17 Stunning Gray Houses (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Gray houses can be attractive, fun, and upscale. Depending on how you style your gray home, the home can match any vision or landscape that you may dream up. Read on to see 17 stunning gray houses for inspiration.

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Gray House Color Schemes

1.grey houses

This blue-gray house would be perfect for any scenic suburban neighborhood. The sections of the house alternate between different shades of blue and gray, while the base of the house is wrapped with stone bricks. The varying shades add dimension and depth to the home.

This color scheme pairs beautifully with the white framing and garage door. The stark whiteness almost seems to pop off the faded look of the blue and gray home. At the same time, the tan stones soften the overall look of the home.

Additionally, this home looks beautiful against landscape and greenery. The subdued color scheme makes the green grass look even greener. More so, the blue and gray coloration makes the finished fence material look bright and vibrant.

2.grey houses

If you are considering a gray craftsman house, you will want to get some inspiration from this model. This house is primarily gray, but it also looks inviting and lively. The bricks are a wonderful shade of gray while the shutters and door add another color variation.

This home works because of its use of black and white alongside the gray. The shutters are black while the window frames and gutter system are white. The black makes the gray look much softer, and the white makes the gray look lived-in.

More so, the door adds a visual focal point to the home and makes the home appear welcoming and homey. The door is made from treated wood. This wood is stained so that it looks vibrant and alive, adding life to the home.

3. grey houses

This home is breath-takingly gray and modern. It is constructed with simple colors and an even simpler design. The home is made from various parts that are painted white and grey so that the different parts are emphasized.

Gray can be seen on the garage portion, chimney, and door area. Even though the main building portion is white, the matte gray stands out on this home. Part of the reason the gray stands out is that the garage portion of the home extends from the main building.

White and black are used on this home as well. The main body of the home is painted white. No white appears on the garage. Black is used on the door, window frame, garage door, and roof. The black creates a parallel between the white and gray portions of the home.

4. grey houses

You can also create a soft look for your home using a gray color scheme. This home perfectly demonstrates the power of a subdued grey. More specifically, light grey coloring and deep wood paneling make this home appear welcoming and light.

Gray can be seen on the body, shingling, garage door, and driveway of the home. The smart design of this home is that the shades of gray are so similar that the different gray features seem to just fade into one another. The garage door and driveway demonstrate this allusion perfectly.

This home is warmed up by the use of deep wood paneling. The wood paneling is located on the gable walls. The color of these panels adds warmth, while the textured nature of the paneling adds dimension. This dimension is important because it prevents the home from looking cold or stale.

5. grey houses

Here is another example of a fascinating gray and modern home. This home is striking due to its geometric construction and muted colors. The gray and black work with the modern construction to create visually exciting architecture, but the home is still inviting because of the lighting.

The body of this home is made from gray paneling. The panels come in different shades and textures, which adds dimension to this otherwise minimalistic design. The grey is paired with black framing. This framing gives more structure to the home and makes the gray color appear much lighter.

Despite its solemn design, this home looks inviting. Part of the reason for this is the yellow lighting. This lighting is a color that softens the look. Instead of a bright white light, these lights are a softer yellow that warm the entire house.

6. grey houses

This home also has a modern design, but the materials and color scheme make it appear much more craftsman and natural-looking than some of the other modern homes.

Gray is used on the paneling and stone. The paneling is layered in a horizontal direction which elongates the house. Gray can also be seen on the stone base and columns. These stones alternate between several colors, but many of them are shades of gray .

The gray color scheme is paired with the colors black and tan. Black can be seen around the frames of the roof and garage doors. The garage doors and top band around the roof are tan. The black makes the grey pop while the tan softens the home and makes it appear more welcoming.

7. grey houses

If you are interested in a more standard suburban home, you might like this one. It includes two shades of gray paneling, white frames, and stone columns. These features work together to create a family home that could be dropped into any stylish neighborhood.

The walls, roof, and garage door are gray . The walls alternate between two shades of gray . The lighter grey portions are made from a horizontal paneling that creates a stable look. The darker grey portions, however, are found on the roof and gable walls and add texture and dimension.

The gray home is also decorated with white and stone. White can be seen around the garage door frames and beneath the gable walls, separating the light and dark gray shades. Additionally, a stone column is located by the porch, which connects all the colors.

8. grey houses

This home is strikingly modern and minimalistic. It only features three colors: white, blue, and gray . Even though this home has a minimalistic design, it is by no means boring or in need of decorations.

Gray is used on the front of the home and fencing in front of the garage. The home is primarily white, but it has two gray strips. The gray strips provide a softer touch that makes the house look less strikingly white.

Blue is also used on this home. The fence, garage door, window shutters, door, and other small features are blue. This blue looks beautiful alongside the white and gray . The blue makes the white look more pristine and adds depth to the gray . The blue also comes with textural variations.

9. grey houses

If you have a small yard and want to create a modern-looking home, you will like this design. This modern home features a balcony, unique paneling, and a gray and brown color scheme. This color scheme is paired with a beautiful green lawn.

