Upcycle Plastic Bottles to Make Gorgeous Flowers

Upcycle Plastic Bottles to Make Gorgeous Flowers

Plastic bottles are constantly a scourge upon our society because they should be recycled but end up everywhere except where they should be. Until now.

Many people when finishing consuming the contents of a plastic bottle are content just to discard the bottle. These bottles, however, are recyclable and the amount of waste around the world from plastic bottles is staggering. Fortunately, it’s very easy to upcycle these plastic bottles and create some awesome art.

The first step is for you to cut the top part of the bottle. Then take the cone and cut down the sides towards the cap. Then what you do is round out the edges of the petals and then punch out a small hole in the cap so that you can insert lights or other things into the flower bottle. Spray paint the plastic bottle flower to the color you’d like, and then take a look at all the different ways you can use these plastic bottle flowers to decorate.

Indoor lights are great, but you can even turn them into small holders.


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