50 Traditional Family Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

When you are designing your home, whether it is a new one or a remodel, you have so many things to keep up with. One thing you want to get right is the family room. Less formal than a traditional living room, you will spend many days and nights relaxing in the family room.

Going for a traditional design is not boring. Traditional styles range widely in appearance, giving you many options. You want something that matches your personality so that you will always feel welcome. Whether it will be just your or the guests you are hosting, you will find a traditional style that you will love to show off.

Traditional Family Room Design Ideas

1. Rustic Sensibilities

This room is filled with a rustic style, from the light fixtures to the brick fireplace. The hardwood floor has wonderful furniture on top and the decor brings just enough color to give the room life.

2. Simply Entertaining

The shelves on either side of this fireplace give you the perfect amount of room for book space and decor display. With a television right over the fireplace, you can relax and watch your favorite television shows.

3. Light and Open

This family room has a wonderful hardwood floor and take on a light sense of style thanks to the decor and furniture. Plenty of natural light is allowed to shine into this room.

4. Contemporary Warmth

5. Darker Fireplace

This beautiful and sleek dark stacked stone fireplace is the showpiece of the room. With dark hardwood shelving on either side and light furniture contrasting, the combinations are beautiful.

6. Darker Earth Tones

With a fantastic use of darker earth tones, this family room is cozy and welcoming. The whole space has a warm sense of sophistication that will leave you in peace.

7. Elegant Styles

With a slight hint of rustic from the light fixtures, this family room is opened up thanks for the tall windows. The natural light shines into this room that balances light furniture off this hardwood floor.

8. Easy Colors

Using the light coming in the windows to its advantage, this room has a wonderful, subdued color scheme that is a perfect fit. The crafted ceiling is a great design feature, matching the room well.

9. Country Charm

Connecting this family room with the wonderful dining space, this whole area is kept warm by a beautiful fireplace. With country decor and classic wood used for the walls, this is a perfect space.

10. A Warm Center

With traditional furniture surrounding the warm fireplace, this room uses decor that highlights the exposed beams and hardwood floor.

11. Wonderful Shelf Space

The dark blue used for the shelves and cabinets here are matched with a beautifully patterned rug. This room has a great sense of home style, a space you will always feel comfortable in.

12. Open Floor Plan

With great architecture at work here, from the ceiling to the shelves, this room is opened up and has beautiful furniture. Come here after a long day to catch up on your news or shows.

13. Natural Colors

With a nod to a tropical sense of style, this room uses handsome designs. The stone used around the fireplace is creative and the plant decor works well.

14. Great Displays

The furniture and decor work hand in hand in this room to go with the beautiful hardwood floor. From the fireplace to the entertainment area, everything flow together seamlessly.

15. Great Colors

Open, classy, and sophisticated. This family room has it all. With plenty of shelf space to keep your books or decor and minimal interference from furniture, you can sit back and read in comfort.

16. Modern and Warm

The fireplace is flanked by windows that let the natural light shine into this space to show off the durable hardwood floor and easy decor style. You and your family will enjoy the warmth and comfort of this room.

17. Abstract Art

Notice how this room uses unique decor items to bring it to life. The tree stump table, the abstract art and decor above the fireplace. All of it shines in the natural light pouring in.

18. Light Shelving

With wonderful patterns used around this room, you can sense the life from this space. The fireplace and television have an abundance of shelving on either side, giving you plenty of options for decor.

19. Modern Barn

Take your idea of a barn, open and comfortable, and make it elegant and luxurious. That is what this family room does, with a beautiful hardwood floor and plenty of natural light.

20. Comfortable Brick

This fantastic brick wall has two beautiful archways to walk through, leading you in to a wonderful family room. Sit and relax by the fire and watch some television or read a book.

21. Easy Gaming

With this room, you have a small kitchen area to keep your food and drinks at the ready as you and your guests knock out a few games of pool.

22. Hardwood Greatness

The large stacked stone used for this fireplace looks amazing, especially when combined with this hardwood floor. The dark style for the cabinets is handsome and a perfect blend.

23. Connected Space

This family room is seamlessly connected with the kitchen and dining areas of the house, giving everyone easy access to anywhere they need to be. Relax on this wonderful furniture at the end of a long day.

24. Easy Lounge

25. Stacked Stone Style

The flat design around this gas lit fireplace is great for the television, giving everyone a warm place to catch up on some shows. The hardwood shelves will house all of your books and beautiful decor.

