20 Incredible Mediterranean Style Living Rooms (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

A Mediterranean style is one of cultural abundance, combining the best from many different areas. The designs, though you know them when you see them, are wide-ranging and don’t hold you down to one thing. When you are thinking about how you want your living room to look, consider a Mediterranean design.

Living rooms are important. They are a place you and your guests will always end up, no matter what is going on in your house. Other than your bedroom, this is probably the room you will spend the most time in, so make sure you choose a design you will love for years to come.

Below, we have gathered 20 Mediterranean style living room ideas for you to browse through. We know you will find something you like.

Mediterranean Style Living Room Ideas

1. Washed White Style

As seen all over the Mediterranean area, this white washed look is perfect. When blended with darker furniture and decor, you have a space that stands out and looks wonderful.

2. Elegant Curves

A feature of the Mediterranean is archways, and this living room has them. With a bold use of dark hardwood combined with lighter walls and a marble floor, the blues bring this space to life.

3. Rustic Sense

With hardwood used for the floor and ceiling, this room is furnished perfectly. With a warm fireplace and a wonderful arched window, you will enjoy the slight rustic style of this room.

4. Redwood Perfection

The red hardwood used for this room brings the whole space to life. With subdued colors used for the furniture and great patterns throughout, this space is warm and welcoming.

5. Light Classic

With classic Mediterranean decor used to blend with the light walls and furniture, you can sense the cultural style here. Relax in this living room and enjoy your surroundings.

6. Exposed Beam Brilliance

When you have exposed wooden beams running along the ceiling, use them to design around. Choose decor like this, both light and dark, to make beautiful contrasts.

7. Grand Luxury

This living room teams with luxury, from the beautiful light fixture to the wonderful decor and crafted artwork on the wall. With a bold hardwood floor for the base, this is elegant Mediterranean.

8. Sophisticated Decor

With a warm, quiet sophistication, this living room comes to life with the natural light shining in. The hardwood designs blend perfectly with the stone used around the fireplace.

9. Mid-Century Styles

With a blend of mid-century furniture styles and a contemporary fireplace, you have the best of both traditional and modern as you sit back and watch your favorite shows.

10. Rustic Beginnings

With the wooden beams exposed in the ceiling, this living room creates a rustic style that melds with cultural Mediterranean decor. The blend of light and dark works perfectly and creates a lively space.

11. A Modern Splash

The light elegance, combined with the darker hardwood tables, works so well here. With a splash of colorful artwork and modern decor, this is an elegant living room.

12. Beautiful Contrasts

The arched windows and doorways here are a classic Mediterranean style. Using simple decor and light styled furniture to contrast with the darker wooden ceiling beams is a perfect choice.

13. Connected Space

The continual theme running from the kitchen and dining space all the way through the living room is one of modern elegance combined with a touch of classic rustic. The whole room is elegant and shine in the natural light.

14. Cobblestone Walls

Like a page out of a European villa, this living room brings the simplicity of a cobblestone design and blends it with wonderful architecture. The decor is bucolic, bringing a country charm.

15. Modern Elegance

The weathered brick style used behind the fireplace is a perfect blend with this hardwood floor. The furniture mimics this light and dark pattern, matching the room womderfully.

16. Weathered Glory

The theme of this room is one of a weathered calm, starting with the exposed wooden beams along the ceiling. The decor is classically styled and the room has plenty of space for you and your guests.

17. Monumental Status

Mimicking the style of the great Greek monuments, this fireplace has a style that is unmatched. The stone blends right in with the hardwood floor and the natural light brings added life.

18. Stylish Heights

The theme of this living room is elegance. Perfectly matching the rest of the house, with its grand designs and wonderful use of artwork and decor, you will use this place to impress your guests.

19. Classic Designs

With calm, classic artwork to match the classic Mediterranean furniture and crafted style, this living room is open and connected with the other areas of the house.

20. Relaxing Warmth

The warm style of this room, from the beautiful fireplace to the calm designs, bring you a sense of relaxation. Connected to the wonderful outdoor area, you have plenty of options with this space.