How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

Tiling a bathroom floor is something that everyone should have no problem doing with the right information. The video shows you what you need to do to lay down beautiful mosaic tile that will impress.

Mosaic tile are either sold individually or on mesh-backed sheets. It’s recommended to use the sheets because it cuts down on time. The first thing to do is make sure the subfloor is clean and level, be sure to get rid of any debris. Next, lay out chalk lines dividing the room into perpendicular quadrants. Afterwards, be sure to seal the tile this way they don’t absorb moisture. Once that is complete, it’s time to spread the mortar.

Make sure your mortar is the same color as your grout, and then spread it evenly. Use a trowel and comb it vertically to get the proper lines. Check your first mesh square to ensure that mortar is completely covering the backing. As you continue, be sure to line up the tile and use a damp sponge to wipe off any mortar that gets on placed tiles. Once this is completed, it’s time to grout. Spread the grout evenly and diagonally so the spaces are filled in. Then once the grout has dried, begin the clean up process. Use a wet and dry rag for this. After, the grout has cured, be sure to seal the tile using a damp sponge so the tile can effectively resist mold and mildew.


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