20 Stylish Living Rooms You’ll Want to Copy (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 11, 2022

Amazing living rooms create an ambiance all their own. When you invite friends over for a gathering or a meal, you can bet they will spend at least part of their time in the living room, sitting on your sofa or curled up in an armchair. Make sure your space is comfortable and inviting to help people feel at home in your space.

Of course, your home is yours, so you should also feel comfortable in your living room. What makes you relax and smile when you walk into a room? That should be what your living room feels like. It is a place where you can watch a show with the family, play a game, or simply sip some coffee and chat with your partner.

All of this can take place anywhere, but if you create an atmosphere of sharing and comfort in your living room, people will naturally gravitate there. Here are 20 amazing living rooms to check out:

Stylish Living Room Design Ideas

1. Colorful Throw Pillows

As the central hub of this home, the living room is inviting and provides comfortable sofas with colorful cushions and pillows.

2.Black and White Images

Decorated in grays and whites, this living room features black and white art, but this is cheerfully contrasted by the purple sofa.

3. Sophisticated Fireplace

Not much is more inviting than a roaring fireplace and this one adds to the elegance of the small living room space.

4. Stone Walls and Wood Beams

The stone fireplace wall and wooden beams give this living room a rustic vibe that helps it feel more comfortable and homey.

5. Blue Velvet Sofa

You won’t be able to resist this soft sofa in blue velvet, decorated with contrasting throw pillows as accents.

6. Tiny, Yet Cozy

If you don’t have much space, you can turn your living room into a cozy area to hang out by moving the furniture in from the walls.

7. Large Art

Hanging big pieces of art on the wall is a fun way to enhance a small living room and make it feel more spacious.

8. Multi-Color Brick Wall

The accent wall in this well-lit space is made of various colors of bricks, adding a bit of texture and visual interest.

9. Purple Highlights

Gold abounds in this space, made all the more brilliant by the purple accents set about the space, including the huge piece of wall art.

10. Green Walls

Make your living room feel bright and fun with green walls and a carpet that picks up the green like this fun living space.

11. Colonial Blue Cabinets

Turn your living room into a calm conversation hot spot with facing sofas and relaxing blue cupboards to hide your stuff.

12. Poseable Lights

The illumination provided throughout this room allows you to move the lamps around for best positioning.

13. Wooden Cabinets

The rich wood used in the cabinets and fireplace chimney of this room enhance the cozy feel of the space.

14. Arched Ceiling

Give your living room a nautical feel with blue and white decor and an elegantly arched ceiling like this one, enhanced by wooden beams.

15. Black Feature Wall

The heavy black of the far wall in this room is offset by the large, bright piece of artwork hung there.

16. Yellow Sofa

Bring a touch of sunshine into your space with a fun yellow sofa that’s not so bright as to damage your eyes.

17. Art Panels

When you have a room this perfect for hanging art, make the best use of it and use art that appeals and reflects colors into the rest of the space.

18. Elegant Florals

The beautiful brown and red floral pattern here ties everything together with ottoman and matching pillows and cushions for the chairs.

19. Sliding Barn Doors

Need more space? Open these sliding barn doors to instantly expand the room and create an all-in-one space.

20. Simple Walls

For a minimalist feel, keep furniture low and close to the ground and leave the walls blank throughout the room.
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