43 Wonderful Family Room Decorations (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Finding the perfect paint color for your interior is only half of what you need to decide on when doing a makeover of your room. You also have to know the correct type of paint to use based on what part of the room you will be doing.

Paint can come in various types with different characteristics and intended application. For your walls, use semi-gloss paints to reflect off some lights, while matte paints are best for the ceiling especially if you are a little tight with your budget. Using matte paints on your wall is also recommended if you want to have less glare on your wall than semi-gloss paints.

If you are looking for more flexibility in terms of design than a typical coat of paint can offer, you can also opt to use wallpapers. Like paint, it can come in solid colors, or with textures, patterns, gloss, glitters, and so on, the options are endless. The top two things to consider when choosing wallpaper over paint is ease of maintenance and the people in the household.

Generally, paint is easier to repair and replace than wallpaper, but the amount of time spent on removing paints, preparing the surface, and plotting a custom design may not be worth your time. You might be better off paying a professional painter to do the dirty work for you.

These wonderful photos of decorated family rooms will paint you a clear picture in finding the right options when updating the finishes of your walls and ceiling.

Wonderful Family Room Decorating Ideas

1. Renaissance Man

Set yourself up with a nice book while relaxing in this converted attic that features a Renaissance ottoman with turned legs and benches seating tucked underneath the windows.

2. Spoiled Bright

Bright and cozy rooms are always a delight. This contemporary seating area highlights the dark elm sofa and armchairs with minimal accessories.

3. Book Worm

This all wood circular library is stained to perfection. The tall wooden ladder adds function and style.

4. Seating For Two

Come home to a comfortable gray sectional sofa in an apartment filled with natural lighting, red chestnut hardwood floor, and all-white interior.

5. Tech Ranch

Who says rustic always have to be a theme? A contemporary high-ceiling country home sports a brick stone facade for its modern and minimalist fireplace.

6. Block And White

Dive right into a sea of whites in this squeaky clean apartment. An all-white sofa and armchairs including the square coffee table uplift the brown flooring while the glossy ceiling detailing adds depth.

7. Harp Core

Read to yourself until you doze up in this green and brown bay window that displays a green curtain with tussles, stained wood, and an antique harp side table.

8. Seeing Double

Elevate your all neutral interior through incorporating patterns and adding a splash of color, like the decor of this house that consists of round orange ottoman, gray modular sofas, and a pair of designer coffee tables.

9. The Glass And The Furious

Quiet interiors can be achieved thanks to technology. A minimal house fitted with noise-reducing glass, upholstered furniture, and hardwood floors will keep the sounds to a minimal.

10. Horse Reddish

For a splash of color and personality, the designer of this dwelling introduced a red-orange armchair. patterned pillow covers and a gooseneck floor lamp to heighten up the mood.

11. Peter Pattern

Playful carpet pattern adds interest to this interior filled with architectural detailing, such as the coffered ceiling in semi-gloss paint, built-in media center, and paneled walls.

12. True Wreath

Go and scour nature for some inspiring decor like this minimalist interior that houses a gray sofa and charcoal armchair, balanced by a block of wood as a coffee table, a wood dining table, and a wreath.

13. Bow And Narrow

Outlined by the fascia board above the wooden back wall, a narrow seating area makes the most out of its space by employing a simple settee. Nordic armchair, a log of wood as a side table, and low sideboard serve their function well.

14. Loft And Right

Have a nice evening every night in a well-lit apartment with a mezzanine like this one. A pair of white sofas in front of the tall, brick stone fireplace is all you need.

15. Double Trouble

Navigate your way into the gray sectional sofa with a martini on both of your hands to casually watch a movie on one of the floating wall dividers while the other one that holds the fireplace provide you warmth.

16. Otto Manual

An awe-inspiring and drool-worthy interior calls for a cream sectional sofa, a set of gray armchairs with nailhead detailing, and a pair of upholstered x-base ottoman, parquet flooring, and a diamond patterned light blue carpet.

17. Mirror Mirror

Kim Kardashian would probably have one of these mirror top coffee tables. It goes seemingly well in an updated classic interior with a minimal coffered ceiling, classic furniture, and hardwood flooring.

18. Cream Chess

A checkered black and white flooring set the stage for this modest sunroom with wicker sofa and wooden armchairs with upholstered seats.