This home is primarily gray with touches of brown. The body of the house is gray stucco. The gray color is complemented by brown columns and paneling. This deep brown color deepens the gray stucco so that it looks alive.

The color scheme is also complemented by the use of glass. Windows and glass cover a lot of surface area on this home. The glass reflects light and makes the color scheme look less intimidating. As a result, the home looks more open.

10. grey houses

This is a beautiful beach-themed home. The gray color scheme is paired with stone and wood touches. These features work together to create a home that could be dropped in a sandy location for you to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The house utilizes many shades of gray, cream, and tan. Gray can most specifically be seen on the roof, columns, and stone column. The stone column and roof also feature shades of tan and cream. The gray, tan, and cream create the illusion of sand on this home.

The windows are opened and wood is uses to create a more welcoming atmosphere. The open windows create an open atmosphere. More so, the wooden porch area warms the entire home by giving a lively appearance to the outside.


If you want a standard 21st -century family home, you will be interested in this model. This home is a one-story that features large windows, an intricate entryway, and gray color scheme. These features make the home look inviting and family-friendly.

The main colors on this home are gray, white, and black. The walls of this house are completely grey. The gray is complemented by white framing all around the points, door, and windows. The white really pops off the house. Black is used on the shutters and door just for a varying color.

The delicate window and door details add a needed decorative effect to this home. Above the door and one window is a paneled window. Additionally, the door hosts glass details. These delicate touches bring luxury and sophistication to this otherwise plain home.

12. grey houses

This home is very upscale and beautiful. It has a delicate gray and white color scheme with touches of beige. It also has an intricate doorway, molding, and roof accents, making this house look very sophisticated and detailed despite its simple color scheme.

The bulk of the house is gray. Most notably, it is the walls and roof that are gray. The window frames and structural molding are white. This white adds a bright element to this home. It also has a beige accent wall that adds warmth.

More so, the doorway is made from vibrant wood. This wood is much more colorful than the rest of the house, meaning that the door material makes the doorway the focal point of the house. Additionally, the door adds warmth and depth.

13. grey houses

This classic house proves that simple is sometimes the best style choice. This home has a gray, black, and red color scheme and hosts a strong chimney and three dormers. Together, these features create a classic and cute look.

The bulk of the house is made from gray paneling. This paneling can be seen on the house face and dormers. The house also has black touches, which can be seen on the roof and shutters. Notably, the door is painted red, adding a splash of color.

The strong chimney also makes this home stand out. It is the only part of the homemade from stone, which makes it visually exciting. The chimney also matches the small porch in front of the door, connecting it to the rest of the home.

14. grey houses

This home is visually exciting, unique, and welcoming. It has a warm appearance due to the gray and brown color scheme and varying textures. The lawn touches add to the warmth of this home, as well.

The walls of this home are painted concrete gray. This gray is paired with distressed wood shingling on the house gables. The brown paneling adds warmth to the home. Additionally, this home features white framing and a blue garage door.

This home is also warm because of the decorative touches on the front lawn. You can see a lamp in front of the walkway. This lamp has a basket of red flowers hanging from it. These flowers, though small, add a pop of color that makes the home look more welcoming.

15. grey houses

If you want a fashionably retro home, you should get some inspiration from this model. This home is ranch-style. Its color scheme is primarily gray, but it also includes red brick for warmth and texture. The home also features funky plants and lawn decorations.

This house is made from gray wooden paneling. The gray paneling is paired with black shutters and a white garage door and paneling. The most notable secondary color, though, is the red brick around the base and chimney. This material adds warmth and dimension to this lovely home.

The funky lawn decorations make this house stand out as friendly and inviting. The pathway to the front door is surrounded by fun plants, while the stairs host fun statues. These decorations work well with the color scheme because they add personality and flair.

16. grey houses

This home is simple yet extremely elegant. It has a gray and white color scheme with touches of black. It also has intricate detailing on the railings, garage doors, and lighting, which elevate this simply-gray home.

Almost this entire house is gray. All except the garage doors, windows, railings, and roof are gray. The garage doors and windows are white, while the railings and roof are black. The primarily gray coloring gives this home a sophisticated quality.

The sophisticated coloring is paired with delicate detailing. On the railings, you can see swirls made from the metal slats. The garage doors also have black accents that add elegance and luxury. These details look beautiful against the simple gray background.

17. grey houses

This home is an elegantly simple cottage. It has a vibrant, green lawn that is filled with leafy and colorful goodness. The home itself is gray and white and hosts a beautiful stairway and columns. These features make this home look like a luxury cottage.

Gray and white are the primary colors of this home. The front surfaces of the home are made from gray wood slats. The gray paneling is paired with white window frames, stairway, railing, and house framing. The white brightens the gray and makes the home look more welcoming.

The home is made even more welcoming because of the beautiful landscape. Leafy bushes and trees surround the entirety of this lawn. More so, a pot of red flowers hangs from the porch roof. These flowers add a pop of color and match the front door in the background.


There are many gray houses that you can look at for inspiration. As these house examples have shown, gray is a color that can be paired with any design or style preference. To ensure that you get the perfect look, pair the gray with a complimentary color, and add texture and decorations for personality.

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