26. Beautiful and Light

The high ceiling give this family room a sense of openness and the natural light shines in to show off the beautiful furniture. Stacked stone for the fireplace is a wonderful finishing touch.

27. Handsome Styles

With grace and warm sophistication, this room uses bold darker hardwood and matching furniture to make a statement. Play a game of pool or sit and have some drinks with your guests.

28. A Blue Style

With a touch of modern elegance, this family room uses a blue color scheme throughout. The patterns, from the carpet to the curtains, match the space perfectly and bring life to the room.

29. Elegant Choices

The stone fireplace rises to the ceiling and is adorned with simple, yet beautiful decor that matches the whole room. With comfortable furniture giving just the right amount of color, you will love this warm space.

30. Sophisticated Decor

The warm fall colors used to create the ambiance in this family room are wonderful. Sit and enjoy the hardwood decor and furniture, basking in the natural light that shines in.

31. Sea Charm

With light hardwood walls that blend perfectly with the wonderful blue furniture, this room carries a sea theme. Great patterns and fantastic decor work so well with this space.

32. Wonderful Designs

The beautiful fireplace in this family room is matched wonderfully by this fantastic rug. With plenty of light coming in from the windows, you can see how well this light furniture matches the room.

33. Darker Designs

This contemporary space uses comfortable furniture that will let you sit back and enjoy a good movie experience. The hardwood floor is matched beautifully by the decor choices in the room.

34. Pitched Ceiling

The pitched ceiling here features beautiful exposed wooden beams. The decor and artwork used around this room stands out wonderfully in the natural light that pours in.

35. A Beach Reminder

With a classic light style in this room, from the decor to the furniture, this room has a calm and lively look. Sit here and get warm by the fire while you catch up on your favorite television shows.

36. Classic Architecture

Like a European villa, this room makes use of wonderful exposed wooden beams and a brick fireplace. The light shines in these traditional windows and shows off the plant life decor.

37. Traditional and Natural

This grand brick fireplace is the centerpiece of this room, rising right up to the arched wooden beams. The hardwood floor is matched by the furniture for a great style in this room.

38. European Styles

Comfortably seat four people around this table for a relaxing time. The patterns here, from the curtains to the pillows, all accent the European style of the room.

39. A Contemporary Arrangement

With a fantastic ceiling, designed for style, this room has a contemporary look that will let you relax and be entertained. The plant decor is a perfect fit for this room.

40. Rustic Fireplace

With a rustic design around this fireplace, and matching decor throughout this room, you are reminded of a Fall design. The light shines in on these natural colors and looks fantastic.

41. Calm and Collected

With traditional furniture to match the hardwood floor and beams, this room has a calm ambiance. The windows let just the right amount of light in so you will be at peace.

42. Arched Arrangement

With the perfect spaces to keep your books and decor, you can center yourself around the fireplace and enjoy the room. Catch up on some television and relax for the day.

43. Plenty of Windows

The windows wrap around this family room and show off the wonderful architecture and materials. The brick extends beyond the fireplace and gives a warm sense of style all around the room.

44. All Light Styles

This family room makes use of light colors and beautiful patterns to create a charming environment. The cabinets and shelving give a wonderful storage and decor space and the hardwood floor centers the whole room.

45. Easy Relaxing Space

For a book lover, this is the perfect way to design a family room. With plenty of shelving surrounding this television, you can sit back and read or enjoy the show.

46. Great Wooden Beams

This smaller space is perfectly designed, giving tou everything you need for a family room. The exposed beams are balanced by the light style of the room and you can relax in front of the television.

47. Warm and Classic

Like a classic and wonderful mountain home, this room makes use of great materials. The fireplace uses a splendid stacked stone design and is surrounded by hardwood. The large windows let the light pour in to show it all off.

48. Beige Wonder

The light beige walls and ceiling area  great balance to the darker styles used for the fireplace and doors. With a hardwood floor to design around, you have many decor options here.

49. Handsome and Sophisticated

The black used around the fireplace and for the furniture is a great blend with the hardwood walls and floor. The bench seating gives you an area to relax in the natural light.

50. Great Stone Design

This fireplace is certainly the centerpiece of this room, giving you a wonderful stacked stone design. With shelves and cabinets on either side, you have plenty of decor options here.

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