What Is the Standard Height of a Dining Room Table?

Updated on July 21, 2022

If you’re just moving into a new house or apartment and looking to decorate, you may be wondering – What is the standard height for a dining room table? Dining room tables come in four categories: standard, counter height, bar height, and extra-tall.

The standard height of a dining room table, according to furniture stores and the likes, is 28 to 30 inches. If this isn’t the height you’re looking for, no problem – you’ve got plenty of other options available to choose from.

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Dining Room Table Heights

Although the standard height of dining room tables works for many, they come in all sizes. The recent trends in dining room design and decoration have made the standard height of tables a bit relative to some. But, the term is here to stay.

Standard Table Height

The standard height for dining room tables is 28”-30” tall. This allows for dining room chair types between 18”-23” inches in height to be used.

Counter Table Height

The counter height for dining room tables ranges from 34”-38” tall. You can comfortably use chairs that are 24”-26” tall.

If you’re in need of a little extra legroom, this can be a good choice.

Bar Table Height

Bar height dining room tables range from 41”-43” tall. The chairs used for them are 28”-33” tall. If you like the feel of sitting at the bar, then invest in a bar height dining room table.

wooden dining table

Extra-Tall Table

Extra-tall tables range from 44”-47” in height. You can use chairs that are 34”40” tall. If you have long legs or like sitting high up, then the extra-tall table would be best for you.

How to Choose the Right Table Height

dining room wooden table

Knowing your practical needs and interior design desires is the first step. From there, have fun with it. No one said you have to buy a dining room table that’s standard height.

If you have some decent chairs and want to save a few bucks, just buy a table that you like that goes well with the chairs.

Now that you know the standard height of a dining room table, you can figure out if your chairs will fit or if you need to just buy a full dining room table set. If the standard height doesn’t work for your open floor plan, current furniture, or physical stature, then consider buying a dining room table from one of the other categories.

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