25 Unbelievably Awesome Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Do you enjoy drooling over incredible houses and dreaming of what you want to do with your own place? Then you’ll love this list of some of our favorite living rooms. These are great for picking up some ideas on how to decorate your own living room and you’ll find unique furniture, fun architectural details and paint colors. Looking at other people’s homes can be just the inspiration you need to fix up your own space.

The 25 living rooms shown below are bound to give you some terrific ideas, so get ready to be blown away by the best living rooms from around the country. These have been specially selected for your viewing pleasure.

Awesome Living Room Designs

1. Hudson Bay Blanket

Make your living room just a bit cozier by tossing a Hudson Bay blanket over the sofa, ready to be snuggled up.

2. Smooth vs. Rough

Smooth black walls behind the roughly brick clad fireplace create a fascinating ambiance that is enhanced by the fluffy carpet.

3. Wagon Wheel Light

This elegant wagon wheel chandelier with its faux candles is the perfect way to illuminate the room.

4. Sliding TV Door

Tuck your television out of sight behind a sliding panel that looks just like the rest of the chimney and hides the TV easily.

5. Bright Artwork

The colors in the bright artwork on the walls of this well-lit living room are picked up in the colorful carpet and items around the room.

6. Tiny Window Seat

Even small windows make great window seats with the addition of a cushion and a comfortable pillow.

7. Carved Coffee Table

This white washed table with carved edges makes a great centerpiece for a small, cozy living room with a large sofa.

8. Metal Cage Light

Black wrought iron makes this elegant hanging light a dark touch to a light room and it works perfectly with the decor.

9. Wall of Plants

Floating shelves on this accent wall make the perfect spots to place plants for a little greenery in the room.

10. Chrome Ball Sculpture

Chrome balls hang from the ceiling over this living room to create a unique art piece that reflects light around the room.

11. Giant Paper Lanterns

Huge paper spheres take up most of the ceiling space at the back of this room and illuminate the space with a soft light.

12. Dark Area Rug

Most living rooms keep the area rug fairly light and colorful, but this dark carpet really brings out the highlights in the space.

13. Colonial Windows

Colonial style windows are set high on the walls flanking the chimney in this cute room and are just enough to let in some natural light.

14. Pink and Green Accents

With a lime green chair and pillows accented by bright pink items throughout the room, your eyes will never be bored.

15. Wall Art

This minimalistic living room is designed to feel like an art gallery, with huge art hung expertly on the walls.

16. Light Up Moose

The last thing you expect when you walk into a living room is a light up moose head mounted on the chimney, but that’s just what this room offers.

17. Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed wood and some expertly used metal make this coffee table a talking point in the room.

18. Zebras and Flowers

The unusual theme of zebra stripes paired with flowers is carried throughout this comfy living room.

19. Padded Coffee Table

The dark vinyl of this padded coffee table looks soft, but it’s firm enough to hold items like this wooden tray full of books.

20. Chicken Wire Cupboards

Add a touch of country to your living room with chicken wire behind the glass of your open cupboards.

21. Black Ceiling Trim

A dark stripe running around the edge of the recessed ceiling makes it that much more noticable and adds a dash of elegance.

22. Green Chair

A bright green chair stands on one end of the room, creating a visual focal point and providing the accent color for the rest of the room.

23. Pallet Art

Simple, yet effective, this canvas made of pallet boards is beautifully painted and mounted on the wall.

24. Mirror Art

Four mirrored plates sit above this fireplace, reflecting light and color back into the room and serving as a form of art.

25. Splashes of Color

In a gray living room like this one, a brightly painted canvas behind the sofa makes the entire room brighter.

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