22 Impressive Mud Room Designs You’ll Want to Copy (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

The mud room is a life saver. Well, at least it is a carpet saver. You shouldn’t underestimate the value of a mud room. Design it the way you would the rest of the house – with your own personality.

We’ve gathered 22 wonderful photos of mud room design ideas for you to look through. They range from traditional to more modern styles and really show you how to make use of the spaces available to you. Take some time and check them out. Notice that you don’t have to get too complicated.

Use designs and colors that work for you. Enjoy!

Impressive Mud Room Design Ideas

1. Contemporary Minimal

This space has a contemporary design that is simple and un-intrusive. You can stay organized and ready to go.

2. Creative Style and Color

With these wonderful hardwood blends from the door and the floor, this storage area contrasts well. A little great decor goes a long way.

3. Overhead Storage

With some colorful pillows to give some life to this space, you can see how much storage you have underneath and above this bench.

4. Wonderful Design Blend

Starting from the wonderfully designed carpet, this room uses great decor to bring life to this space that is awash with natural light.

5. Open and Light

With wonderful chandeliers welcoming you into this space, you will find an open area where you can plop your items down.

6. Great Baskets for Storage

Instead of just throwing your items on the shelves and walking away, keep them organized in fantastic baskets like this.

7. Show Your Personality

The table in the center of this room has decor that can show off your personality. With a wonderful space that shows off its elegance in a fun way, you will love this area.

8. Stone Style Floor

When you have a traditional space like this one, the floor can make all the difference. This one has a great stone style design that being character to this room.

9. Keep Everything Organized

When you come in here, you can leave all of your items in a tidy area then grab a book on the way in. This multi-purpose are will keep the entire household organized.

10. Classy Designs

This chevron brick style on the floor is a great way to add some texture to a traditional space like this one. Using these blues to color the place, you will always love this area.

11. Rustic Intensity

Why go with the norm? This space is large and ready for an active family. With rustic designs, from the cabinets to the lighting, you have a mud room with character.

12. Office Space Included

You can have your mud room double as an office space. This desk and cork board show just how well it can work.

13. Geometric Patterns

Add some style to a room by getting creative with the floor. This geometric design brings an immediate new feel to the room.

14. Calm Colors

These lighter grays work really well for a calming effect. The bench area features plenty of storage, both above and below the bench.

15. Drop Off Point

Coming in this door, you can get right to a space to drop your items before you get to the rest of the house. With a light beige color scheme, this is a wonderful looking area.

16. Cute Country Charm

 With some friendly reminders on the wall and a cozy area for the dogs to take a nap, this whole space has a country charm that everyone will love.

17. Organize Your Life

Don’t rely on white for everything. This mud room takes advantage of the green door and has wonderful patterns around that.

18. Darker Hardwood Design

This darker hardwood style looks great, especially when mixed with this darker stone style floor. You can keep all of your items in the storage here.

19. Simple Hooks

Sometimes all you need is a bench and simple hooks to keep your coats and bags. Nothing complicated, but still beautiful.

20. Place for Pups

For those times when you have to leave without the dogs, you can be sure you are leaving them in this comfortable space.

21. Wood Panels

The light wood panels used for this mudroom blend well with the floor. With plenty of room for shoes under the bench, you don’t have to worry about a mess.

22. Decor that Works

This floor really brings character to this room. The great patterns work well with the light hardwood and the decor.
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