27 Pin-Worthy Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on September 30, 2022

When you first purchase or build a home, chances are the living room is the biggest concern, next to the kitchen. It’s a space where you’re going to spend much of your waking time. It’s an area where you will entertain friends, enjoy talking with your family and basically used as the place to be when you have someone over. Living rooms are important and their design reflects that.

The living rooms on this page are amazing and inspiring. They’re perfect for adding to your Pinterest page and ideal for saving as inspiration. Scroll down and check out which rooms have a focus on family over entertainment and note the details that make these spaces particularly popular. You never know when you might be inspired.

Pin-Worthy Living Room Ideas

1. Gray Board Walls

This comfortable little living room features gray board walls and ceiling, giving a country feel to the space.

2. Leather Armchair

This curved leather armchair makes the room feel more sophisticated and gives you a nice spot to sit.

3. Faux Candle Chandelier

Adding to the rustic vibe of this spacious living room, the candle chandelier hangs above a U-shaped couch.

4. White Slip Covers

Pure white slip covers turn this furniture into easily cleaned and visually pleasing additions to this space.

5. Spacious Living Room

The extra high ceilings and wide open spaces in this room make it feel extra spacious.

6. Bookcase Wall

You don’t need wallpaper or art when you have a wall full of books, tucked into little compartments.

7. Dual Coffee Tables

Two coffee tables are better than one, especially if you have these fancy wooden ones that beautifully display trays of items.

8. Lighthouse Art

Built right into the stone chimney, this unique lighthouse art is delicately made from stone and metal.

9. Flower Carpet

Teh delicate blue and brown flowers in this area rug set the tone for the room while defining the living room area.

10. Window Shelves

This living room features bookshelves in front of the windows, which allow for privacy and natural light while providing storage space.

11. Pink Chairs

These velvet pink chairs add a special touch to the beautiful, yet small, living room and bring some cheer to it.

12. Tree Stump Tables

A tree stump as a side table is the perfect accent for a room already dominated by nature.

13. Flower Art

The bold flowers on the carpet in this living room echo the real ones outside the windows and the metal flower art on the chimney.

14. Colorful Wool Rug

This handwoven area rug incorporates plenty of bright, fun colors that will make the room feel more homey.

15. Herbs in a Tray

You’ll never have unpleasant smells if you grow fresh herbs in a little tray on your coffee table.

16. Gray Velvet Paint

The wall and ceiling of this living room incorporate a painting technique that resembles velvet and matches the gray sofa.

17. Yellow Chenille Chair

Everyone will fight over who gets the cozy chenille chair with its bright yellow color in this living room.

18. Streaked Rug

The area rug in this living room feels older, with streaks of color in the center fading out toward the edges.

19. Corporate Living Room

The sleek furniture and glossy tables make this living room feel more corporate, as if you could have a business meeting at any moment.

20. Mini Bar

All the best living rooms feature bars with built-in wine coolers and places to hang your wine glasses.

21. Feminine Touches

From the gathered slip covers to the pink roses, this living room is certainly feminine and inviting.

22. Patterns Everywhere

This room is full of patterns, from the horizontal boards on the wall to the curtains and entertainment center.

23. Hidden Storage

The painting above this living room fireplace swings out to show a hiding spot for all your valuables.

24. Blue and Yellow

Even the National Geographics match this living room’s fun color scheme, pitting blue against yellow.

25. Glass Scupture

Nothing makes a room feel more posh than a glass sculpture set in place to catch the light of the setting sun.

26. Antique Fireplace

They don’t make beautiful fireplaces like this anymore, so enjoy the old fashioned heat while you can.

27. Concrete Rooms

The floor in this living room is polished concrete, while the walls are also concrete, keeping the space cool in the summer.
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