ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head: A Complete Review

Are you the type of person that loves spending a weekend at a hotel because they have the best rain shower heads? Do you enjoy standing out in the pouring rain, feeling that soothing water flow over your body? Then you’re going to love the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head. The luxurious rainfall effect will have you relaxed and refreshed after a long day, or awake and energized in the morning.

ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head Review

ShowerMaxx, Luxury Spa Series, 6 inch Round High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head, MAXX-imize Your Rainfall Experience with Rain Showerhead in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
  • SHOWERMAXX LUXURY SPA SERIES - TURN YOUR HOME INTO A LUXURIOUS SPA: Perfect for luxury hotels as well as home owners that don’t compromise with anything less than the best, the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Showerheads are here to impress you with their deluxe design, durable craftsmanship and peerless function. An essential for those who want to upgrade their home bathroom into a luxurious hotel spa.
  • ENJOY THE PERFECT RAINFALL SPA SHOWER EXPERIENCE - There's nothing like the rejuvenating feeling of a rainfall shower. It's a really unique experience - one that, thanks to ShowerMaxx, you can now enjoy every single day, from the comfort of your home!
  • PRE-INSTALLED FLOW RESTRICTOR WITH SAND FILTER DISK – ShowerMaxx all-inclusive showerhead kit, includes everything our customers need for hassle-free installation. Each ShowerMaxx shower head comes with Pre-Installed flow restrictor and fitted mesh sand filter disk! Complete with step-by-step installation guide – and free Teflon plumbing tape. (Shower Arm Extender Sold Separately)
  • HIGH QUALITY, HEAT RESISTANT, EXTREMELY DURABLE RUST RESISTANT ABS CONSTRUCTION WITH PRECISION ENGINEERED NOZZLES - Our ShowerMaxx showerhead is equipped with precision engineered nozzle jets that are anti-clogging and self-cleaning. It comes with a Mesh Filter/Sand Disk to keep water flow clean, free from sediment, and smooth; teflon tape to ensure no leakage and its solid brass ball joint allows you the freedom to tilt your showerhead in whichever desired direction.
  • PEACE OF MIND LIFETIME WARRANTY – ShowerMaxx manufactures high quality premium shower heads. Each showerhead comes with a Peace-of-Mind Lifetime Warranty. Our friendly support team are on hand to take care of you if you have any question or for whatever reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please message us via Amazon.***NOT FOR SALE TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS*** This shower does not comply with California energy regulations.

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Whether you’re remodeling your whole bathroom or just upgrading your shower, the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head is a great choice for your home. Since it first debuted, it’s been a favorite amongst those with elegant taste that appreciate saving money on quality products. It’s a highly affordable showerhead that gives an expensive-feeling shower, right in your own home.

You’ll be able to take a shower that feels like you’re at a spa or high-end hotel without breaking the bank. In addition to its affordable price, it’s extremely stylish. The design is simple and comes in four finishes to fit in with anyone’s decor. If you love standing outside during a downpour, this is the rain shower system for you.

Who Is This For?

Are you remodeling your bathroom and want to have the feeling of a spa in your own home? Do you simply want to treat yourself to a new showerhead? If you’re in the market for an affordable showerhead for your home, look no further.

You’ll love the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head if:

  • You want to update your bathroom yourself but you’re on a budget
  • You want a rainfall showerhead but don’t have the space for most rainfall showerheads
  • You love standing out in the rain and want to experience that in your home every day
  • You want a rainfall showerhead but can’t mount it on your ceiling
  • You like a simple, minimalistic design but want a finish other than chrome

If any of these points sound like you, keep reading to find out more about the great reasons to purchase the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head for your own home.

What’s In The Box?

Included with your new ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head, you’ll also receive:

  • Easy to follow installation guide
  • An extra fitted mesh sand filter disk
  • Teflon plumbers’ tape

The only thing you’ll need outside of what’s included is an adjustable crescent wrench to tighten everything up.


I’m sure you’re wondering what makes the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head better than other models available.

First thing’s first: the price. Not only do you get a stylish showerhead that allows you to take a shower that’s as good as being in a high-end hotel or spa, but you also don’t have to spend a ton of money. This is especially great if you’re using this in a kid’s bathroom or guest bathroom, although the quality is more than good enough for a master bathroom, as well.

Not only is it affordable, but it’s also stylish. If you’re looking for a showerhead that has finishes available other than just the typical chrome and brushed nickel, this is going to be your new favorite product.

There are four options to choose from:

  • Brass
  • Chrome
  • Brushed nickel
  • Oil-rubbed bronze

In addition to having more options than usual for the finish, the design itself is simple enough that it can be incorporated into any bathroom. Whether your style is contemporary, classic, or anything else, you’ll love how this blends into your home seamlessly and effortlessly.

The ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head is smaller than a lot of the other rainfall showerheads on the market at a modest 6 inches. Don’t let the small size fool you! You still get a whopping 90 nozzles to give you a refreshing drenching shower. The size is great for homes with smaller showers. You don’t have to skip on luxury because you live in a small space.

Aside from aesthetic qualities, the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head is great for several other reasons as well. The ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head has a fitted mesh sand filter disk to help filter out impurities, leaving you with cleaner, fresher water. You also get an extra filter included at no extra cost.

It also has a flow restrictor to ensure that you’re only using 2.5 gallons of water per minute. If your home has lower water pressure or you want a more intense rainfall experience, you can easily change this. The trick is to remove the flow restrictor to increase the water flow.

The ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head is made with heat resistant materials so no matter how hot your water gets, you can feel comfortable knowing your showerhead will not get damaged. The rubber nozzles allow you to be able to clean the head easily. You just have to wipe it down with your hand or a rag.

Pros and Cons

Here are a few things we like about this showerhead:

  • This showerhead is very aesthetically pleasing; with four different finish styles available, there’s one to fit anyone’s style
  • It’s quite affordable
  • You can adjust the water flow by removing the flow restrictor
  • It’s made to be installed on the wall so you don’t need to divert your plumbing to the ceiling
  • It’s only 6 inches so it will fit in most showers

And here is one thing we dislike about it:

  • The whole head is not metal so it may be weaker than other similar showerheads

How To Install

One of the things that is most loved about the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head is how simple it is to install.

Just follow these easy steps and you’re only a few minutes away from taking the best shower of your life:

  • Remove your existing showerhead and any old plumbers’ tape
  • Using the included Teflon tape, wrap the threads on the pipe a couple of times
  • Put the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head up to the pipe and tighten the fitting with your adjustable crescent wrench
  • Turn on the water to ensure there are no leaks; if there are leaks, tighten your fittings further or add another layer of Teflon tape and reattach


All in all, the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head is a fantastic option for any shower in your home. You’ll love the variety of finish options you have to choose from, making it a great choice to go with anyone’s decorating style.

The rest is up to you. If you’re looking for the best rain shower head for your home, check out the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series Round Rainfall Shower Head for yourself.

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