22 Subway Tile Bathroom Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

There are so many different ways to design and style your bathroom, but we know one way that will fit for any theme you are thinking about – subway tiles.Subway tiles are wonderful because they are incredibly versatile. Rectangular and brick like, subway tiles gain their name from where you think they would; they originated from the tiles used in subways. Luckily, someone figured out that they look amazing in different rooms throughout the household.

When it comes to using subway tiles in the bathroom, you can masterfully create many different themes. They work with a traditional setting and they spruce up a contemporary room. They look great as an industrial style as well. Subway tiles hold up well for long periods of time and are easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them.

Bathroom With Subway Tiles

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1. Subway Tile Combined with Hardwood

Subway Tile Combined with HardwoodSource: Summer Thornton

This beautiful room blends the best of subway tile and an industrial style. The tile works well to give the room an open feeling, working with the open area under the sink.

2. Classic White Subway Tile with ContrastClassic White Subway Tile with Contrast

Source: Vallonia

This bathroom uses a great black and white design, brought out wonderfully by the subway tiles used on the walls and in the shower area. This is a classy bathroom.

3. Gray Subway TileGray Subway Tile

Source: Interior Therapy

The gray subway tile used in this bathroom brings a mid-century look, especially when combined with the decor. The hardwood floor brings a great balance to this space.

4. Transitional Tile in the MiddleTransitional Tile in the Middle

Source: Hanson Fine Building

Running around the middle of this bathroom is a brilliant design move – subway tile. It doesn’t overwhelm, but completely brings out the decor in the room.

5. Transitional Subway TileTransitional Subway Tile

Source: Craftsman Design and Renovation

Working with what will remind you of an sea theme, this room blends a hardwood sink space with great subway tile. The round mirror will remind you of a ship’s window.

6. Beautiful Subway Tile ShowerBeautiful Subway Tile Shower

Source: Barbara Grunshow Designs

This bathroom has an open design style with a wonderful walk-n shower. The subway tiles used in the shower are are the perfect addition to this bathroom.

7. Light Gray Transitional SubwayLight Gray Transitional Subway

Source: Urrutia Design

Not all subway tile has to be white. This tile is light gray and it really helps to set the shower are apart. When blended with the floor style, this room is a contemporary wonder.

8. Black Grout Subway TileBlack Grout Subway Tile

Source: Amsted Design-Build

When you really want your subway tile to stand out, use black grout to create a wonderful contrast. This room take a classic design and makes it functional.

9. White and Black Subway TileWhite and Black Subway Tile

Source: Green Apple Interiors and Design

The hexagon black tiles used for the floor create the perfect contrast with the white subway tiles used around the bathroom. When balanced with the hardwood sink area, this is a fantastic theme.

10. Trendy Gray Subway StyleTrendy Gray Subway Tile

Source: GIA Bathrooms and Kitchens

Often, it doesn’t take much to bring a room to like. With this one wall being composed of gray subway tiles, the entire room pops with life.

11. A Great Tile CombinationA Great Tile Combination

Source: MDS Remodeling LLC

The brilliance of a chevron tile floor can make a room look amazing, and this one stands out even more when combined with the subway tiles all around.

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12. Patterned Subway Tile WallPatterned Subway Tile Wall

Source: Studio Z Design

Not all subway tile has to look the same. You can get creative with the patterns to fit your creativity and style. This alternating pattern really brings this space to life.

13. Midsize Elegant Gray SubwayMidsize Elegant Gray Subway

Source: Amberth

Even though this bathroom isn’t huge, it has a larger feel to it. That is thanks to the subway tile used throughout. When used with the claw style bathtub, it really opens up the room.

14. Contemporary Elegant Gray Subway TileContemporary Elegant Gray Subway Tile

Source: Centrsvet Group

This bathroom has a Zen-like style to it. When combined with the elegant hardwood and chevron styled floor, this gray subway tile brings great character to this space.

15. Eclectic and Glossy Subway TileEclectic and Glossy Subway Tile

Source: Egue y Seta

Not all subway tiles look the same. Here, you can see how much life the glossy style brings to this room. With wonderful decor and a well designed floor, this bathroom works.

16. Beautiful Darker Gray Subway StyleBeautiful Darker Gray Subway Tile

Source: Grand Design London

Darker colors for subway tiles may not be what you immediately think of, but you can see how well it works here. It allows you to create great contrasts throughout the room.

17. Gray Subway Tile and Brick BlendGray Subway Tile and Brick Blend

Source: Peter Landings Photography

This subway tile is blended with something you wouldn’t normally associate with it – red brick. It works so well to create a rugged yet comfortable bathroom.

18. Transitional Corner Subway Style ShowerTransitional Corner Subway Tile Shower

Source: Leviars

This bathroom starts off with character thanks to the durable hardwood floor. When the weathered style subway tile is combined with it, this is a truly great space that is classy and functional.

19. Beige Subway Tile WallBeige Subway Tile Wall

Source: Deimler Family Construction

This beige subway tile works with the multi-color space to give it a darker color to balance the room with. The style is a contemporary elegance.

20. White Subway Tile in a Tropical Setting

White Subway Tile in Tropical SettingSource: Alexander Owen Architecture

With a tropical theme taking over this bathroom, the white subway tiles really make the green stand out. When blended with the wonderful wallpaper, you see a room that comes to life.

21. Contemporary Subway Tile Use

Contemporary Subway Tile UseSource: Hastings Design

This bathroom has an easy and contemporary design style that really shows its functionality. The subway tile is used for all the walls and really helps the hardwood highlights stand out.

22. Light Beige Subway Tile Surroundings

Source: Howells Architecture + Design, LLC

Classy, calm, and contemporary. This bathroom uses a light beige color theme and the subway tiles rise to the challenge of bringing character to the space.

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