25 Spectacular Kitchens with Two Islands (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

The answer is: Space and functionality.

The question is: Why do you need two kitchen islands?

Having two kitchen islands, to some, may seem like it will crowd your kitchen and dining area up, but it does the opposite. It adds to the amount of counter space you have and can double your dining area.

Below, we have put together a gallery of kitchens featuring two islands. We absolutely love the look it can create. For those of you who love a good balance in the kitchen, you will love what you see. We really like how most of the islands in one kitchen aren’t matching, with each bringing a bit of character to the space.

Dual Island Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Luxurious and Grand

Luxurious and Grand

These two center islands work together to give you added cooking space as well as extra dining room. They both perfectly complement the whole kitchen area.

2. Wonderful Dark Countertops

Wonderful Dark Countertops

One center island has appliances and the sink and the other expands your dining space and prep area. They both serve a purpose and look wonderful.

3. All Needs Met

All Needs Met

These two center island are not symmetrical and we love it. They both use a bold hardwood style that hearkens back to an early century design.

4. Great Hardwood Design

Great Hardwood Design

The two center islands in this kitchen use a natural hardwood style that is a great match to the overhead hardwood beams. They are a wonderful contrast to the lighter cabinets.

5. A Modern Comfort

A Modern Comfort

We love how this kitchen has a classic country cabinet style, but we also love how these two center islands, working with the sink counter, use a darker countertop style to bring a modern sense to the room.

6. Light Blue Wonder

Light Blue Wonder

These two center islands use a light blue that matches the whole space. They greatly expand the cooking prep and dining space.

7. Large Dining Space

Large Dining Space

These two center island work well together, with one providing extra cooking space and the other out of the way and ready for dining and relaxing.

8. Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan

These two islands are wonderful. One has a lighter countertop and the other a darker one and serving as the kitchen boundary.

9. Great Light Hardwood

Great Light Hardwood

We love the lighter and weathered hardwood style of this kitchen. Both island here serve a purpose and greatly expand your functionality in this space.

10. Wonderful Time Blend

Wonderful Time Blend

Both center islands here look amazing, and we love how the one closer to us works to bring the whole space a classic rustic look.

11. Two Style Blend

Two Style Blend

One center island here has a darker style and the other goes lighter. They both work in this Southwest style kitchen to bring it character.

12. Light and Open

Light and Open

Nothing beats a large and open kitchen that gives you plenty of options. Here, the two center islands blend this space so well into the dining area.

13. A Classic Design

A Classic Design

We love the tall ceiling in this kitchen and how well is gives everything room to work. The dual center islands here give you plenty of space to prep your meals.

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14. Booth Dining Luxury

Booth Dining Luxury

Not only do these center islands give you plenty of cooking space, but they surround and form a wonderful booth dining area.

15. Contemporary Match

Contemporary Match

We love the style of this kitchen, especially how ell the center islands complement the cabinets. You really do have plenty of room in this kitchen to cook and dine.

16. Countertop and Backsplash Match

Countertop and Backsplash Match

The center islands here blend seamlessly with the whole design of this kitchen, with beautiful countertops. This is a light and luxurious space.

17. Darker Center Islands

Darker Center Islands

The bold and darker hardwood used for these two center islands creates such a wonderful contrast to the light cabinets and ceiling.

18. Traditional White Style

Traditional White Style

These two center island provide us with an eye catching contrast in this kitchen. They are light with dark countertops, giving a wonderful style against this hardwood floor.

19. A Rustic Wonder

A Rustic Wonder

This kitchen takes a beautiful rustic sense and continues it all over. We love how this island has a rough stone sink, perfectly matching the whole space.

20. Classic Islands and Cabinets

Classic Islands and Cabinets

The two center island here give us a continuation of the traditional style in this kitchen as well as great dining and storage space.

21. Stainless Steel and Hardwood

Stainless Steel and Hardwood

We love how one island here is stainless steel and the other hardwood. It blends together two styles that simply look amazing.

22. Light and Luxurious

Light and Luxurious

The two center island in this kitchen boast multiple countertop styles, all working together to make a great overall look. The natural light shines in on this space to show it off.

23. Modern Elegance

Modern Elegance

The stainless steel and contemporary backsplash here work to give this kitchen a modern look and the two center island give you plenty of space to work.

24. Traditional and Rustic Styles

Traditional and Rustic Styles

This whole kitchen has a grand and rustic style and the two center islands work to bring it together. Boasting two tones of hardwood, they contrast wonderfully.

25. Bucolic Elegant Style

Bucolic Elegant Style

This kitchen uses two tones of hardwood for the center islands and it is a wonderful look. It complements this great bucolic space.

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