How to Pressure or Power Wash Your Home

How to Pressure or Power Wash Your Home


Keeping up appearances is a concern for any home owner, and when your house needs to stay looking good, one of the easiest ways to do so is to power wash your home.

Before you use the power washer, check your home to see if there is any chipped paint or other areas that need attention and remediate them. Giving your home a power wash before you paint it is very important to making sure the paint looks great and lasts a long time. Also – don’t power wash your home if your home is painted with lead-based paint.

Make sure you pressure wash on clear days with little to no wind. Cut off power to exposed outlets and be sure to cover and tape sconces and light fixtures. The prep of the area is vitally important, and once this is completed you can begin to power wash. Use the different attachments where needed, and the best thing to do is work top to bottom – you always want the dirt coming down onto dirty areas that will eventually be cleaned, not going past areas that have already been cleaned.

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