24 Luxurious Family Room Decors (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Knowing the heights of the items you want to purchase can sometimes be the key to pulling off the perfect design pairing. For instance, a lot of people prefers their coffee table to be lower than their sofa. However, if you’re a person who likes dining in front of the TV, you may want to consider buying a coffee table that is a little bit taller.

This is sometimes a problem that you will encounter with a bed frame that is too low for the nightstand. It’s just a classic example where knowing the correct furniture dimensions can come in handy and keep you from a decorating nightmare.

Same thing goes with the fireplace. As much as you can afford to have someone install a towering and rustic stone facade to your fireplace, it might not be the right fit for your comfort level or existing style of the room. Unless you have a cottage style family room, a country-style fireplace probably may not the best choice.

Ask yourself: What’s the look you’re going for? Where will it be located? Who’s going to use it? A tall fireplace might look spectacular on photos, but considering the practicality of how it will be installed, the maintenance and its operating cost, you might be better off going with the most logical option.

With that, take a look at some of these luxury family room decors to see some mouth watering fireplace ideas to consider.

Luxurious Family Room Decor Ideas

1. Leaf And Right

The leafy print of this fabric upholstered accent chair adds visual interest to the light mocha wall and the white colored built-in bookshelves as well as the mantle of the fireplace.

2. Panelled and Toasty

The built-in extension of this paneled fireplace serves as a functional aesthetic to the gray sectional sofas and flower print armchair.

3. Screened Sensibility

This apartment by the bay took advantage of the color of the nearby body of water and complements it with a wooden screen that sets the tone for the blue and white nautical-inspired interior.

4. Bay Mountain

Who needs a TV if you can watch a mountain change color all throughout the day while sitting at a leather tufted armchair in your mini library?

5. All Clocked In

The leather tufted ottoman with nailhead detailing is a trusted sidekick to the stone textured facade of the fireplace floating on a sea of glass windows interior. The vintage clock is a nice touch.

6. Perfect Imbalance

The linear pattern on the wood ceiling of this apartment draws the attention to the already eye-catchy modern fireplace with stone textured mantel and asymmetrical built-in shelves.

7. Stone Meets Fire

A well-lit apartment consists of a textured off-white sectional sofa and a massive stone covered fireplace lets the conversation flowing from upstairs.

8. Full On Display

Functional bookcase serves a backdrop for a set of crisp white fabric armchairs and black Velvet ottoman on top of a geometric wool carpet in this quaint sitting area.

9. Shelf Life

This minimal addition that serves as a DVD shelving makes a big splash and introduces the personality of the owner in this warm apartment with white walls and hardwood floors.

10. Stone Keys

A tall stone textured fireplace serves as a good accompaniment for the piano in this toasty, high-ceiling apartment with paneled wood walls and contemporary furniture.

11. Faceted Pattern

Clever use of wallpaper gave this simple built-in a textured feel against its snowy white paint.

12. Color Me Blue

Elevate powdered blue wall interiors like this one with a use of pastel colors, such as this blue tufted armchairs and white tufted sofa with dust ruffles. A pink and white carnation complete the feminine look.

13. Silver Ring

An intimate gathering is a perfect use for this type of setup. A brown fabric sofa, cream armchair with diamond patterns and a damask round ottoman all set up in front of a fireplace with a classic white mantel are all silent witnesses.

14. Rock And Roll

An Eames molded plastic rocking armchair doesn’t let itself to be upstaged by the pop orange pendant light in this casual and bright apartment.

15. Nailed It

A white cream sofa, ivory colored side chair, leather upholstered ottoman with nailhead detailing together with the fireplace with white mantel and herringbone detailing all forge a strong connection with each other in this inspiring interior for a contemporary pied a terre.

16. Fan The Fire

Furniture placement serves a vital role in creating a focal point. The cream armchair, brown settee And a fabulous damask patterned armchair with ottoman in front of the of the stone textured fireplace played their parts well.

17. Class Act

Fantastic combination of color and form from this vaulted house boast a beach wood ceiling, wide glass doors, and comfortable classic furniture such as brown chenille French armchair, upholstered sofas with slipcovers, and distressed carved wood coffee table.

18. Let It Hang

A glossy white sideboard hanged underneath the TV creates an illusion of space in this all white interior.

19. Fall In Line

Linear accents filled this contemporary house and brought it back to life. The paneled back wall in light-colored wood makes a diverging effect with the stained wooden drawer of the wall-mounted cabinet and coffee table.

20. Birds Nest

This heavenly getaway is to die for. The massive fireplace with its streamlined detailing provides an understated elegance to the round wicker coffee table, cane back side chairs, and contemporary artworks.

21. Hard Wood Egg

Anne Jacobson’s Egg Chair makes a functional and stylish addition to this walnut wood shelves and flooring combo, creating a dapper way to feed your mind.

22. Pillow Talks

A hoard of comfortable pillows filled this contemporary sitting room, perfect for a movie marathon weekend along with the crackling sound of the nearby fireplace.

23. Ping Poker

A Leopard print carpet and tufted leather armchairs build the tension in an all neutral interior of this game room composed of a ping pong and poker tables, a bar area, and the scenic view of the lake.

24. Bach To Leather

All wood interior makes a beautiful setting for playing piano music in this monochromatic paneled music room.

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