25 Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

When you are designing your kitchen, you want something that not only looks great, but is highly functional. When you begin your search for the kitchen of your dreams, you will be faced with many different design options. As you will see below, a Scandinavian style kitchen may be the route for you to go.

Below, you will find 25 Scandinavian kitchen designs that will show you how wide your options are. They will also show you just how functional your kitchen can be. Take a look at all the different styles below and see if anything catches your eye.

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Scandinavian Style Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Sleek and Functional

With this style of kitchen, everything is flat and in its own place when you close it up. With modern appliances in a sleek setting, it gives you a clean sense of style.

2. Shelving for Everything

This is the perfect storage area. With space for your small appliances, shelves for all the kitchen items, and some wine storage, all of your needs will be met here.

3. Simple L-Shape

With simple decor and an open floor plan, you can cook your mean then sit right up at the bar style seating to enjoy it.

4. Lighter Styles

This center island matches the kitchen perfectly. The natural light shines in to show off the sleek minimalism at work here. With great plant life for decor, you will love the style.

5. Green Wonder

This kitchen has everything you need. You can prepare your meal then take it right over to the dining area. With wonderful bench seating, surrounded by a great dark green, you will love the contrasts.

6. Light and Relaxing

With the large windows letting the natural light pour in, you will enjoy the open spaces of this kitchen. The white cabinets are a minimal design and there is a dine-in area to eat at.

7. Sleek Industrial

The first thing that catches your eyes in this kitchen is the great shelving that uses hardwood boards. The darker styles blend well with the light hardwood floor.

8. Modern and Connected

This kitchen space works perfectly with this space. Every part of the house is seamlessly connected with a design that is modern and functional.

9. Perfect Designs

Make your kitchen space match your personality. This kitchen has decor and wall designs that express the personality of its owner.

10. Great Spacing

The pitched ceiling makes this whole kitchen seem larger, and it works wonderfully. The hardwood counter tops match the floor perfectly.

11. Minimal and Functional

The flat white design of these cabinets is minimal and unobtrusive. The whole space is functional and capable of meeting all of your needs.

12. New Elegance

The tile design behind the sink, with its dark and smooth texture, matches the unique floor style, makes for a perfect modern design.

13. Bold Style

The darker style used in this kitchen is a bold design that works well with the minimal decor. You will really enjoy the sleek style that is lit by natural light.

14. European Tastes

Like a wonderful European villa, this kitchen is open and stylish. With retro style appliances and beautiful decor, you will enjoy the ambiance of this space.

15. Eat-In Design

This comfortable kitchen has a wonderful eat-in area. You have all the functionality to cook your meal and the convenience of eating it nearby.

16. Marble Backdrop

The marbled wall works really well with this open space. The natural light keep the whole area bright and cheerful and the wooden center island is a perfect contrast.

17. Fresh Ideas

This kitchen is cozy and connected right to the outdoors. The darker hardwood floor works well with the black center island and the white walls.

18. Simple Shelving

Like a minimal European kitchen, this space has a sleek modern design that uses beautiful decor. You will enjoy the beauty of the retro decor with a contemporary style.

19. Space Saver

This comfortable kitchen area makes the most of its space. With a bar style eat-in area attached, you will find the functionality of this kitchen matched by easy beauty.

20. Contemporary Design Styles

With smooth surfaces that lend themselves to a modern style, you also have an eat-in area to enjoy your meal.

21. Functional Center Island

This open floor plan is large enough to have a center island that will allow you to host many family or friends for a meal.

22. Open and Light

This kitchen area has a functional center island that allows you to display decor. The light style of this space and the natural light are matched with beautiful decor and plant life.

23. Display Cabinets

The darker cabinets are open for displaying your cook wear while also keeping them close by and ready for use. The weathered hardwood used around the bottom brings great character.

24. Seating All Around

This kitchen is surrounded by a great seating area that can be used for dining as well as extra cooking space.

25. Easy Connection

Modern and light, this kitchen is connected to the rest of the house and the outdoors. With a skylight to provide extra light, you will enjoy the minimal feel of this kitchen,
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