22 Impressive Kitchen Lighting Fixtures (Photo Gallery)

Updated on December 26, 2022

One of the great joys in redesigning your kitchen is lingering over some of those amazing lighting fixtures you’ve got your eyes on and what it can add to your overall design. It’s a welcome change to your daily life where basic recessed lighting is employed where you cook.

But what if you can install a pendant lighting that will make your kitchen much more appealing? What if instead of a modern utilitarian suspended lighting, you invested in a generously designed sculptural lighting that envelopes your whole kitchen with soft warm light?

With a lot of pendant lighting to choose from, your kitchen ceiling doesn’t have to look and feel sterile. Easily create a statement employing a vintage suspended lighting or a trendy industrial one. Artisanal blown glass lighting fixture is also worth your fair consideration.

Whatever your intended design is calling for, you can be sure to find it in store especially online nowadays. Go ahead and save up, the perfect lighting fixture for your kitchen might be just right around the corner or one click away.

For some lighting inspirations on what design and scale works, take a look at some of these impressively fascinating designs for traditional kitchens and see for yourself.

Kitchen Lighting Fixture Ideas

1. Black And Wood

An all stained wooden kitchen cabinet added a touch of drama and refinement to itself, thanks to the black stone countertop. The plain white ceiling helps reflect some of the light.

2. Princess Charming

A well-dressed kitchen hood made an appearance in this homy kitchen. Coordinated by white colored paint, the coffered ceiling hovers down to the kitchen island and hardwood flooring.

3. Orange Is The New Black

This airy apartment features a modern kitchen composed of simple white cabinets, hardwood floors, and an orange accent wall from the nearby dining area.

4. Spanish Flare

The backsplash of the hood that dons geometric Spanish blue tiles is a dead giveaway of the style of this quaint kitchen interior. Raw wooden beams and countertop teamed up and exude the country vibe.

5. Queen Victorian

A stylish wall-mounted Victorian faucet in glossy steel finish is highlighted by the double dip ceramic sink. Natural lighting coming from the glass windows uplifts the spirit.

6. Black Beautiful

For that undeniable modern classic look, neutral colors have been used in big ways in this kitchen. Underscored by the black and modern kitchen hood and pendant light, the stained wood kitchen island plays it nicely with the tall cupboard.

7. Around The Corner

An irregular shaped bar with various chair styles grounds the interior of this traditional kitchen. Architectural detailing in white colored paint permeates all around the house.

8. Just Be Cozy

A slim Moroccan rug lays silently on top of the hardwood floors. The unobstructed natural light coming in from the windows illuminate the soft yellow cabinets of the kitchen.

9. Fall In Line

Go ahead and take advantage of the optical illusion created by lines like seen here. Planks in the wall combine with the graining of the hardwood floor draw the attention to the wall that holds the stainless kitchen hood.

10. A Mullion Reasons

Charcoal gray tall display cabinets with glass doors and decorated with mullions punctuated both sides of this linear kitchen.

11. Crystal Vision

Supplement your all-white kitchen with the ghostly presence of a crystal or glass chandelier. It can add a touch of elegance to a stark and cold interior.

12. Rustic Acoustic

Small stylish accessories like a glass crystal chandelier not only can stand by itself, it can also lend a much-needed sparkle to a traditional kitchen. Deep colored wood stain in the hood asserts its dominance with the rest of the pack.

13. Let’s Vault In

Crisp lines and sultry Italian wood stains created an eye-pleasing contrast to this vaulted kitchen interior.


14. Wherever You Glow

Drool in the soft yellow light that bathes this narrow display alley. Clear glass cabinet doors and wooden countertop makes the most out of its intended usage.


15. Check Mate

Copper kitchen hood demands your attention in the sea of black and white simulated wood tiles that embellished the flooring of this majestic kitchen.

16. Arched Back

Arched fascia added to the window packs the punch of an already traditional cabinet detailing. Green speckled granite appears in the countertop echoing the muted green wall color.


17. Graham Marble

One sure way to up the appeal of your traditional kitchen is to install a slab of white marble as your island countertop. Here, the graining of the marble stone connects with the black countertop at the back area.

18. Breakfast Club

A touch of green accents in the curtain, pillows, and upholstery fortifies the classic look in this rather contemporary nook.


19. Black It Up

Cage pendant lighting fuse itself with the black kitchen hood and glass window frames to create a color balance with the white stone countertop and paneled cabinets.

20. Mahogany Road

The tint of redwood stain in the kitchen island created an instant visual interest and relegated itself as the luminary of this country-style kitchen interior.

21. What A Ceiling

Immerse yourself with linear patterns in a stylish contemporary kitchen that features reclaimed woods in the ceiling countering the direction of the hardwood floorboards.

22. Damask The Merrier

Elegant damask patterns drape the backsplash of a kitchen hood that matches the graining of the brown marble countertop and created a well-collected look.

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