21 Exquisite Victorian Kitchen Design Ideas (Photos)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Your kitchen is the lifeline of your home. Often a central area for everyone, we know you want to make sure it is designed and decorated exactly the way you want.

A Victorian style can work amazingly well for your kitchen. Based on an eclectic decor era, a Victorian style is known for its ornamentation, crafted designs, and order. It has a calming effect while at the same time leaving you in awe.

Over the years, the Victorian style has been adapted. Below, you will see some traditional Victorian designs as well as some modern ones that blend a few different styles. Take your time and find something that works for you.

Victorian Style Kitchen Design Ideas

1. A Victorian Country Design

A Victorian Country Design

This charming kitchen has a wonderful country style, from the farm style sink to the wonderful and functional center island.

2. Industrial Early Century

Industrial Early Century

With a simple approach to cabinets, this kitchen take a slight industrial approach with the tile backsplash. We love the center island’s hardwood countertop.

3. Cozy Charming Area

Cozy Charming Area

Even in a smaller space, you can have a perfectly charming setting. This kitchen has a classic design approach and a wonderful dining area.

4. Functional and Traditional

Functional and Traditional

From the wonderful tile walls to the simple traditional cabinets, this kitchen has a great early century vibe. We love the stainless steel range.

5. Herringbone Backsplash

Herringbone Backsplash

When used appropriately, a herringbone backsplash can look amazing. We love how well the colors in this kitchen meld together.

6. Victorian Pink Design

Victorian Pink Design

A true Victorian style is going to incorporate color. Here, you see how well the pink ties everything together in every space.

7. Beautifully Crafted Designs

Beautifully Crafted Designs

This crafted hood vent sits over a wonderful dark range. The cabinets in this kitchen will remind you of a great traditional style that never gets old.

8. Grand Center Island

Grand Center Island

By using and repurposing older furniture, you can transform your kitchen into a classic wonder. This center island is amazing and goes so well with the beautiful range.

9. Industrial Early Century

Industrial Early Century

This kitchen takes on a grand industrial style, making you think of an old warehouse. It is romantic and functional, with wonderful colors and style.

10. Great Burgundy Backsplash

Great Burgundy Backsplash

The simple addition of a burgundy tile backsplash here has transformed the whole space into a handsome area. This kitchen is sleek and functional.

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11. Stainless Steel Update

Stainless Steel Update

In this kitchen, you are meant to think of an early 1900s style. With a great use of light and dark colors for contrast, we love the timeless decor and stainless steel use.

12. Traditional With Dining

Traditional With Dining

This traditional space is truly beautiful. The elegance is born from taking a rustic style and turning it light.

13. Hardwood Matches

Hardwood Matches

It is hard to go wrong with hardwood, and this kitchen uses multiple tones to get it right. From the floor to the center island, the hardwood styles work well in this traditional setting.

14. Darker and Luxurious

Darker and Luxurious

Take a traditional style and make it darker and you end up with something this bold and handsome. This space has an elegance that is unmatched.

15. Beautifully Crafted Hardwood

Beautifully Crafted Hardwood

Look at how well designed this center island is, with its carved hardwood. It is a perfect match for this grand kitchen space.

16. Traditional Hardwood

Traditional Hardwood

We love how well this medium toned hardwood is used with the lighter floor and ceiling to make a beautiful space. The stainless steel appliances are a wonderful match.

17. Hardwood Backsplash Design

Hardwood Backsplash Design

The backsplash here is unique and a perfect contrast to the lighter cabinets. We love the classic cabinets and the central dining space.

18. Beautiful Dining Area

Beautiful Dining Area

Make a great meal in this kitchen then take it to this beautiful dining area. Surrounded by wonderful bay windows, you will enjoy the natural light in this space.

19. European Center Island

European Center Island


The center island in this kitchen steals the show. A repurposed piece of furniture, you will be transported to an earlier century.

20. A Contemporary Design

A Contemporary Design

We love how well the traditional elements in this kitchen work with the the modern vibe that is created. This space is great, creating wonderful contrasts and a fun environment.

21. Hardwood and Stainless Match

Hardwood and Stainless Match

Never underestimate how much a hardwood counter and stainless steel appliances can do. They work together to spruce up this traditional space.

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