52 Living Rooms That’ll Leave You Speechless (Photo Gallery)

Updated on September 30, 2022

Amazing living spaces have a way of inspiring us and making us want to change up our own home. These 52 living rooms are no exception. Some of them may not be your style, but in this comprehensive list of living rooms, there is something for every style and taste. From neutrally decorated small spaces to bright colors and expansive rooms that open into the rest of the house, there’s no shortage of amazing ideas right here, on this page.

How you use the inspiration presented to you is up to you. Will you change up your living room to make it feel more visually pleasing? Will you add art or repaint your walls? Maybe you will want different lighting or to make the beams in the ceiling really stand out with a darker stain. For those who are still building a house, these rooms can serve as a bit of motivation to help you design a space that you’ll love for years to come.

Enjoy the following images and use them to inspire you to reach new heights with your own living room.

Living Room Designs to Leave You Speechless

1. Perfect Positioning

This beautiful space is artfully arranged with each piece of furniture in its own precise space, creating a room that is very close to perfect.

2. Glow Rod Lights

These amazing lights are an art feature all on their own, with steel rods and glowing ends that light up the room.

3. Two Story Fireplace

Look down on this quaint living room from the second story balcony, on either side of the stone chimney that reaches to the roof.

4. Glass and Crystal

This elegant room is made more so by the stunning windows and crystal chandelier hanging above the space.

5. Windows Galore

The sheer number of windows in this small space makes it feel more open, thanks to the natural light and a great view.

6. Fireside Art

Beautiful paintings of seascapes and boats fill the nooks on either side of this stunning fireplace, adding color to the room.

7. Concrete Walls

The plain sofas in this room soften the look of the solid concrete wall and fireplace on the far side.

8. Wall of Books

In this quirky space, books are the main feature and they fill up an entire wall of shelves, complete with a ladder to reach the highest ones.

9. Natural Light

This room is full of natural light, thanks to the huge windows on two sides of the room that keep it flooded with daylight.

10. Powder Blue Poufs

These powder blue poufs soften the room and add a fun bit of color, as well as providing extra seating for guests.

11. Back to Nature Decor

Tree stumps and wooden flooring make this room feel more natural, especially when combined with neutral colors.

12. Extra Seating

Short on space? Tuck cute leather seats under a glass coffee table to add visual interest and keep the extra seats out of the way.

13. Pink Walls

Pink is a unique choice of wall color for a living room, but in this case, it really works with all the other colors added in.

14. Metal Globe Lamps

Everyone will be mesmerized by these amazing metal globes with multiple lights inside them, used to illuminate the room.

15. Soft and Fluffy Sofa

This amazingly soft and squishy couch fairly invites you to take a flying leap onto it and bask in its comfort.

16. Chests as Tables

Add style and storage space to your living room with these sleek black chests that double as side tables.

17. Simple and White

As a small space, this living room does well with lots of white everywhere, to help bounce and reflect the little bit of daylight.

18. Orange Walls

Orange can be glaring, but this accent wall is done in a tasteful pumpkin tone, rather than a garish orange and works well.

19. Gray Linen Shades

Simple trick for tying your space together . . . use the same gray linen in your shades as on the armchairs and pillows.

20. Standalone Fireplace

With two sides, this standalone fireplace splits the large room into smaller spaces, while adding warmth.

21. Leather Furniture

Leather lends a sort of elegance to a room and this space is overflowing with it, creating a very luxurious area to spend your time.

22. Halo Lights

Circular halo lights hang above this small, cheerful living room and provide gentle illumination in the evenings.

23. Bird Cage Light

Tuck a light into a bird cage and you have a stylish lamp for a picturesque room like this one.

24. Faded Boards

Weathered gray boards lend a touch of authenticity to a room and these ones have been used to cover a fireplace.

25. Funky Loft

Add more space to your living room by putting in a loft where you can observe the goings on below.

26. Themed Artwork

The artwork behind this comfy sofa helps set the mood for this living room and the furniture and throws use colors from it.

27. Sleek and Modern

From the leather and microfiber sofa to the sleek entertainment wall, this room screams modern living.

28. Plush Carpets

Dig your toes into this soft, plush carpet that delineates the living room area, adding a cool brightness ot the space.

29. Contrast Area Rug

Add a bit of contrast to your home with a fun rug that uses offset bits of black and white, creating a

30. White Hassock Table

Try replacing your coffee table with a cushioned hassock for a fun change in the decor to your room.

31. Television Wall

This patterned wall made of light pine creates the perfect backdrop for your favorite movies on a flat screen television.

32. Detailed Molding

Delicate molding runs around the top of this living room, adding an elegant touch to the room.

33. Light Up Display Shelves

Add a whole new dimension to your living room with shelves that are lit up to better display your favorite items.

34. Wood and Metal

Bringing the wood from the ceiling down one wall creates a feeling of continuity and the metal chimney enhances the effect.

35. Sloped Photo Wall

An awkward shaped wall is no excuse not to decorate. This photo wall is the perfect addition to a sloped space.

36. Calming Blues

Elegant blues fill this room, from the powder blue floor to the sofa and chairs. Even the concrete fireplace is slightly tinted.

37. Surrounded by Light

This expansive living room instantly becomes larger when you open the far wall and let air, as well as light in.

38. Sophisticated Luxury

Sink into this black vinyl loveseat and enjoy the ambiance of the elegant space, with the crackling fire and soft carpet.

39. Colorful Fireplace

Brightly colored tiles surround the fireplace in this fun room, making it flash with color and instantly become the focal point.

40. Leaf Ruch

The area rug that defines the space for this living room looks like a number of leaves scattered on the ground and enhances the entire room.

41. Rough Stone Wall

The fireplace and television wall shown here is made of rough stone blocks that add some texture to the smoothness of this space.

42. Big Art

A spacious room with this kind of height requires some serious art and the pieces on the wall and above the mantel do not disappoint.

43. Upper Windows

A second set of expansive windows on the upper level of this living room means there will always be plenty of natural light.

44. Wire Coffee Table

Tiny, but cozy, this room packs a visual punch with plants and knick knacks, but one of the most interesting pieces is the wire coffee table.

45. Barn Door Entertainment

Tuck your television away behind barn doors when you aren’t using it and you end up with a comfortable space to chat in.

46. Tie-Dye Panels

This sophisticated space is brought to life with beautiful tie-dye wall panels that create a fun look to the room.

47. Floor Length Curtains

Create a feeling of elegance with sheer and secondary curtains that flow to the floor over these beautiful windows.

48. Black and Brown

There’s something about dark colors paired with light that gives a room that distinguished air.

49. Glass Triangle Table

This glass table in the form of a rounded triangle makes it easy to see right through to the beautiful carpet below.

50. Stained Plank Floors

Richly stained plank floorboards make this room feel more old fashioned and comfortable, matched by boards on the accent wall.

51. Unique Doorway

Walk into this beautiful little living room through a unique doorway that is more than just an arch.

52. Bench Seat

Keeping with the fairly minimal furniture in this living room, a bench seat provides extra seating, without taking up space.
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