17 Ideas for Kitchens With Black Appliances (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Kitchens are a central area in any home and we know you want to design yours in a way that catches the eye. Whether you choose a more classic or a contemporary style, we know one way to create a stunning look.

By using black appliances, you can create brilliant contrasts in your kitchen design. Black appliances aren’t as common as white or stainless steel appliances, but they will work well in almost any kitchen. Take your time browsing the wonderful styles below.

Kitchens With Black Appliance Design Ideas

1. Bold Match with Backsplash

Bold Match with Backsplash

Look at how well these black appliances work with the dark tile backsplash to create a beautiful contrast to the overall room.

2. Wonderful Traditional Contrast

Wonderful Traditional Contrast

Black kitchen appliances can work well with hardwood. Look at how the combination creates an elegant style in this kitchen.

3. Earth Tone Perfection

Earth Tone Perfection

The earth tones and wonderful cultural style in this kitchen are enhanced by the darker appliances.

4. Classic Design Style

Classic Design Style

This kitchen takes a classic design and enhances it. The timely style of the appliances work so well with the black color that you will love the look it gives the room.

5. Wonderfully Functional

Wonderfully Functional

Black appliances can work with any kitchen style, especially ones that incorporate wonderful colors like this one.

6. Open Southwestern

Open Southwestern

This kitchen takes a modern Southwestern style and adds in darker appliances and countertops to complete the wonderful design.

7. Contemporary and Light

Contemporary and Light

This whole kitchen has an open and contemporary design style and the black appliances are a perfect fit.

8. All Around Contrasts

All Around Contrasts

By having the black appliances and fixtures work to create contrasts with the lighter room, this whole space is elegant.

9. Black Appliances and Countertop

Black Appliances and Countertop

We love how well these darker appliances work with the coutnertops to bring some serious style to this kitchen.

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10. Minimal Industrial

Minimal Industrial

It is almost like this refrigerator is just another door in this industrial space, unassuming yet so stylish.

11. Sleek and Industrious

This whole room is a modern industrial dream and the darker appliances and coutnertops work to give it a great sense of style.

12. Darker and Retro

Darker and Retro

The appliances here are designed to give a retro sense of style. By making them darker, the contrast created works so well.

13. Beautiful Hardwood Styles

Beautiful Hardwood Styles

This whole kitchen is build around using great materials to create striking contrasts. The darker appliances work well to help with that style.

14. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style

Easy, minimal, and Scandinavian, this kitchen has a simple light and dark theme that makes it work so well.

15. Appliance Elegance

Appliance Elegance

We love the texture on this darker refrigerator door. It works with the fixtures around this room to bring a modern elegance.

16. Modern and Wonderful

Modern and Wonderful

This center island gives you plenty of space and options and the darker appliances work to create great contrasts in the room.

17. Dark and Stainless Steel Blend

Dark and Stainless Steel Blend

This modern styled kitchen works with stainless steel and hardwood. The darker refrigerator gives it a wonderful contrast.

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