Whether it is an item like a vacuum or an iron, there are many important cleaning devices that allow you to keep a sparkling home without having to work incredibly hard to do so. Of course, there are many benefits to keeping a clean home, but to do it well, you need to check out the list of products below, as these can help turn your clean home into a sparkling home.


As you can see, the list of different products is comprehensive, so if you have rugs, hardwood floors, or a closet full of different fabrics, there are many tools that you can use to make cleaning that much easier and less time consuming. Check out the reviews of the products to find out what works best for your budget and your needs.


Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

There is nothing more monotonous than having to get out your corded vacuum cleaner just to touch up your hardwood floors. If you owned a cordless vacuum this task would be so much simpler for you. The best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors takes no time to set up, works quickly and leaves your hardwood floors looking great.

​Electrolux EL2095A Ergorapido Lithium Ion 2-1 Stick/Handheld Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum​

Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum Cleaner​

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Best Ironing Boards

Not many people enjoy ironing but often times that can be the result of using a wobbly or poorly designed ironing board. People too often assume that these types of ironing boards are the only choices available in the home products marketplace. If you take a closer look you will see the best ironing boards are out there too and you have lots of them to choose from. These higher quality ironing boards are stable, innovative and have special features that are designed to make the chore of ironing a whole lot simpler.

Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest​

Bartnelli Multi layered T-Leg Extra Wide Ironing Board​

Homz Durabilt DX1500 Premium Ironing Board with Wide Leg Stability

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Best Apartment Vacuum

Trying to use a bulky and hard to maneuver full size vacuum can be a real chore. The thing is you don’t have to tolerate that anymore because there are so many excellent vacuum models that work great in apartments. The best apartment vacuum will make this task much easier for you. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver in small spaces and do a great job of picking up dirt and other debris.

Deik 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner​

Shark DuoClean Rocket Ultralight Vacuum

​Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

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Best Portable Carpet Cleaner

There is nothing more frustrating than having one of your good carpets permanently stained because you did not get to the store to rent a carpet cleaner fast enough or the professional company that you called to do it could not get there soon enough. That would never be a problem if you had the best portable carpet cleaner standing by in your closet ready to do the job. These machines are affordable, easy to use and do a great job cleaning up most any type of stain.

​Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner​

BISSELL 1400B Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner​

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Best Upholstery Steam Cleaner

Most people overlook steam cleaners completely when it comes to purchasing tools that will help them clean the upholstery around their home or business. That is a big mistake because if they owned one of the best upholstery steam cleaner products it will offer them many advantages. These machines clean upholstery fast, are cost effective to run, extremely sanitary and do a thorough cleaning job.

​Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner – 1500-Watt

AutoRight C900054.M Red SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

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Best Microfiber Mop

As important as it is, mopping can be a really painstaking task, especially if you have to do it on a daily basis. And the results are not always in your favor if the mop isn’t good enough. Switch to a good quality microfiber mop for easy and thorough cleaning of your floors and other hard surfaces. For helping you pick the best one, we have piled up the list of the best microfiber mops in the markets on the basis of their functionality and convenience.

18" Professional Microfiber Mop​

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

Mopando Deluxe Mop

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Best Handheld Carpet Cleaner

Are you tired of dragging those huge and bulky carpet cleaners around and want a handheld carpet cleaner for a change? We’ll say excellent decision! Not only will your body and back thank you, your carpet is also going to feel highly indebted to you for that. Take a look at our list of the best handheld carpet cleaners that we have meticulously complied while keeping convenience and high performance as the top priorities.

Bissell 3624​

Bissell 14259

Hoover FH11300PC

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Best Leather Conditioner

We all have that one pair of boots or an expensive leather bag we SO adore! The article is often so special it only makes it out of the closet on very special occasions. But, leather being leather, needs some maintenance, even if kept locked up for years. With time leather being a natural product, ages, dries and may even wither away. All it takes is a little time and maintenance with the right product to increase its lifespan and to keep it in mint condition over the years.

TriNova Leather Conditioner

Leather Honey

Lexol 1015N

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