23 Mid-Century Modern Living Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 5, 2022

Do you love a mid-century style, but also want modern features? If you do, then you will love the designs we are going to show you.

We know, designing a living room is not easy. There are so many styles and options to choose from that it can seem overwhelming at first. Your living room is the place you will be spending so much time in, whether at the end of a long day or when you have friends and family over. It is an important room to get right.

Below, we have gathered 23 mid-century modern living room styles for you to browse through. We are sure you will find some ideas that will work for you.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas

1. Open View

With one side completely open to let the natural light shine in, you can enjoy the slightly retro style of this furniture.

2. Hardwood and Light Blend

The hardwood used around this room matches the floor perfectly and goes well with the white walls and ceiling. The decor is simple and not overwhelming, allowing you to relax here.

3. A Retro Style

With a retro style at work in this room, you can enjoy the patterns all around. The wonderful artwork looks over a space that soaks in the natural light.

4. Sleek Fireplace

The lower parts of the this room, from the floor to the fireplace, make use of darker colors. This makes for a great contrast with the lighter upper areas.

5. Multi-Function Space

A wonderful style of furniture here brings a sense of fun. The living room is connected with the dining and kitchen space and has easy access to the outdoor area.

6. All Around the Fire

Thanks to the windows that open the whole side of this living room area, you can really take in the beauty of this space. The fireplace centers all areas of this space, with carpeted areas to sit all around.

7. Simply Warm

With great architecture at work in this room, you can enjoy the simplicity and relax in the warmth. The light is allowed to shine in from all over, giving you such a great sitting area.

8. Artistic Approach

By using black for this wall, you can create a wonderful style in this room. The furniture also goes well with the light and dark design, with the black patterned couch and light table.

9. Lively Decor

The furniture in this living room really makes the space come to life. The light patterns for the rug and center table and the beautiful artwork and decor all work together to make a great room.

10. Retro Patterns

The hardwood for the wall and the overhead beam give a great style to this living room. With a retro classic rug and wonderfully designed furniture, this room is a fun and relaxing space.

11. Subdued Colors

You can play with different color combinations with you have a room that soaks in natural light like this. With great artwork and decor to go with the hardwood floor, this living room is open and lively.

12. New-Age Art

Beginning with the light and dark wall patterns, this room uses lively decor and a contemporary art style to bring it character. The colors used go perfectly with the overall style.

13. Colorful and Open

You don’t have to hide from color, especially when you have a room that opens up and lets the light shine in. With a great gas-style fireplace and an outdoor deck connected, you will have fun all year around here.

14. Hardwood Base

The light furniture in this room matches the hardwood floor perfectly. The rug has a pattern that is brilliantly matched by the decor used around this room.

15. Simply Great Furniture

With windows that wrap part way around this living room, this space does not go overboard with decor and furniture. It has just enough of both, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a warm fire in peace.

16. Wonderful Contrasts

The wonderful contrast created by the natural wood color and the white works really well in this living room. All areas, from the kitchen and dining area to the living space, are all connected perfectly.

17. Entertainment Built In

Whether you want to sit back and enjoy a warm fire or watch your favorite television shows, you can do it in this living room. With the light from outside shining in, this is a perfect space to relax.

18. Vibrant Style

With a vibrant and colorful style to this living room, you can sense the life here. The patterns on the chairs work well and the artwork throughout the space match the light style.

19. Warm and Artistic

This living room is meant to evoke a warm sense of elegance, with a beautiful fireplace, beautiful use of hardwood, and calm artwork. The furniture is simple, matching this space well.

20. Easy Welcome

With a unique living room table starting off the wonderful designs, this space is open and brings life. The artwork and decor are simple but lively, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing day.

21. Sleek Spaces

This living room also has a small built in computer area so you can get some work done. With a great light and dark contrast, this sleek and contemporary space really bring the style.

22. Open and Minimal

The open floor plan features wonderful low-lying furniture. Surrounding a warm, light fireplace and open to the natural light, this living room is full of life.

23. Completely Relaxing

With light allowed to pour in from above and from the sides, this comfortable space can be your personal relaxation area. Simply decorated and featuring wonderful patterns, you will find peace here anytime.
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