32 Wonderfully Designed Kitchens (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

The kitchen is often times the center of the household. People spend so much time in their kitchen, whether cooking or simply socializing. This is the space that people go to connect with others. Why not design one that you can truly be happy in every time you enter the room?

Whether you are starting to design a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one, we know how many choices you face. There are so many styles to look at. Ranging from the traditional design to more contemporary ideas, you have so many choices that it can seem overwhelming.

We have gathered 32 kitchen design ideas for you to browse through. Take your time and see if you come across anything you think you can use.

Wonderful Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Light and Traditional

The lighter toned hardwood used for this center island blends well with the floor. The light color scheme in the rest of the kitchen complements them both.

2. Fantastic Storage Space

When closed, this space takes the appearance of any normal cabinet, but open up and you have all the storage you need.

3. Classic Farm Style

Starting with this great sink and moving to the brick style wall and wooden shelves, this kitchen space has a great farmhouse design.

4. Functional Center Island

This hardwood designed center island has a great look that works well against the floor and the walls.

5. Pitched Roof With Beams

Leaving the hardwood center beams unpainted is a really great idea. You can use them to match other designs around the kitchen, like the floor and the center island.

6. Comfortable and Light

The light color scheme, balanced by the black counter tops, makes this kitchen comfortable. Though this space is not large, it is complete.

7. Flower Design Styles

Simple design changes can bring a room all new character. This floral tile design blends well with the blue color that contrasts with the white.

8. Elegant Center Island

This well designed center island has the sink built in, shoring up some extra counter space elsewhere. The hardwood and darker top on the island is an elegant style.

9. Bay Window Light

This kitchen is well lit thanks to the bay windows. You can enjoy a meal right by those windows as well. With a welcoming and comfortable design, you will enjoy this space.

10. Light and Functional

With a hardwood floor this great, you can really balance whites well. This space has a light and airy sense of style that will always put you in a good mood.

11. Extended for Functionality

The simple addition of this hardwood space on the center island makes a big difference in this traditional kitchen. It is a good match with the floor and give you extra functionality.

12. Design and Color

You can’t comment on the style of this kitchen without looking at the dining area. The designs in the kitchen are meant to blend with the blue in the dining space.

13. Modern Traditional

Even though this is a traditional design, this kitchen has great stainless steel modern appliances that really work well with the overall design.

14. Additional Space

This little area lets your kitchen become more functional by giving you an area to keep and serve your beverages from.

15. Durable and Rustic

These sturdy cross beams bring character to this kitchen. With a matching center island and a classic design, this kitchen is a great space.

16. Darker Color Scheme

You can see how an eclectic mix of designs and colors can work well together. This space starts with the hardwood floor and has a mix of darker blends to complete the room.

17. Extended Skylight

The skylight that runs the length of this kitchen shines down onto a modern space. You can open up to a wonderful outdoor area for fresh air.

18. Beautiful Colors and Decor

The darker blue used for the cabinets perfectly matches the tile design. With a great looking marble counter top to complement them both, this cozy space is simple and great.

19. Appliance Spaces

You don’t have to have small appliances cluttering your counter space. Free it up with little alcoves that organize and hide away all the necessities.

20. Pots and Pans Organized

You don’t have to keep digging around for pots and pans. No more hurting your back while you search. This rack keeps the all organized and easily accessible.

21. Classy and Traditional

Notice the light cream color used to balance with the hardwood floor. With a wonderful light blue color scheme at work for decor, this is a traditionally designed space that comes to life.

22. Upgraded Stove

This stove takes on a classic design and gives you a serious area to cook with. Its stainless steel design and red knobs are great for this space.

23. Hot and Ready Dining

The stove in this kitchen has been designed into the center island. You can literally get the food right off the hot stove here thanks to the surrounding dining area.

24. Marble Counter Tops

The marble counter tops are just a part of the elegant design choices used here. From the hardwood floor to the tiles used behind the stove area, this space makes use of great choices.

25. Bench Dining

This kitchen makes great use of lighter colors and great decor to bring the kitchen to life. Have your meal by the windows on the comfortable bench seating.

26. Occasion Ready

The large wine refrigerator will work perfect for all you aficionados out there. It looks great in this kitchen that uses multiple design styles.

27. Earth Toned Room

To match the exposed beams and hardwood floor, this kitchen makes use of different earth tones for the cabinets and center island. It has great natural lighting to highlight it all.

28. Contemporary Design Idea

This is a contemporary design that makes use of abstract designs and great artwork. The reds used here are eye catching and bring the space to life.

29. Stylish Grays

To blend with the white walls and cabinets, grays are used for wonderful contrast. From the tile behind the stove to the center island, this space really uses gray well.

30. Traditional and Modern Blend

The design is traditional, from the cabinets to the farm style sink. With stainless steel appliances, a modern design is welcome here.

31. Light and Dark Blend

Something as simple as painting this center island black changes the whole tone of the room. It is a great contrast to the lighter colors and hardwood floor.

32. Convenient Storage

Opening these cabinet doors will reveal all the storage space you need for your kitchen. From food and drinks to spices and baking goods, it will all fit in here.

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