19 Perfectly Furnished Family Rooms (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

There are thousands, if not, unlimited options when it comes to available window treatments that you can buy either in-store or online. The purpose of having a window treatment is to provide privacy when you need it the most. When you decide to install one, make it worth your while and look for something that complements your existing interior and decor. Avoid the heavy dark ones that makes your home look like a bat cave. If you enjoy the natural light that envelopes your abode, pick an adjustable blind instead.

If you prefer the practicality of having to be able to wash your window treatment, a sheer white curtain is your best bet. Combine it with the same fabric that you used for your pillow covers, slipcovers or armchairs to pull your design together for a more unified look. And with a wide variety of available curtain styles and curtain accessories to choose from, you can be sure to find the ideal match that suits your needs.

Go ahead and dip your toes to these perfectly furnished family room designs to give you some ideas whether or not a window treatment is necessary for your interior.

Perfect Family Room Furnishing Ideas

1. Only Pools Rush In

This white paneled beach house features an indoor billiard table with hardwood floors. Lined by a wool carpet, it helps set the boundary for the rest of the furniture.

2. Central Parquet

A herringbone wood parquet grounds everything in this all white sunroom/library. With the aid of a brown carpet with the same pattern, all seating furniture sits quietly inside the margin.

3. Glass Smash

Towering glass panels marks the boundary of this cool loft apartment with hardwood floors and abaca carpet. The light brown sectional sofa provides warmth and comfort.

4. Piano Finish

Find your jam in this charming corner that features a built-in bookcase filled with an array of books in front of a glossy stained wood piano.

5. Plain Mantle

The marble covered facade of the fireplace is the highlight of this humble contemporary sunroom. The white sectional sofa is an open invitation for rest and relaxation.

6. Mellow Yellow

The yellow fabrics of the accent pillow and ottoman illuminates further the already warm personality of this studio apartment.

7. Green Department

Window tucked between two built-in bookshelves serves as a catalyst for the color of the leaves to spread inside the house.

8. Tiler Swift

The giant fireplace can’t hold a candle against this spacious interior that boasts a red oak hardwood floor.  Blue accent chair, a magenta colored carpet, and French windows also made an appearance.

9. Hide and Sleek

A well-thought fireplace that incorporates a discretely fashionable log storage is reminiscent of Japanese houses along with the rest of the interior.

10. Red Riding Wood

The giant multimedia screen is the center of attention in a game room interior complete with a bar counter, red high chairs, and green carpet flooring.

11. Section Dissection

Crisp, white sectional sofa is the preferred weapon of choice for a modern and sophisticated urban apartment.

12. Coffered To Curtain

To avoid a claustrophobic effect on narrow rooms, this library is cleverly painted with a semi-gloss white paint. A sexy red curtain and rug inject an intimate appeal.

13. Holey Cow

White and playful attic room with a round window and daybed combination puts the fun in functional in a rather unexpected way.

14. Rustic The Clown

A behemoth cabin house with vaulted ceiling dwarfs the chocolate leather sofas. Wrought iron candle chandelier adds sparkles and set the mood.

15. Minotti Naughty

Minotti armchair overpowered everything in its path including the red geometric carpet and sectional sofa of this sultry, Italian interior.

16. Nano Particles

Particle board in the ceiling grounds this crafty little house. Nordic and bentwood furniture silently sit together in this minimalist white interior.

17. Better Light Than Never

A series of thin cove lights imbues soft white light in this trendy contemporary interior. The mahogany stained back wall thoughtfully serves its purpose.

18. Gallery Symmetry

Totally adorable and Instagrammable seating area that features brightly colored ottomans. The reclaimed wood with glass top coffee table, tufted settee and a gallery of personal artworks complete the look.

19. Black And Dagger

Oscar-worthy interior for best dramatic use of color, the black flat wall let the aqua colored fabric sofa soar high and rode it hard with the red and white carpet.

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