47 Marvelous Master Bedroom Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

When you think of the perfect master bedroom, what image comes to mind? Chances are, you have a design that you have always wanted for your master bedroom, but you may have never had the chance to try it. If you’ve found yourself  building a new house, remodeling an existing one, or just focusing on the master bedroom, it is time to make that dream space.

The most important thing about designing a master bedroom, or any room for that matter, is creating an area that matches your personality. This is your space, so make it a room you will enjoy for a long time. The options can be overwhelming, but don’t worry. We want to help. We’ve gathered 47 great master bedroom design ideas for you to look through.

Marvelous Master Bedroom Design Ideas

1. A Soft Elegance

The elegance brought from this design is soft and comfortable. With simple decor and a wonderful style behind the bed, this space is welcoming.

2. Standout Gray

The headboard of this bed wraps around and make the bed the center of attention, as it should be. This bed makes a layered use of gray for a great effect.

3. A Bright Modern Space

The artwork and decor used in this master bedroom are contemporary and brings a wonderful sense of style.

4. Open and Warm

When you have a large bedroom like this, with one wall all windows letting light in, you can create a wonderful space. With a warm fireplace and a great television, you will love to end your days here.

5. Brilliant Pattern

Look at how much a simple wallpaper design can bring to a bedroom. This room has character and it uses color and decor to match the wall.

6. Unique, Contemporary, and Functional

This whole space is connected. From the living area, to the bathroom, this master bedroom is one step away. With a bold contemporary design, the style here is amazing.

7. Backed By Blue

Having a splash of color, sometimes boldly like this wall, can really liven up a room. This master bedroom blends blue and white with the hardwood really well.

8. The Fabric Wins

When you have a traditional bedroom like this one, all the difference lies in the fabric. From the curtains to the bedspread, this room uses great matching fabric.

9. Handsome Design Choices

Thanks to the window behind the bed, this room feels very open. The hardwood floor gives this room a great base. The gray toned furniture matches it well.

10. Entertainment Space

This stylish and contemporary bedroom has a space that you can sit back and catch up on all the shows you missed during your busy day.

11. Bright and Warm

Light up the fireplace and enjoy this bright and elegant space. The decor is high class and you will feel pampered just being here.

12. Traditional and Stylish

This wonderfully classic master bedroom matches all the way around. From the furniture and bed, to the walls and curtains, the color scheme looks great.

13. Mediterranean Royalty

With a royal style, this bedroom will have you feeling classy. Great artwork and wonderful lighting bring out the best in this room.

14. Match the Exposed Beams

Why cover exposed wooden beams when you can use them to blend your overall room style. This space has a great hardwood floor and the furniture matches the style.

15. The Blues Have It

In this room, the blue colors really work well. They blend fantastically with the hardwood floor and the white sliding door.

16. Open and Beachy

With a network of exposed hardwood beams overhead, this room is open so the wonderful view is always present. Light up the fireplace and enjoy your space.

17. Royal Tropics

This room blends the best of a royal sense of style with a tropical blend. With great hardwood floors and standout color use, this room is right out of a European colonial style.

18. Artwork Comes to Life

The center piece, the eye catcher, of this room is the artwork that comes to life. In a contemporary space like this, the beauty comes from its simplicity.

19. Modern Abstract Decor

This room comes to life with a glow thanks to the creative lighting. The use of darker colors to go with the hardwood floor really works here.

20. Gray Glows

The headboard extends up and over the bed, creating a great effect over the whole room. The lights glow calmly to bring a quiet sense of style.

21. Multi-Toned Classic

This room makes great use of color in layers. The blue ceiling blends perfectly with the cream colored walls. Notice how the rest of the room follows right along.

22. Romantic Styles

There is something romantic about a four post bed with curtains you can pull around it. This space is bright and open, giving you a lively feeling.

23. Solid Brick Character

This room makes a great blend with the contemporary style and the brick designed wall. It is a mix of what seems like timey and new.

24. Artwork and Decor Character

This room uses simple furniture and this allows the decor and artwork to really stand out. With a seating area by the television, you will always be entertained here.

25. Surrounded by Windows

Not all rooms have to have a traditional shape. This room is surrounded by large windows. With wonderful use of hardwood, the natural lighting makes this space look great.

26. European Villa Highlights

If you love the classic European look but don’t know how to design it, this is how. This space is warm and makes great use of the hardwood. With a stylish fireplace, you will always be comfortable.

27. Mint Delight

The colors in your bedroom don’t have to be overwhelming. This mint green theme works well over the entire room.

28. Bold Wallpaper

By just using a bold wallpaper on one wall, you can completely change the character of a room. This space matches the wallpaper with a great subdued gray look.

29. Alive with Design

Bring your room to life with some serious personality. This master bedroom uses a blend of designs and colors to make it pop with life.

30. Elegant Symmetry

This traditional space is elegant and has a great symmetry. With a large window behind the bed, you can make a balance and use colors that work well with natural light.

31. Minimal Works Best

Minimal and unique designs look great and they cut down on the clutter. After all, the less you have, the less you have to clean.

32. Wide and Open

This bedroom looks so magnificent that it is easy to overlook how simple the design it. The whole wall is hardwood style and is opened up with windows.

33. Upscale Classic

If you love having a traditional style bedroom, then this is the way to go. With a great light fixture and a classic mix of furniture, this master bedroom looks fantastic.

34. The Middle Beam

This bedroom is balanced around a single exposed beam and it works well. This hardwood bed frame has serious character and the white carpet looks great.

35. Brilliant Contemporary Styles

By having a great pattern on the wall behind the bed, this space has added texture. This room has great lighting to bring out the wonderful gray use.

36. Room and Living Space

This space is imaginatively designed to give some separation between the living area and the bedroom. With bright colors used and a creative divider, this is a comfortable space.

37. Plenty of Light

The light hardwood ceiling and the hardwood floor could steal the show, but the bed really draws your attention. A romantic four post always does.

38. Industrial Luxury

Exposed brick always brings out the idea of an industrial style. This space uses handsomely elegant choices to complement the design.

39. Black and White Perfection

You can always count on having a classy look when you mix black and white in a stylish way. From the fabric to the decor, this room balances them perfectly.

40. Open, Bright, and Stylish

This room seems open thanks to the windows above the bed. With creative use of shelving, this contemporary space really has a great look.

41. Antique Look

This room takes on an antique nautical look. Wonderful decor surrounds this four post bed. Pull the curtains and enjoy the comfort you’ve created.

42. The Decor Dream

This room creates a vogue and modern look thanks to its use of black, white, and gray. With great artwork and decor, you will love being in this room.

43. One With Nature

The bedroom itself makes use of a simple design. Surrounded by windows and doors that open it to the outside, you will always be able to enjoy the view and the fresh air.

44. Uncluttered and Stylish

With a pitched ceiling and large windows to let the natural light pour in, this bedroom take a minimal approach and lets the setting do the work.

45. Untamed Areas

The wonderful wallpaper is matched in style by the furniture and color scheme of the room, but the real eye catcher here is the unfinished beam running across the room.

46. Open to the Outdoors

There is nothing more romantic than spending the night under the stars. Here, you can do that without ever leaving your bed.

47. A Design Mix That Works

Backed by great windows and natural light, this bedroom uses elegant styled furniture that brings out a feeling of liveliness.