47 Remarkable Ideas for Your Next Bedroom (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Designing a master bedroom can be exciting. It can also be overwhelming. We know how important it is to get your room built correctly. The master bedroom is your space. It is a place where you can relax after a long day. Making it into a place you will love to be in should be your priority.

Mold the master bedroom after your personality. You can create a traditional bedroom or you can go with a more contemporary style. Get as creative as you want. This is your room.

The choices can seem overwhelming when you start your planning. We want to help. Below, you will find 47 master bedroom design ideas that we have gathered for you to look through. Take some notes and take your time.

Remarkable Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Stacked Stone Design

The stacked stone design used to accent this room works brilliantly. The decor is designed to match the stone, making this whole master bedroom a special place.

2. Surrounding Wood

Walking into this master bedroom, you will be surrounded by great wooden designs to match the floor. With a large window to let the natural light in, this is a great space.

3. Quaint Four Post

This four post bed is the center of attention, but don’t ignore the rest of this bedroom. With a great hardwood floor and matching furniture, this space is well designed.

4. Carved Wood Design

With a unique concrete design as the base of this room, the headboard to this bed creates a fantastic effect. With bedside tables built in, this is an amazing look.

5. Modern and Bright

With a great view to the outside, this master bedroom has a sleek design for its cabinet space and a wonderfully colored floor.

6. Quiet Country Charm

Imagine a charming country space and then look at this bedroom. It captures the effect perfectly with its easy designs and great color usage.

7. Wonderful End Couch

When you come into this room you have options. You can relax on the couch with a book or snuggle up in this elegant bed.

8. Contemporary Wooden Blend

To match this great looking wooden ceiling, this room uses sliding wooden doors at the entrance. This si a unique look that gives the space character.

9. Fireplace Warmth

This classically designed room is made to bring a warm and comfortable sense of style. With a fireplace to keep yourself cozy, you will always enjoy being here.

10. Up Or Down

If you’ve never thought about having a bed on a pulley system, you should. It saves some serious space and it looks stylish. It has a minimal design that many people love.

11. Arched Window

There truly is nothing like having arched windows in a room. They completely change the character of the space, and this master bedroom looks great because of it.

12. Bright and New

From the bed design to the unique and sleek fan, this whole space feels like a new idea. With a great symmetrical balance, this room comes to life.

13. Warm Decor Style

Thanks to this beautiful fireplace, you can enjoy this wonderful bedroom at any time. With a light green color gracing the walls and balancing with the decor, this room is ready for use.

14. Beautiful Patterns

This room has great patterns, from the window shades to the pillow designs. It shows itself off thanks to the use of these beautiful reflective bedside chests.

15. Simple and Elegant Colors

The use of a few well matched colors can create a great ambiance in a bedroom. This space uses calming colors and blends them with simple decor.

16. Exposed and Rugged

This master bedroom has a rugged appeal thanks to the exposed and rough brick style used for the ceiling. The open design and unique lighting add to the effect.

17. Sleek and Modern

The contemporary, almost futuristic, looking master bedroom combines elegance with sleek designs. You can turn on the television and catch up on anything you missed after a long day.

18. Entertaining and Warm

This traditional hardwood floor looks great, especially with the warm fireplace in the background. Curl up in a cozy bed and watch some television in peace.

19. Lavender Calm

This chevron style hardwood floor is a great base to this lavender room. This is a traditional design with wonderful color that you will love to claim as your own.

20. Asian Senses

This room take a timeless Asian design style and brings it to life. The furniture is classic, and the arrangement of the room is peaceful. There is even a small library to relax in.

21. Comfortable City Designs

This design is perfectly matched to the city landscape out the window. With a recesses and calmly lit ceiling design, the room is large and comfortable.

22. Light Hardwood Style

The light hardwood and white walls are well matched with contrasting darker fabrics. The master bedroom blends right into the master bath.

23. Cozy and Well Designed

Even if you don’t have a gigantic space to deign around, you can make any area look spacious. This large bed fits into a wonderful backdrop that is comfortable and looks great.

24. Modern Minimal

With two tones of hardwood at work in this space, this bedroom takes the minimal approach when it comes to decor and design.

25. Welcome to the Beach

You know a beach style when you see it, and this is certainly it. With light and breezy colors at use, this whole master bedroom is designed to feel like a day on the ocean.

26. Textured Walls

When you use wallpaper that brings out a textured style in a room, you can count in the space becoming elegant. This room uses a mix of modern decor and furniture to complete its effect.

27. Make it Pink

Some people avoid pink because they think it is too loud to use in a bedroom. Not the case with this subdued style. This pink is calm, yet it still make a great design statement.

28. Comfortable Styles

From the floor to the ceiling, this room uses a blend of decor and fabric styles to create a wonderful and almost unnoticed layered effect.

29. Earth Toned Brilliance

When you don’t want to go with white but want to avoid darker colors all together, using a blend of earth tones is the perfect answer.

30. Natural Light Shine

The great part of this bedroom is the window that lets the natural light shine in. Shining onto a light versus dark contrast, you can see how well the blend works.

31. Bedside Setup

The patterns used for the fabrics in this master bedroom bring the space great character. This little bedside area is comfortable and gives you a place to relax and read a book.

32. All Connected

Just because you have a studio space doesn’t mean that the areas can’t be unique. This bedroom separates itself with a simple wooden divider.

33. To the Master Bathroom

No master bedroom would be complete without a master bathroom connected to it. This his and her sink space makes use of a great hardwood design.

34. Modern Art and Designs

This master bedroom is open to a great view on the outside and uses a minimal approach. The contemporary and beautiful artwork really shows how simplicity can work best sometimes.

35. Sophisticated Elegance

The darker hardwood designs surrounded by different shades of gray really works well for this master bedroom. This space has an elegant feel and wonderful decor.

36. Fun Patterns

Imagine this room without the subtle use of red mixed into the designs. You can’t. A little color mixed into an otherwise black and white space will provide a great contrast.

37. Timeless Grace

You would normally find a light fixture like this in a room with lighter walls, but this room uses a handsome dark blue to blend with the hardwood floor and table.

38. Pitched Ceiling Style

When you have a pitched ceiling like this with exposed wooden beams, you have to design the room around it. This space uses light and dark color blends perfectly.

39. Calm Sophistication

This darker colored space is handsome and sophisticated. With calm lighting to bring a wonderful ambiance, this space is somewhere you will love coming to at the end of the day.

40. Graceful Lighting

Sometimes the lighting can really bring out the best in a space. This bedroom has wonderful light designs that are highlighted by the calm lighting.

41. Hardwood Tones

The floor and the wall feature two shades of hardwood the both look great, especially when they work together. The decor fits them both and there is wonderful lighting to show it all off.

42. Relax Anywhere

When you come into this elegant master bedroom, you have your choice of where to relax. Stretch out in front of window with a book before you make it to bed.

43. Exposed Brick Brilliance

Using an exposed brick style like this one can really bring a fantastic and rustic style to any bedroom. With simple lighting and a convenient bed, this is a great space.

44. Relax by the Window

This master bedroom features an area by the window where you can relax in all the natural light you want.

45. Grand Elegance

This traditional bedroom take a New England style and makes it bright. With a large window area to let the light in, you can really see the lighter elegant styles of this room.

46. Angelic Decor

This open bed frame really brings a great look to this bedroom. The whole space feels light and carefree, thanks in no small part to the wonderful and bright decor.

47. Light Styles

This bedroom uses lighter styles, from the hardwood floor and headboard to the decor, to create an inviting space.
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