53 Inspiring Dining Room Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

For many people, the dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is especially the case for those who enjoy entertaining, as well as families who like having large dinners on their own. After a long day at work, what could be nicer than sitting in a stylishly appointed dining room to enjoy a delicious and relaxing dinner?

Below you will see 53 colorful images showing stylish design elements that you can use to refresh and renew your dining room. A variety of light fixtures, chairs in different colors, mixed woods, exposed rafters, artistic adornment, elegant cherry-wood, decadent color combinations, quirky wall decorations, and vibrant accents are just a few of the ideas that you will encounter here.

Dining Room Designs That Will Inspire

1. Patterned chairs

This lovely dining room’s chic patterned chairs add to the room’s general ambiance.

2. Low-hanging light

This low-hanging light fixture above the table is a fun and modern touch.

3. Lights in abundance

The abundance of lighting fixtures in this dining room combines with daylight pouring through the windows, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

4. Space to spare

This dining room’s stylish but minimalistic furniture allows for a great deal of free floor space, beautifully opening up the room.

5. Unmissable chandelier

A dramatic chandelier such as this one will give any dining room a unique touch.

6. Larger end chairs

This table’s ivory end chairs create a nice contrast with the other chairs, which are an aubergine-brown in tone.

7. Green walls and extensive window space

This dining room’s beautifully fresh green walls and extensive window space make this room especially inviting.

8. Decorative sphere

The decorative sphere hanging above this table adds stylish flair.

9. Forest green chairs

Forest green chairs complement this country kitchen with distinctly quirky accents.

10. Satin-finish oval table and elegant upholstered chairs

A satin-finish oval table and elegant ivory upholstered chairs will increase the elegance of any dining room.

11. Caged candelabras

This dining room’s chandeliers have the appearance of caged candelabras.

12. Mixed woods

This dining room successfully combines light and dark-colored woods.

13. Wooden rafters and simple oak table

This dining room’s wooden rafters and simple oak table help create an atmosphere equally elegant and comforting.

14. White coffered ceiling

This white coffered ceiling is a wonderful basis for a chandelier, like that seen in this dining room.

15. Simply chic

This sweet little dining room is led to by a trio of stairs.  Striped chairs and a homespun lighting fixture help set the scene.

16. All fun and flowers

Brightly colored floral wallpaper and matching bench cushions make this dining room a particularly charming place to enjoy breakfast.

17. The arts elevate

The art prints on the wall of this dining room is an essential finishing touch.

18. Black and white

Black Windsor chairs and white walls and cabinetry are a charming combination.

19. Colorful drapes

Colorful drapes give this dining room extra life.

20. Antique sideboard

An antique sideboard like this one adds immediate interest to any dining room.

21. Abstract art adornment

The substantially sized abstract painting on this dining room’s wall contains many shades of blue, including ones found in the rug situated under the stylish dining room table.

22. Mid-century modern

This dining room’s furniture has distinct elements of mid-century modern design.

23. Beachside oasis

A rustic table and floors, ivory chairs, and a view of the beach make this dining room one to remember.

24. Dark wood and endless crystal

Dark wood and endless crystal hanging decorations work very well with champagne curtains and creamy french doors.

25. Starburst light fixture

This starburst light fixture works well hanging before soft blue-patterned window blinds.

26. Powder blue walls and complementary cushions

This dining room’s powder blue walls are accented nicely by complementary cushions.

27. Cherry-wood memories

The gorgeous cherry-wood floors combined with faded wooden ceilings and floors and luxuriously draped white chairs make this dining room a wonderful choice.

28. Feasting hall

You’ll think you’re in a Medieval feasting hall in this extraordinary dining room with raw wooden elements and vaulted ceiling.

29. Round refinement

This charmingly refined dining room can be admired for its elegant round shape and beautiful windows.

30. Best for bookworms

This pleasant dining room with glossy wooden floors and walls of the darkest cream has a studious corner full of elegant bookcases.

31. An extension of the outdoors

One full wall of this wonderful dining room is occupied by an expansive picture window that brings the outdoors indoors.  This dining room’s pine floors and contemporary design features finishes the look.

32. Wooden molding

Impressive wooden molding and window frames are excellent complements to this dining room’s glossy hardwood floors.

33. Decorative mirror

This dining room’s decorative mirror and French door to the outdoors are instrumental to the space’s aura of elegance.

34. White enamel chairs

These simple white enamel chairs are the perfect match to a stylish small round table with unique wooden legs.

35. Mixed mediums

This dining room contains a fascinating mixture of elements, including everything from modern clear chairs, an old-fashioned rustic wooden table, wicker blinds, to lantern-style hanging light fixtures.

36. White crown molding

This lovely dining room has not only white crown molding but gorgeous walnut hardwood floors.

37. Birch hardwood floors

Pristine birch hardwood floors are always a beautiful design element in the dining room.

38. Large plush rug

A large plush rug under the dining room table is always an idea worth trying.  This dining room’s white columns and molding create a truly impressive look.

39. Wicker chairs with wrought iron legs

This cheerful eating area features unique wicker chairs with wrought iron legs.

40. Round cherry-wood table

A round cherry-wood table will be the central attraction of any dining room or breakfast nook.

41. Elevated table

Situating your dining room table on a platform or elevated area adds to the elegance of any dinner party.

42. Dark blue chairs and window seat

These dark blue chairs would be a great update for many modern dining rooms.  This dining room’s window seat is a lovely idea, as well.

43. Rustic wood plank table and intricate chandelier

The rustic wood plank table is a nice counterpoint to this dining room’s much more modern elements, such as the futuristic chairs and intricate chandelier.

44. Purple and pink indulgence

Purple walls and flowing pink curtains with a matching rug wonderfully complement the exotic mahogany wood of the table and chairs.

45. Exposed panels and matching elements

This dining room’s exposed panels and matching wooden tables, floor, and cabinetry make for a fashionably unified look.

46. Yellow 1960s style chairs

These yellow chairs are stylishly reminiscent of the 1960s, as is the sleek glass tabletop.

47. Partial wall

A partial wall like this one creates a partition in an open-concept space.

48. Sleek electric fireplace

A sleek, modern electric fireplace will give any dining room an appealingly warm and welcoming ambiance.

49. Quirky wall decorations

Quirky wall decorations that reflect your personality are always a fun addition.

50. Teal walls with white trim

This attractive dining room features teal walls with white trim, both of which are complemented by the carpet under the table.

51. Black table with complementary art prints

This dining room’s black table works well with the modern art prints adorning the walls.

52. Recessed wine rack

This dining room’s recessed wine rack is not only sophisticated but useful, especially for dinner parties and entertaining.

53. Mahogany window frame

This room’s gorgeous mahogany window frame looks luxuriously beautiful with the rose, gray, and cream rug beneath the table.
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