29 Unique Master Bathroom Inspirations (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

It’s always easier to just go along with the crowd.  This tends to be true in every area of life, including the decisions we make regarding home design.  But why not dare to be unique sometimes, especially when it comes to the design and decoration of rooms of your home in which you spend a great deal of time–such as the master bathroom?

Keep in mind that unique does not have to mean unfashionable.  And you can put your own spin on many well-known and even often used design features.  You will find many unique ideas in the 29 gorgeous pictures set out below.  Imagine how allowing yourself to be inspired by some of these could transform your master bathroom.  There’s plenty to think about, that’s for sure!

Unique Ideas For Your Master Bathroom

1. Pewter-look bathtub

This master bathroom’s pewter-look bathtub will give your own a look that’s both unique and appealingly modern.

2. Ample yet utilitarian shower stall

This simply designed shower stall is both useful and stylish.

3. Smoky taupe tile

Smoky taupe tile gives this unique master bathroom a rather comforting atmosphere.

4. Astoundingly expansive

This incredibly large and upmarket master bathroom has stunning features well worth considering if you have the space.

5. Rosy beige

Blush beige makes this master bathroom come alive.  It is a soft look that creates an upmarket atmosphere.

6. Parallel windows

These unique parallel windows bring in sunshine from the outdoors.

7. Frosted glass

Frosted glass creates a slightly retro yet appealingly fresh look.

8. Cornflower blue

Cornflower blue cabinets and drawers paired with rugs of a rather periwinkle shade lend this master bathroom a classic yet up-to-date atmosphere.

9. Stunning picture window

This bathroom’s stunning picture window positioned beside the bathtub brings the outdoors in.

10. Unexpected combination

The dusty violet of the walls pairs surprisingly well with the pale blue of the shower stall walls.

11. Faux fireplace

This faux fireplace gives the master bathroom an appealingly warm and comforting atmosphere.

12. Curved counter top

Consider getting a curved counter top like this one.  It helps create quite a sophisticated look.

13. Highly decorative mirror frames

This bathroom’s ornate mirror frames are an eye-catching feature.

14. Fanciful floor pattern

This fanciful floor pattern gives this bathroom a classically beautiful look.

15. Patchwork motif

This patchwork motif floor is guaranteed to make your bathroom stand out.

16. Decorative scroll patterns on the windows

Windows with decorative scroll patterns has an upmarket effect.

17. Veined marble and crystal chandelier

Veined marble in the shower stall and a breathtaking crystal chandelier creates a luxurious look.

18. Textured wall with a wavy pattern

A textured wall with a wavy pattern adds style to this bathroom’s shower stall.

19. Shower enclosure in the middle of the room

This shower stall in the middle of the bathroom will surprise and delight anyone who sees it.  The stall even has a remarkably unique square shower head.

20. Convenient electrical outlets in one place

This original electrical outlet station in a bathroom cabinet unit will be useful for anyone who uses a hairdryer.

21. Violet counter and numerous simple hanging light fixtures

This master bathroom’s numerous hanging light fixtures have a remarkably simple design that you might appreciate.  Its violet counter is stylish and sophisticated, and the wicker baskets found underneath are useful for storage.

22. Ceiling with wooden-plank look

This ceiling’s wooden-plank look adds a bit of rustic charm to this otherwise conventionally sleek bathroom.  Gold-colored faucets are an intriguing addition.

23. Round mirror with matching light fixtures

The mirror and light fixtures of this master bathroom have the same rounded shape.

24. Mesh-like wallpaper pattern

This master bathroom’s mesh-like wallpaper pattern pairs well with contemporary-look wash basins and faucets and a unique floral arrangement.

25. Separate bath area

This bath area is partitioned off from the rest of the bathroom by crystal clear glass.

26. Crystal encrusted ceiling light fixture

For added elegance, a crystal encrusted ceiling light fixture like the one pictured here is an excellent choice.

27. Extraordinarily large sink and double picture windows

Double picture windows allow for a beautiful view.  The extraordinary length of this bathroom’s sink is an excellent practical feature, as long as you have the space.

28. Gold-toned accents

The gold-toned design accents, shiny light-colored hardwood floors, and colorful rug are all delightful choices.

29. Shower enclosure with sauna-style accents

The wooden accents in this shower stall are reminiscent of the sauna.
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