22 Stunning Family Room Concepts (Photo Gallery)

stunning family room concepts

Mood lighting fixture is a really handy way to alter the ambiance of any room and can introduce warmth to your rather cold dwellings. There are even specialty lighting designers who exclusively work in calculating the amount of light needed in a given space. If you’re the type of person who prefers doing it yourself, … Read more

43 Absolutely Adorable Family Rooms (Photo Gallery)

adorable family room ideas

Increasing the amount of natural light in your room can be as easy as 1-2-3. If you think punching a hole in your wall to create a new window is the only solution, then you’re in luck. Let the sunshine in and have it bounce off glossy reflective surfaces like decorative mirrors and glass frames, … Read more

29 Unique Master Bathroom Inspirations (Photo Gallery)

unique ideas for master bath

It’s always easier to just go along with the crowd.  This tends to be true in every area of life, including the decisions we make regarding home design.  But why not dare to be unique sometimes, especially when it comes to the design and decoration of rooms of your home in which you spend a … Read more

24 Luxurious Family Room Decors (Photo Gallery)

luxurious family room decor ideas

Knowing the heights of the items you want to purchase can sometimes be the key to pulling off the perfect design pairing. For instance, a lot of people prefers their coffee table to be lower than their sofa. However, if you’re a person who likes dining in front of the TV, you may want to … Read more

53 Jaw-Dropping Family Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

jaw-dropping family room design ideas

The Internet, depending on who you are talking to, may make it easier to shop for your home, but it also leaves a big room for more impulse buying. That can be a mistake if you end up with a piece of trendy furniture you don’t like after a couple of years. Remember to always … Read more

48 Inspiring Family Room Ideas (Photo Gallery)

inspirational ideas for family room

It’s easy to complain about the weather when you’re making your way through the rain, on a Monday morning, en route to work. But if you just stop and smell the scent of a freshly cut grass, it’s even easier to appreciate the beauty of the season. When you would rather stay at home, however, … Read more

16 Cozy and Comfortable Family Rooms (Photo Gallery)

cozy comfortable family room ideas

Whether it is a sectional, modular, circular, avant-garde, etc., a sofa is always a must-have for any living room. You can either sit with the kids during family time or cuddle up by yourself with a blanket. But a sofa, in whatever color it can come, doesn’t have to be confined to the sitting area. … Read more

21 Charming Decors For Your Family Room (Photo Gallery)

charming family room decors

While you want your decor to make a statement, that doesn’t mean you have to go big with everything. Large room sometimes makes people tend to buy larger pieces, instead of being creative and mixing sizes. Not every piece needs to be the same scale. It’s about the relationship of how the large piece works … Read more

37 Brilliantly Beautiful Family Rooms (Photo Gallery)

beautiful family room design ideas

Every home lover knows a good interior is determined by its overall design, the materials used, the appeal, its value, and so on. Sure, we collect and hoard lots and lots of photo inspirations to help us elevate and decorate spaces in our home, but in reality, we also collect hand-me-down furniture items that have … Read more

42 Breathtaking Master Bath Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

breathtaking master bathroom ideas

Are you in a bit of a rut with your master bathroom?  With all the expenses many of us have to face in our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to neglect a room that perhaps not many people see.  But what about your own experience?  Don’t you deserve a pleasant and maybe even luxurious experience when … Read more