30 Mediterranean Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

There really is no design style more beautiful than a Mediterranean kitchen. The range of options is wide, but it always retains that European flair. The colors and patterns are unmatched, often taking on a geometric design that is so common around that part of the world.

If you are designing a new kitchen or upgrading an existing one, you should consider a Mediterranean style. As you explore exactly what that is in the 30 photos below, you will see just how many options you have and may see something that matches your personality and sensibilities.

Mediterranean Style Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Color and Design

A facet of Mediterranean style is the wonderful use of color, and you can see that on full display here. With wonderful life and plenty of places to sit and eat, this kitchen is beautiful.

2. Boldly Crafted

Warm, bold, and elegant are all thoughts that come to mind with this kitchen. The dark hardwood is perfectly matched with beautiful counter tops.

3. Beautiful Designs

Geometric and symmetrical patterns are a part of the Mediterranean style, and these tiles bring that in abundance. Matched with a minimal style, this kitchen is amazing.

4. Open and Spacious

With this large and open floor plan, you will have plenty of space in this kitchen. The exposed wooden beams give the space great character that is matched by a large center island that gives you complete functionality.

5. Contemporary and Light

Enjoy the simplicity found in this space, and revel in the tile patterns. With a contemporary style blended with some minimalism, you will find this to be the perfect kitchen.

6. Entertainment Space

This is the perfect area to handle many of your smaller needs. Make your favorite coffee drink and catch up on the latest television shows.

7. Elegance on Display

With a beautiful stone design for the floor and elegant hardwood designs, this kitchen is a classic display of European styles.

8. Comfortably Designed

This cozy kitchen has a wonderful design on the wall and is completed by a minimal approach. With shelving for some simple decor, you will enjoy the functionality of this space.

9. European Flair

With a large center island and the dining area nearby, you have plenty of space to entertain family and friends. Everyone will love the classic European designs all around.

10. Classic and Upscale

With a high ceiling with a grand design, you can sense the absolute elegance of this space. The bold design choices area matched by equally bold colors.

11. Brilliantly Lit

With skylights to let the light pour in, you can really take in the beautiful designs. From the floor pattern to the ceiling above the dining space, you have great styles.

12. Complete and Functional

The light hardwood floor is perfectly matched with the light cabinets and shelves. The blue patterned backdrop to the stove area and the pet space is a wonderful complement.

13. Open View

Windows surround this kitchen and give you an abundance of natural light. From the light brick style on the wall to the dark floor pattern, you will love the design of this kitchen.

14. Hardwood Blends

Bold hardwood designs are matched with an amazing floor style and intricate art build in behind the stove. This kitchen is elegant and functional.

15. Dine-In Area

The kitchen and dining area are connected by the hardwood floor and give you plenty of options. This space is easily connected to the outdoors with a sliding door.

16. Bold Choices

The stone styled counter tops look great, but the real style victory here is the black center island and refrigerator. They create a wonderful contrast to the rest of the kitchen area.

17. Golden Elegance

Light and colorful, with a stylish hood vent and light fixture, this kitchen is meant to inspire you with feelings of home. The symmetrical design works perfect and you have plenty of room to move around.

18. Country European

With the functionality of dual islands, giving you plenty of cooking and dining space, you will love this kitchen. With a wonderful layout and a mix of classic and contemporary designs, this is a wonderful space.

19. Fired Up

With weathered wooden stools and a matching table, you can light up the fire for warmth or cooking and enjoy this rustic sense of style.

20. Sleek and Modern

No matter when you choose to eat in this kitchen, whether at the dining table or the island, you will enjoy the contemporary designs and sleek layout.

21. Stacked Stone Wall

The quiet champion of this kitchen is the stacked stone wall that brings the whole area to life. With great natural light pouring in from the windows, this space is functional and brilliant.

22. Great Styles

This kitchen fits perfectly in this space for full functionality. The light fixtures are wonderful and go wonderfully with the tiles on the wall behind the stove.

23. Red Brick Floor

Don’t underestimate just how much character the floor can bring a room. This red brick style floor is the perfect fit for a kitchen with lighter styles and great decor.

24. Comfortable Eating

Have your meal surrounded by European elegance and natural light. This space is beautiful and bold, showing a design style that is comfortable and functional.

25. Complete Country Charm

With an explosion of style and color, you can sense the European country style here. With beautiful decor to match the brick walls and hardwood floor, this is a kitchen built to feel like home.

26. Dual Island

This large kitchen space allows for dual islands that give you great functionality. The beautiful floor goes well with the light style of the room and the hardwood beams match the island design.

27. Rustic Styles

The architecture of the ceiling is beautiful, with a wave style for the bricks. It sets the tome of this rustic space. The whole kitchen is open and connected with a bold style.

28. Warm Country Charm

The ceiling design allows for the natural light to come in and light up this kitchen. An elegant European villa style is at work here, with a large and functional center island and a dining space near the windows.

29. Light and Spacious

Simple and light, that is the style here. The hardwood floor sets the tome and is matched by a high ceiling and contemporary designs. The light is allowed to pour in and the dining area is nearby.

30. Wonderful Exposure

The light hardwood dining table matches the weathered design of this kitchen well. The stacked stone wall goes perfectly with the floor.