Parts of a Chair – The Complete Guide

Updated on January 3, 2022

Parts of a chair

Although you may sit in a chair all day at work or come home to eat a snack in your favorite armchair, you might not know the parts of a chair. Knowing the parts will help you to make any repairs if needed. Read on to learn about the parts of a desk, dining, and armchair.

Parts of a Desk Chair

A desk chair is a desk that you use in an office or at a desk. You will want it to be comfortable yet supportive so as not to injure your back.

parts of a chair

Here is a short description of the parts of a desk chair:

  • Backrest: Supports your back while you are sitting.
  • Headrest: Supports your head whenever you lean it back to the chair.
  • Armrest cushion: Cushioning on the top of the arm to make it more comfortable.
  • Arm (on the seat): Plastic, wood, or metal rests to place your arms.
  • Seat: Where you sit down.
  • Seat tilt adjustor: Allows you to lock it into place or tilt the chair back.
  • Seat tilt tension control: Control how easy it is to tilt the seat back.
  • Base: Adds stability and is normally shaped like a spider web.
  • Caster: Wheels for mobility.
  • Arm (on the base): Fashions together the base and bottom of the seat.
  • Pneumatic Cylinder: Controls the height.
  • Spindle: Fashions the pneumatic cylinder to the base.
  • Swivel: Supports mobility.

Parts of a Dining Chair

Dining chairs are located in your kitchen and dining room. These chairs often lack arms so you can move easily and freely as you eat.

parts of a chair

Here is a short description of the parts of a dining chair:

  • Top rail: Topmost rail that connects the stiles.
  • Cross rail: Rail located midway on the chair back to support the back and stiles. There may be more than one.
  • Ear: Lips of the stiles that come over the top rail.
  • Stile: Vertical pieces that extend from the rear legs.
  • Seat: Sitting platform.
  • Apron: Bracing piece located at the front of the chair. Supports the seat and connects front legs.
  • Legs: Supports the seat. Normally there are four legs in total: two front legs and two rear legs.
  • Spindle: A piece that supports the structure by connecting legs together.

Parts of an Armchair

Armchairs are often placed in living rooms or family rooms. They come cushioned and are used for lounging purposes.

parts of a chair

Here is a short description of the parts of an armchair:

  • Backrest: Part of the chair you lean against. Normally it is cushioned on armchairs.
  • Seat cushion: Padded or comfortable material placed over the seat for added comfort.
  • Legs: Supports the weight of you and the chair. There are different types of armchair legs.
  • Frame: Provides the structure, durability, and design of the armchair. The frame will be covered with cushioning and/or fabric.
  • Top back rail: Connects the back to the side rails for support and structure.
  • Back stretcher post: Vertical pieces that extend into the back.
  • Top arm rail: Horizontal part of the frame that can be used as an arm rest.
  • Side rail: Vertical part of the frame that creates the side of the chair.
  • Front rail: Horizontal part of the frame that creates the front of the chair.


Though chairs are common features of any home or office, it is important to know the parts of it. Depending on your chair type, there will be different parts. For example, desk, dining, and armchairs have similar, yet different parts. Now that you know the parts, you can remodel or fix your chair!