22 Stunning Family Room Concepts (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Mood lighting fixture is a really handy way to alter the ambiance of any room and can introduce warmth to your rather cold dwellings. There are even specialty lighting designers who exclusively work in calculating the amount of light needed in a given space.

If you’re the type of person who prefers doing it yourself, installing an accent lighting can be easy. Just carefully think about where you want to place the light fixture throughout your space, like in the bedroom or fireplace. Imagine a floor mounted uplight in your corridor or music room, as daylight starts to diminish towards the night, the light shooting upward will help illuminate the ceiling and adds radiance to the room.

Directional accent lights can also be used to emphasize certain parts of your home, like that precious artwork hanged in the hallway, or the decorative statue you have acquired from your recent trip to Africa, even the wonderful gallery of your family photos on display.

For a windowless room or one that is short on natural lighting, a well-placed spotlight can also be an effective and helpful way to provide visual clues to the room’s function. A series of a spotlight in the corridor can provide directions or just to highlight a wall texture or special finishes.

For some ideas on what mood lighting has to offer for your home interiors, these stunning family room concepts are what you will need to see.

Stunning Family Room Concept Ideas

1. Ruby Slippers

Monochromatic accents filled this all-white interior for an interesting play of light and red. The tufted coffee table gives a stylish preview.

2. Catching Fire

The wide fireplace with minimalist aesthetic warms the interior of this high-ceiling apartment.

3. Watermelon Pink

An eye-catching bright pink sculpture helps accentuate this already colorful, playful interior.

4. Vault Line

The tall fireplace visually connects the exposed wood finish of the vaulted ceiling to the hardwood flooring.

5. Behind Blue Line

Blue fabric pillow accentuated this mostly wood Spanish interior that boasts a stone textured fireplace.

6. Swan Song

A fuchsia-colored Swan chair by Fritz Hansen adds a feminine touch to an interior sporting bulky wood beams and streamlined fireplace.

7. Ready Eames Fire

A strategically well-lit bookshelf adds drama to the white stylish interior featuring an Eames molded plastic chair.

8. Class Open

This contemporary classic apartment allows practicality shine through a thoughtful use of white slipcovers for the armchairs and glass transoms in the wall division

9. Royal Hue

Deep blue colored sofa adds drama and masculine vibe to an all neutral interior that also features a marble top side table.

10. Seating Season

Modest interiors can also be stylish in its own shy way. Here, a contemporary sofa is brightened up with an array of black, white, and yellow pillows.

11. Teal I Met You

Whether you’re here for the perky teal armchair, the yellow sofa, or even the glass coffee table, one thing is for sure: everything is a winner.

12. Little White Light

White crisp leather furniture, lacquered top coffee table, and white sideboard fill the void in this all-white, stark residence.

13. Raising Slope

The stained wood finish in the slanted high-ceiling of this apartment gives a sense of excitement to the all-white interior and furniture.

14. The Big French

A tall and wide French window makes a giant splash inside and outside of this chateau. Inside you get to choose whether to sit in a pink settee or in the pink French armchairs.

15. Recessed Time

A recess in the wall makes a clever framing for the sleek fireplace and flat screen TV while the hardwood floors take a peek.

16. The Flush

To visually reduce the protruding fireplace, a built-in bookshelf that lies along its path balances the weight on both sides.

17. Empty Handed

An uninhabited contemporary apartment featuring a white built-in media center, hardwood floors, and flat ceiling silently waits for its owner.

18. Near The Edges

Black and deep colors of brown filled the modern interior of this studio. The natural color wood stain of the floor serves as a visual guide.

19. OK Den

Pink colors brighten this lovely den despite the foggy weather. Persian carpet and a colorful artwork hints a glimpse of character.

20. White Bare

Serene white interior accentuated by the use of raw wood as an accent and in the furniture’s finishes exudes a classic appeal.

21. Persian Foremost

Large Persian carpet echoes the magnitude of the ceiling height of this gabled roof residence. The French and clerestory windows allow natural lighting to permeate all corners.

22. Captain Marble

A marble facade fireplace with a notable absence of a mantle oozes with confidence and commands control over the walnut built-in shelves.

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