17 Inspirational Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

When you come home each day after work, chances are you head for the living room. It’s a space where you can feel safe and calm. It’s relaxing and a good spot to catch up on the news, talk to your family or read a book. Living rooms can be big or small, but they do need to be comfortable and relaxing for you.

Everyone’s tastes are different, so what you love in a living room may not be what your neighbor likes, but as long as the space is comfortable and decorated to your tastes, it will be great. The 17 living rooms presented below have been selected because they represent the best living rooms. You’re bound to find at least one great idea here to incorporate into your own home.

Inspirational Living Room Designs

1. Self Contained Space

This cozy little living room may be open to the rest of the room, but the area rug and furniture positioning makes it clear what section is for the living room.

2. Sun Lamps

Each of the gilt lamps hanging from the ceiling here has a sun design around it for added visual interest.

3. Striped Hassock

The fun colors in this room are reflected and enhanced in the colorful striped hassock that serves as a coffee table.

4. Structural Fireplace

This fireplace is warm and inviting and the chimney is incorporated into the structure of the building.

5. Orange Highlights

From books to pillows and paintings, the accents in this black and white room pick out the color orange to add a little sizzle to the space.

6. Half and Half Chimney

Half this fireplace is plain white plaster, while the other half is wood panelling, making for an interesting yin-yang style.

7. Crochet Pouf

Bring some texture and color into the living room with a crochet pouf that works as seating or a table.

8. Yellow Accents

Even a simple room can benefit from a pop of color and the bright yellow seen here will remind you of sunshine.

9. Animl Skin Rug

Let everyone know how you feel about hunting with a tastefully arranged animal skin in the living room as a rug.

10. Cheerful Sofa

Just looking at this sofa, with its bright colors and decorations will make you feel happier and more alive.

11. Metal Bouquet

Light up the room with this fun sculpture lamp that looks like a bouquet of metal flowers standing in a vase.

12. Birds in Flight

The beautiful art over the mantel enhances this subtly gray and white room with some splashes of color.

13. Double Row of Windows

Windows on top of windows make this space one that has plenty of natural light all day long and provide visual interest, too

14. Television Nook

Tuck your TV into this cute little television nook that is nestled in between bookshelves filled with enticing books.

15. Round Glass Coffee Table

Whether you are poring over work and photos or need a place to set your coffee, this table can do it while looking great.

16. Tiny Windows

Rich red cedar makes this room feel snug and rustic, while tiny windows up high let in extra daylight and add visual appeal.

17. Patterned Doors

The glass cabinet in this room adds some interest to the room with funky patterns on the window panes.