30 Unforgettable Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

The living room is the space where you invite your guests to sit and it needs to make a great first impression. Everything from the color of the walls to the accents you choose and the items you display will tell people about you. It’s important to focus on what you love and make the room just feel great.

When you look around your living room, what do you see? Do you see a space that represents your life and your particular goals and personality? If not, it might be time to change things up a bit! When guests come into your living room and sit down to chat, they are going to notice things. They will see if your space is bright or dark, cluttered or clean and they’ll make judgments based off of that.

If you feel your space just isn’t quite up to snuff, the beautiful living rooms below should inspire you to create a special space all your own.

Unforgettable Living Room Design Ideas

1. Modern Comfort

This modern living room features minimalistic furniture that prevents clutter and keeps you comfortable.

2. Arched Doorways

Add elegance to your living room with beautiful, high arched doorways leading in and out of the room.

3. Indoor Trees

Bring the outdoors in with some real, live trees that brighten up the space and bring a breath of fresh air into your living room.

4. Shades of Gray

This stunning living room features sevearl shades of gray, with an emerald sofa to brighten the sophisticated space up a bit.

5. Two Story Curtains

Create unity in your two story living room by adding curtains that fall elegantly from the top window to the floor.

6. Backlit Nooks

Adding lights to the nooks on either side of the fireplace will give you the perfect place to display your favorite collectibles.

7. Built-In Entertainment Center

This family living room is dominated by the built-in entertainment center that features space for all your electronics and gaming supplies, plus movies and books.

8. Funky Art

Brighten your living room walls with fun art, like these two full wall size pieces.

9. Animal Print Textures

This beautiful living room is alive with fun colors, but the real focal points are the pillows and cushions done up in animal prints.

10. Stunning Nature

From the log slab coffee table and wooden floors to the sheepskins and plants, this living room makes you feel at home in nature.

11. Feathered Light

In a quirky, fun living room, this feathered overhead light definitely catches your attention as it illuminates the space.

12. Taupe and Blue

Keep things simple with a taupe and white color scheme, accented with dusty blue throw pillows.

13. Feminine Touch

Some may argue that blue is masculine, but when paired with sheer curtains and white decor, it’s decidedly feminine.

14. Glass Display Case

Add some interest to your living room with this lovely glass and metal display case, where you can show off your favorite things.

15. Full Wall Fireplace

Beautifully offset by the colorful furniture, this stone fireplace takes up an entire wall and provides visual interest.

16. Stylish TV Table

This minimalistic television table adds style and depth to your modern living room.

17. Greenhouse Effect

This room blends with the garden outside its windows with the floral carpet and beautiful green sofa.

18. Crimson Room

In a space that is full of natural colors, a splash of red adds interest and fun, with the sofa reflecting the carpet and throw pillows.

19. Crisp Lines

Full of details, this beautiful space uses crisp lines and moldings to create a slightly more formal feel than most living rooms.

20. Art Gallery Fireplace

Snuggle up in front of this wide, decorative fireplace and enjoy the art above it and surrounding it.

21. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The elegant coffee table in the center of this living room is made of beautifully stained reclaimed wood and topped with art pieces.

22. Balanced Entertainment Wall

The visually pleasing aspect of this entertainment wall is due to the use of dark elements on the white background.

23. Elegant Fireplace

This dark fireplace features a uniquely designed grate that matches the intricate designs found throughout the living room.

24. Timber Mantel

Give your fireplace a hefty makeover by adding a thick timber shelf as the mantel and stain it dark to really stand out.

25. Butterfly Art

The lovely butterfly piece in front of the fireplace not only looks amazing, it helps reflect heat back into the fireplace.

26. Beach-Style Space

Bright whites and delicate sea greens and blues make this living room feel like you’re staying in a beachside cottage.

27. Wood Accent Wall

Draw attention to your fireplace by adding a reclaimed wood accent wall above it, with a simple gray stain to keep it interesting.

28. Indoor Outdoor Living Room

Indoors or outdoors, you’ll be perfectly comfortable in this dual living room, with a set of seats outside the full glass wall.

29. Cozy Sweater Ottomans

One look at these ottmans, covered in fuzzy sweater designs and you’ll want to prop your feet up on one or even sink onto it as a seat.

30. Room Full of Color

Make your living room pop with color everywhere. From the lamps to the art and the crystals on the coffee table, this room is bright and interesting.