19. Bare Loom

Leave your worries behind and just relax in a minimalist interior with wooden floors, white and gray sectional sofa, and a fabulous red and orange carpet.

20. Off The Rail

A modern stair with no railing echoes the finishes and design of the ceiling of an industrial loft apartment. The white walls and black furniture and accents play an interesting contrast.

21. Whipped Cream

Make yourself at home in this monochromatic number. The tufted leather sofa, armchair, curtains, and wall offers hospitality to the green accent chair.

22. Pearly Shelves

Let time flies you by in a library filled with books and game boards or take a snooze in a black leather chair near the mosaic fireplace with wooden mantle.

23. Doc Brown

Jiggle your noodle and immerse yourself with knowledge in a stylish library with floor to ceiling, dark brown bookshelves and a tufted settee in between.

24. Fire Starter

Melt away your stress sitting comfortably in the sunroom of this country house with a fireplace that offers texture and warmth to its audience.

25. Let’s Get Rail

Invite the whole family and spend a lazy Sunday afternoon recapping the past week and making plans for the coming days in a beautifully decorated home characterized by a hardwood floor, brick fireplace, and color coordinated accents.

26. Sea Oars

Nautical themed sitting room captures the vibrancy of the sea consisting an array of decorative elements, like oars, a sailboat model, ropes, and blue and white accents.

27. String Operation

House your collection of favorite guitars along the hallway or foyer with a built-in bench in wood paneling and upholstered back wall.

28. Stand Stool

Overcome any challenges sitting comfortably in an apartment with a light gray sectional sofa, some dual purpose stool, a slim rocking chair and a gray carpet in an all-white interior with minimal decor.

29. Better Off Red

Guarantee yourself a nice place to come home to everyday by setting up comfortable tufted sofas, sand-colored armchair, a classic wood coffee table and some red accents in front of a rustic fireplace.

30. Divan Diva

Perfection is perfected in this wood cabin in a distressed white paint that highlights the stone covered fireplace and a mid-century divan with a large print wool carpet.

31. Let’s Get High

Flourish in the light and in style at a well-decorated modern rustic house. A tall fireplace echoes the height of the place, while the Moroccan accents in the carpet and pillow, as well as the artworks, suggests a travelers personality.

32. Great Wainscot

Quaint and adorable library covered in wainscot detailing and simplified molding paints a calm spot perfect for a casual, light reading.

33. Rustic And Stone

Exhilarating your visual senses is the aim of this country-style interior with a decor that ranges from a stone covered fireplace, raw wood beams, leather sofa, and a Persian carpet.

34. Orange And Line

Roam around or just sit and relax with your feet up in the tan leather ottoman. The cream colored sectional sofa of this modern apartment play it nice with the wooden floors that echo the colors of the wooden ceiling.

35. Ladies And Magenta Men

Dressed to impress is the name of the game of this colorful and cheery interior. The bright pink armchairs hold no contest as the star of this show, with a wingback chair, colorful artwork, and printed yellow pillows in attendance.

36. Iron Grill

Savor the countryside atmosphere in this all wood interior. The modern wrought iron chandelier is a welcome update for the group of antique furniture like the dining chairs, side tables, and sofa.

37. Muppet Carpet

Clean lines and eye-catching accessories deserve a standing ovation for this contemporary residence. The red and white chevron pattern of the carpet adds a bubbly personality to the white sectional sofa and hardwood floor.

38. Color Me Blue

Tall bookshelves with colorful books, royal blue Chesterfield sofa, a white Ballon armchair, and an animal rug on top of a wool carpet makes a well-collected look that looks good in any angle.

39. Don’t Light To Me

A posh apartment with strategically placed lighting put the spotlight on the black and brown artwork, secondary seating area, and sleek dining table.

40. Black And Right

United by neutral colors, the beige, black, and white all helped to glam it up despite the small constricted space of this studio apartment.

41. Whale Of Fortune

Water element is notably present in this all-white sunroom. The crisp white sofa, cane side armchair, and paneled built-in are accompanied by a transparent coffee table, blue shawl, and a whale sculpture floats in the background.

42. Post Lit

Vaulted yet grounded, this modern take on a traditional house consists of a fireplace, cherry hardwood floors, stylish furniture, and an unadulterated green scenery.

43. Fire Wire

Shake your blues away while lounging in the brown tufted sectional sofa, accompanied by a set of jade armchairs, and a stone covered fireplace.