding another culture to your home with elegant pillows, furniture and even architectural details can be fun.