37 Impressive Transitional Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Designing a kitchen can be overwhelming, but it can also be fun. With a blank canvass to work from, you have so many options. Sure, you have seen industrial styles, classic designs, and retro ideas, but maybe none of them were quite right. Maybe you need to look at some transitional kitchens.

Transitional kitchens will give you the best of all your ideas. With subdued colors, natural materials, and streamlined designs, this could be exactly what you are looking for. Take a look below at these 37 transitional kitchen designs and ideas that we have gathered for you.

Transitional Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Sleek Functionality

With a sleek, modern design, this kitchen does the job of looking great and providing functionality. With an extra space for beverage storage, you will always be ready to host some get togethers.

2. Traditional Highlights

With the copper accents from the handles and the faucets, the darker cabinets really make a statement against the lighter counter and wall. The natural light shining in shows the whole space off.

3. Wonderful Decor

Against the traditional cabinets and wonderful hardwood floor, this kitchen uses simple and wonderful decor, including great plant life. The stove area has great shelving to hold your ingredients while you cook.

4. Hardwood Styles

Sometimes it is one simple design idea that changes a room. Here, the hardwood area above the center island perfectly accents the floor and overall design of this kitchen.

5. Charrging Station

With our on-the-go lifestyles, this drawer will let us stay charged up and ready to go. Keep your devices in the drawer and out of the way while they charge and grab them when you’re ready.

6. Brick Patterns

The subdued colors for the brick style wall blend wonderfully with the color scheme of this kitchen. The center island, taking a darker style, works well with the hardwood floor.

7. The Perfect Storage

With plenty of storage options hidden away behind these sleek drawers, you will always be organized. There is a space for everything, from your ingredients and beverages to your pots and pans.

8. Stone Style Floor

This multi-sized stone floor sets the tone for this kitchen. With a light gray style for the entire space, you are also connected to the outdoors.

9. Traditional and Lively

Sometimes it is the decor that makes the final statement in a room. This kitchen uses traditional styles and enhances them with colorful decor that pops with life.

10. All Needs Met

From the functional and stylish center island to the easily accessible walk-in pantry, this kitchen will meet all of your needs. Choose to take your meals at teh nearby dining space or right at the island.

11. Light Earth Tones

The light earth tones used for this kitchen, mixed with the fantastic counter tops, work to create a great looking space. The decor is simple yet purposeful, and is shown off by great accent lighting.

12. Always Stay Organized

This walk-in pantry space keeps the style going. With a red brick style and hardwood counter tops, you will actually enjoy getting all your ingredients out.

13. Industrial Lights

With this traditionally styled kitchen, you get an industrial flair with the use of stainless steel for the light fixtures and the appliances.

14. Fantastic Designs

This kitchen makes use of bold designs and colors, starting with the black drawers. With a mix of hardwood and white counter tops, combined with easy decor, this kitchen has an amazing look.

15. Corner Purpose

Instead of wasting corner space, get drawers like this built in. They are functional and give you all the extra room you need for storage.

16. Blue Texture

The blue tile behind this stove area really makes this kitchen lively. The tiles add texture and really make the hardwood designs stand out.

17. Elegant Designs

With elegance and style, this kitchen does a wonderful job with design. The tiles used around the stove stand out with life and the marble counter tops look fantastic.

18. Classic and Handsome

With bold darker colors and great designs, this kitchen has great character. Golden accents add to the luxurious style and the large farm style sink works really well.

19. Convenient Storage

Keep all of your extra ingredients and plates stored neatly away inside this walk-in space. You will love how conveniently organized everything is, waiting and ready for you.

20. Blue Splash

This contemporary kitchen comes to life with splashes of blue from the center island and light fixtures. The darker hardwood floor is balanced by the lighter styles used throughout the space.

21. Easy Hardwood

The hardwood designs used in this kitchen, from the floor to the cabinets, is perfectly matched with the simple decor and tile behind the sink. The center island is functional and give you room to sit and have a meal.

22. Always Functional

This storage area is very functional, with drawers and cabinets to meet your every need. It looks great, and when closed up, blends right in with the kitchen space.

23. Open Elegance

This kitchen is truly elegant, with a completely wonderful design. With great earth tones at work, combining with luxurious fixtures and styles, you will be able to host large events here.

24. Gray Blends

The sleek design of these cabinets and the wonderful tile used behind the sink area blend together to make a very stylish kitchen. The hardwood floor really stands out against the gray.

25. Skylight Wonder

The wonder of this kitchen is the open floor plan and the easy access to the outdoors. The natural light shines in on this light and beautiful kitchen. The skylights bring in some added life for a wonderful effect.

26. Cooking and Dining

With a light and lively style, this kitchen soaks on the natural light. The hardwood floor is the perfect way to start in this space, with white cabinets and stainless appliances for balance.

27. Calm Luxury

Functional and luxurious, this kitchen boasts a large center island that gives you extra cooking and dining space. With simple, but beautiful, decor, this whole room shines with life.

28. Eat In Style

Built right in to this bright kitchen is a wonderful dining area with a hardwood table. Beautifully matching the floor, this space has chairs that feature a great design, giving this room character.

29. Bold Wooden Highlights

The bold and dark hardwood floor is perfectly matched by the center island and the cabinet door trims. The contrasts created in this kitchen set a handsome tone.

30. Luxurious Industrial

The shelving and the light fixtures bring this space an industrial feel that blends perfectly with the traditional space. The earth-toned cabinets work well with the hardwood floor.

31. Always Tidy

These roll up cabinets give you the perfect space to keep your appliances out of the way, leaving the counter tops uncluttered.

32. Extended Center Island

Sometimes you just need a little extra room and functionality in your kitchen, and this center island gives you just that. You can seat many of your friends and family around for a meal.

33. Beautiful Design Blends

The stainless steel appliances are the perfect match for the dark hardwood of the cabinets and the center island. The tiles used on the walls in this kitchen bring character and texture.

34. Darker Cabinet Styles

The dark gray goes well with the bold hardwood floor of this kitchen. The white center island makes for a great contrast and gives you plenty of eating space.

35. Beautiful Cabinet Ideas

This wonderfully designed center island rises its sides to the ceiling, giving you plety of extra built-in storage. The brick design goes well with the early-century style of the kitchen.

36. Exposed Beam Character

When you have exposed wooden beams in the ceiling like this, you can go bold with your designs. The darker center island and cabinets are a great match for the design of this space.

37. Functional Pantry Space

Just open up the doors here to reveal wonderful storage options. With a space for every ingredient and cooking item, you will always be organized.